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Stuck on the Rocks

Hey, I'm seriously stuck getting around the rocks, the first coordinate Hilda provides. I have literaly tried every angle, and have been at it on and off since Friday. I cannot move forward in the game without this next find. If anyone can direct me, I would really appreciate it. Don't worry you're not robbing me of any pride by helping me get passed these rocks. You may however, save me from ripping my hair from my scalp and chucking my computer out the window. What am I doing wrong? Help a sister out, pleeeease!?

Are you talking about all the numbers from the bottles?

If you are......

Get in the canoe, paddle twice (I think it is twice) forward until you come to the rocks, then left, once you are aimed left paddle forward until you come to a bouy, turn right and then paddle forward until you hit the beach.

you are not actually heading towards the rocks themselves. You will find something out there next to them. Look in the water, not at the rocks.

please help, what am I doing wrong? I keep right clicking, and placing them but nothing sticks!!! Please help!

Right-clicking rotates the pipes. You need to left-click them in the position you want to make them stick. If you don't have the pipe in the right position, it won't stick, and Nancy will let you know it's wrong.
You have to arrange them from the drain at the bottom to the hole in the sink. They will curve this way and that in order to fit.

Test challenge

I am trying to pass the test to get the fisherman to give me something. How do I translate Morse Code? It might take me weeks to figure out how to get three other questions! Spoiler, please????

Go back to the computer often. Click on the search box and several choices will come up one of which will be Morse Code

Whale World

when i get to whale world and cafe they are always closed. when do they open?

You have to find the business card for Whale World under the sink in the galley of the boat before you can get into Whale World. Unfortunately, you have to put the pipes back together before you can find the card. Once they're all put in, the card will be underneath. The pipes aren't too hard to do ... if you place it incorrectly, it will pop back to where it was. If it is correct, it will stay in place. It's a bit of a mess when it is put together, so don't try to make sense out of it.

Box on the Beach

if you look at all the messages you got from the bottles, there is one seven letter word on each of them. figure out how to spell that word, using the signal flags for letters.

from the darkness she comes, the light shows no form, yet tranquility proceeds the accursed Storm...


I don't understand how to enter the space number. I think I need to enter a letter and a number but it seems to be wanting 3 characters. I tried entering the letter of the piece first but that didn't seem to work either.

the first line, is the chess piece. b for bishop, q for queen, that stuff. Then look at the chess board, figure out where you want to move a particular piece... and use the grid coordinates. If you have the right move... it will work :)

Sending Light

To get the sending light to work you have to get some oil from the secret tunnel under the Hot Kettle.

Sending the Phone Number

The phone number you send with Morse Code. You have to go back to your laptop and visit internet, search for Morse Code, and copy Nancy's phone number in morse code somewhere (I used post-its to save any important information). Then you go back to the lighthouse and send it through the machine, via morse code. I'm not saying more since I think it's not the point, no fun in having everything told to you, now is it? :D

Wall Game

Did anyone else find the game in the panel of the wall in the Hot Kettle? What a mystery. Many Nancy has uncovered without explanation!

there are 4 total. all will fall into place during course of the game. Hint...
best hand in poker.
Keep Getting Caught by the Smuggler

Okay, I think I am on the last part of this thing. But I keep getting caught by the smuggler, and end up needing the second chance. No matter where I move to, I get caught. Help!!

OK, turn left, then turn left to the crates when you hear footstepsd, and then forward, turn right, turn aroung and go towards the yellow...what to call it, and then go to the stair, you're safe there, then go down, that's where Katie is.


Please help me!!! I have 12 clams and have NO idea where to find the other 3!!! I have found the oasis, by jumping on the "correct" rocks. Found two there; she said to look elsewhere! WHERE ELSE CAN I LOOK?

You need to go in your Kayak and search the beach

Books on Boat

please can anyone tell me the correct order to place the books on Katies boat. I've tried so many ways that my head can't take anymore

I just got it! Red/Blue books in top left corner w/ tall vertical books underneath & on left side, with red/green/purple vertical books next to tall vertical books & on top of long horizontal books. Horizontal green/blue/red books on bottom right corner with large stack on top. Rest are arranged in the middle. Good luck!
Toy Box

I'm trying to get the necklace from the toy box. I make 3 matches on each screen but nothing happens! what next?

I have just been back to it and replayed it. You have to flick the tiles over and try to remember where they are so you can find it's pair, when you match two a little tinkle sound plays keep doing this until you have paired every one (all the tiles have turned over) then click on the tab for the next game do exactly the same thing, then again on the 3rd one. When you have reversed all the tiles by pairing them up the lunch box thingy opens and inside is a necklace with a some letters on you need these to add to some others.
No Permit Clam Fee

How do I find out the illegal clamming without a permit fee? I can't get a newspaper, and the subject won't even come up. I found the fee to be ---- but it isn't the current fee for the island. It's my last test question, can anyone help?

go to whale world. when your talking to andy take a close look!!

It's on the wall behind him.

Unlocking Padlock

Go to the hot Kettle Cafe. Once you have completed the other tasks you need to complete, Holt will ask you to help him solve a chess puzzle. To solve it you must look in his duffle bag on the floor next to him. When you open the book you can find the code for the lighthouse lock.

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Ask for help in the comments below!