Northern Tale

Our Northern Tale Walkthrough will help you brave the countless dangers you'll encounter on your quest as you embark on a long journey as King Ragnar to save your family and the kingdom from a dark evil. We've packed this walkthrough full of detailed instructions and complete video solution for each and every level of Northern Tale so you'll never wander lost searching for that elusive expert rating in this exciting resource management game.

Thanks for joining us at the Northern Tale Walkthrough. Here you'll discover everything you need to complete this time/resource management game. This Northern Tale walkthrough includes detailed instructions and videos on how to complete every level of the game in expert 3-star rating time. We hope you enjoy this exciting time management game!

Title screen

Opening story:  Viking king, Ragnar, returns home from war to discover that an evil witch, Gesta, has attacked their villages, delivered pestilence to the lands, and kidnapped his three daughters.  Help Ragnar restore his lands, bring color back to the world, and save his daughters. 

Starting the game:  At the beginning of the game, decide which mode you want to play.  There is no difference in amounts of time given to complete a level between normal and multi-click.  I strongly recommend using multi-click as you can queue up available moves.  You can switch between modes but you will have to start at level 1; however, your game on the first mode will be saved. 

Achievements:  There are 58 achievements you can earn in each mode.  Most will just come naturally as you play the game.  Most are self-explanatory except some you don't know exactly how many items you need to get to achieve them.  You do not need to complete the level to get the achievement.

There are 7 Secret Achievements in the list:

  • All hamsters found (3) - These are hiding in various locations; at the beginning of the game they are in Levels 1, 3, and 6; but they are scattered throughout the whole game.  Clicking on their hiding places later will not yield you anything. 
  • Thor's hammer found - Hiding in various locations; there is one on Level 2.
  • You've clicked an achievement - Just click on the achievement notification when it pops up to get this
  • Warehouse stocked to the roof - have 30 of each item in stock
  • Wake up you haven't clicked for 30 seconds!
  • No bonuses clicked for 3 minutes.
  • Lost a level!  -To get these last 3 just start a level and walk away!


Bonuses vary for each level and are found at the bottom of the screen.  Many levels offer 2 to 3 bonuses and you may want to wait to get a better bonus. 

  • Vikings run faster; speed bonus
  • Freezes timer for 15 seconds; freeze time bonus
  • Doubles your buildings' production; x2 production bonus
  • Respawns resources on stumps; stump bonus
  • +1 to resources produced; +1 bonus -- This does not add 1 to building production, except the mines.  It adds 1 to anything picked up the road, from merchants, or mines
  • Extra Viking bonus

If you have the Freeze Time bonus available; that will most likely be the best one to choose.


  • Free ore, food, and gold left on the road are worth 2
  • Stumps will fill again and have a timer bar when you hover over them.
  • Woodblocks cost 2 food and give 3 ore
  • Gold Nuggets cost 2 food and give 3 gold

NOTE:  You can only have 30 of each item in stock and there is no way anywhere in the game for you to increase that amount. 



  • Upgrade for 2 Vikings, 10 ore
  • Upgrade for 3 Vikings, 20 ore


  • Repair for 1 ore per cycle, 7 ore
  • Upgrade for 2 ore per cycle, 10 ore
  • Upgrade for 3 ore per cycle, 14 ore


  • Repair for 1 food per cycle, 10 ore
  • Upgrade for 2 food per cycle, 12 ore
  • Upgrade for 3 food per cycle, 15 ore

Gold shaft

  • Repair for 1 gold per cycle, 10 ore
  • Upgrade for 2 gold per cycle, 15 ore
  • Upgrade for 3 gold per cycle, 20 ore

Druid's Tent

12 ore to repair.  Druid will remove the following

  • Yeti, 10 food, 15 gold
  • Wolf, 1 food, 2 gold
  • Spider, 5 food, 8 gold
  • Evil Flower, 2 food, 4 gold

Exorcist's Hut

12 ore to repair. Exorcist will remove the following:

  • Skeleton, 2 food, 3 gold
  • Dark Knight, 6 food, 10 gold
  • Ghost, 3 food, 5 gold

Merchants trade as posted

Ore and gold mines:  Cost 5 ore to repair and then a Viking can go to collect a quantity of 5 at a time.  Hovering over the mine will let you know how much is left in the mine. 

Blockages and other items:

  • Woodblocks cost 2 food and give 3 ore
  • Gold Nuggets cost 2 food and give 3 gold
  • Bridges cost 8 food, 12 ore
  • Road holes 3 food, 5 ore
  • Evil Root 5 food, 8 gold
  • Evil Stone 4 food, 6 gold
  • Big Rock 10 food, 10 gold
  • Huge Rock 20 food, 20 gold