Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove

Our Mystery Case Files Dire Grove Walkthrough is an in-depth guide to this stunning hidden object game that tells the tale of a dark legend come to life! You'll have no trouble following the trail though with the detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and video solutions to puzzles you will find in our Mystery Case Files Walkthrough.

General Information

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Overview:  You are driving along when you get trapped in a bizarre winter storm. You end up having to stop in Dire Grove, what awaits you there?

Fun Stuff:

1.      Options: You will notice a new button called "Attitude", you can change the attitude to Normal, Motivational, or Snarky. Play around with them to see what they are like. These will be reflected when you click something wrong or need help.
2.      Bobble Head Doll: Poke the doll on the dashboard a few times.
3.      Rearview mirror: Keep a close eye on the rearview mirror!
4.      Play with the gear shift
5.      Turn the steering wheel
6.      Examine everything you can, it adds to your hints!

Journal: As always, the journals in MCF games are very important. Be sure to read them often as they will hold not only more information on the storyline, but valuable clues!

Hints: Like before, you can find hints in your "Crime Computer", which will fill up as you find hidden objects.

Crime Computer: Not only does it give you hints, but it will analyze data.

Hidden Object Areas: These areas are denoted by purple sparkles. Because this game is made to be able to play again, the hidden objects vary for each player. Therefore the only items circled or marked are the ones put into inventory.

Dire Grove

1.      go up to the abandoned car

Abandoned Car
1.      look inside the car
2.      read the note
3.      pick up the video camera and watch the video
4.      examine the dashboard – you need a code
5.      exit the vehicle and look at the license plate – it ends in M6
6.      enter the first 4 letters of the license plate into the dashboard and click the button – take the keys
7.      exit the vehicle again and open the trunk – hidden object area
8.      exit up the snowy path





Snowy Path
1.      examine the shoe
2.      examine the wood
3.      continue up the path to the house


The House
1.      take the tape and watch it
2.      continue up to the Dire Grove B&B


Dire Grove B&B
1.      examine the ID card
2.      go inside to reception desk


B&B Reception Desk
1.      read the guest book
2.      read the pamphlets to the left
3.      try and open the door on the right
4.      look behind the desk – hidden object area
5.      exit left to the lobby



1.      read the newspaper clipping on the sleeping bag
2.      look at the computer
3.      examine the fireplace
4.      examine the backpack – hidden object area
5.      go right
6.      read the note on the steps
7.      go upstairs





1.      click the table – hidden object area
2.      exit right into the hallway


1.      collect the video tape
2.      use the key on the door to the right
3.      enter the boat bedroom


Boat Bedroom
1.      collect the video tape
2.      click the trunk – puzzle
      ♦   the object of the puzzle is to fit all the pieces in so none overlap
      ♦   you can rotate them by clicking on them
      ♦   the puzzle is solved once all the yellow lights are lit
3.     go into the hall and left into the romantic bedroom


Romantic Bedroom
1.      click the bed – hidden object area
2.      exit out, up, and left into the library


1.      examine the mirror – look at the receipt
2.      examine the bookshelf and examine various books
3.      return to the reception area



1.      look behind the desk – hidden object area
2.      exit down, right, and left to the generator


1.      shovel around the base of the statue three times – take the garage door opener
2.      you can examine the generator but there is nothing you can do right now
3.      exit out and up to the garage


1.      use the garage door opener on the garage door
2.      enter the garage
3.      examine the shelf on back wall – hidden object area
4.      examine the hook and it swings back and forth
5.      click the top of the chain and it will swing high enough to knock down the valve
6.      exit and return to the B&B
7.      go upstairs and left into the bathroom




1.      use the sledgehammer on the broken floor
2.      return to the garage

1.      examine the shelves again – hidden object area
2.      exit outside the garage
3.      examine the water main
4.      use the crowbar to life the lid off
5.      place the valve on and turn it
6.      return to the bathroom



1.      place the mattress in the hole and click it a few times
2.      now go down hole into the manager's office

Managers Office
1.      examine the desk – hidden object area
2.      use the crowbar on the painting – we need the combo
3.      exit left and go up past the garage to the wooded path



Wooded Path
1.      collect the video tape
2.      go up to the boat house


Boat House
1.      click on the door and use the key on the padlock
2.      enter the hut
3.      examine the right side – hidden object area
4.      return to the tree just before the B&B



1.      place the board on the bottom of the tree
2.      use nails on board
3.      use hammer on nails
4.      exit into the left side of the lobby


1.      examine the backpack – hidden object area
2.      exit to the manager's office


Manager's Office
1.      examine the desk – hidden object area
2.      exit upstairs to the romantic bedroom


Romantic Bedroom
1.      examine the bed – hidden object area
2.      go back outside to the tree


1.      time to climb the tree
2.      use the saw to cut down the branch with the torn paper
3.      climb down and pick up the torn paper
4.      return to the library


1.      examine the torn paper in the mirror again
2.      place the torn piece of paper you just picked up next to it
3.      make note of the number
4.      exit to the manager's office

Manager's Office
1.      click the safe you uncovered earlier
2.      input the 4 numbers you found by turning the knobs in order – left to right
3.      pull the handle and take the key
4.      exit to the garage


1.      use the key in the locked toolbox
2.      take the wire clippers
3.      return to the B&B and go to the boat bedroom

Boat Bedroom
1.      use the wire clippers on the rope holding the oars together above the bed
2.      return to boat house

Boat House
1.      use oars on boat
2.      go up and out of the boat house
3.      pick up the gold key
4.      continue up to the fishing hut


Fishing Hut
1.      open the door
2.      find the first student
3.      examine the keg he's holding – puzzle
      ♦   the object is to move the circles via the lines so that they match up
      ♦   yellow with yellow, red with red, etc.
      ♦   you'll notice lines connecting all of them – the circles can go along any of these paths BUT there is only one empty spot to store a circle
4.      take the fisherman's relic
5.      exit back the boat house – hidden object area
6.      exit to the hallway and the locked door
7.      unlock the door and enter the rose bedroom




Rose Bedroom
1.      collect video and watch it
2.      read the letter
3.      exit out the window via the bed sheet to the cemetery


1.      examine the dumpster – hidden object area
2.      exit into the actual cemetery
3.      examine the hole
4.      go back inside the B&B then out the front door and to the left to the covered bridge


Covered Bridge
1.      use the rope on the middle of the main beam
2.      continue up to the road to town


Road to Town
1.      collect video and watch it
2.      continue up to town, past the statue, and to the Ye Ole Mill Grocery and inside


Ye Ole Mill Grocery
1.      examine the shelves – hidden object area
2.      collect the video and watch it
3.      continue into the back of the store and open the filing cabinet
4.      read the diary
5.      go down into the basement
6.      examine the box
7.      examine the freezer – hidden object area
8.      examine the grate
9.      use the car jack to lift the bars and get the snow shoes
10.  go upstairs
11.  put the meat into the microwave and thaw it
12.  exit and return to the cemetery and go up to the fork in the road






Fork in the Road
1.      try to go right or left
2.      throw the meat to the hungry wolf
3.      go right to the Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge
1.      examine the fireplace – hidden object area
2.      look at the door
3.      use the screwdriver to break the ice
4.      go inside
5.      find the second student
6.      examine the girl – puzzle
      ♦   line up the circles with the engraved symbols so they match
      ♦   there are 3 areas where other circles can be stored
      ♦   the button in the middle rotates the who circle
      ♦   the easiest way to solve the puzzles is place 3 symbols in each storage place
      ♦   then turn the circle until you get to the spot they would need to be – you might want to sketch a diagram
      ♦   continue swapping them in and out until they are all in the correct order
      ♦   take the hunters relic
7.     exit and go back down the path then go left to the water's edge




Water's Edge
1.      examine the ice by the bank
2.      use your screwdriver to break the ice and take the feather
3.      go back to the house – outside the cemetery


1.      examine the dumpster – hidden object area
2.      exit to the historical museum – left of the grocery


Historical Museum
1.      collect tape and watch it
2.      examine the display on the left
3.      break the fire extinguisher glass with the hammer
4.      take the fire extinguisher
5.      go left into the gift shop


Gift Shop
1.      examine the book on the counter
2.      examine the counter – hidden object area
3.      exit back into the historical museum and go up



Historical Museum
1.      go up to the foot of the stairs
2.      examine the box to the right of the stairs – puzzle
      ♦   the object is to click the letters in order from A to Z
      ♦   you start with "A" and then find the correct "B" and so on
      ♦   the next letter must be on a green line
3.      enter the blacksmith exhibit that just opened
4.      collect the video tape and watch it
5.      examine the third student – puzzle
      ♦   move the wooden blocks so they are in the correct place
      ♦   you need to slide the puzzles
      ♦   underneath each block is also a symbol
      ♦   match the wooden block to the symbols underneath
6.       take the blacksmith's relic
7.      go up the stairs and examine the display case – hidden object area
8.      continue up and examine the desk
9.      examine the bookshelves – hidden object area
10.  look out the window and examine the ledge






1.      use ice scraper three times on ledge
2.      examine high voltage box – puzzle
      ♦   swap the pieces so that the colors all match up
      ♦   some pieces have only 1 or 2 colors on – you  want to focus those on the edges
      ♦   no piece/colors may stick out and NOT be connected to another
      ♦   I have numbered both shots – before and after – of the puzzle so you can see what pieces go where
      ♦   the ones circled in red DO NOT need to move
3.      exit back into the historical museum and down one



Historical Museum
1.      examine the display case again – hidden object area
2.      exit the museum and go back to the cemetery


1.      zoom in on the coin and use the metal tongs to pick it up
2.      go back across the covered bridge and go left towards the farm

The Farm
1.      collect the video tape and watch it
2.      go up and see the barn
3.      go up again to the farm house
4.      enter the farmhouse
5.      examine the shelves – hidden object area
6.      exit the house and go down to the barn



The Barn
1.      examine the barn door
2.      use the deicer on the lock
3.      use the key on the lock
4.      enter and go up
5.      examine the loft – hidden object area
6.      return to the farm house


Farm House
1.      examine the shelves – hidden object area
2.      use the fallen beam on the chasm
3.      go right into the dining room
4.      open the drawer to the right and take the wrench
5.      go outside and examine the lawnmower
6.      use the wrench on the sparkplug
7.      return to the barn



The Barn
1.      take the ladder
2.     return to the farmhouse

The Farmhouse
1.      go into the dining room and use the letter to get to the 2nd floor
2.      you found the 4th student
3.      collect the video tape and watch it
4.      examine Allison – puzzle
      ♦   you need to rotate each of the rings so a picture forms
      ♦   you can rotate them in either direction but it will replace the one that is there
      ♦   if one moves that was in the correct spot, simply rotate it forward or back to its place
5.      take the farmers relic
6.      go back to the grocery







1.      examine the vending machine
2.      place your 3 coins in the slot
      ♦   note: if you do not have all 3 coins they can be found in the gift shop, the cemetery, and the farmhouse
3.      take the seeds
4.      go inside and examine the shelves – hidden object area
5.      go into the second room and look in the cupboards beneath the microwave – take the axe
6.      go downstairs and examine the freezer – hidden object area
7.      return to the generator outside the B&B



1.      place the spark plug on the generator
2.      flip the top switch so the right side is down
3.      flip the silver switch so it is up
4.      press the red button 4 times
5.      pull the throttle lever 2 times
6.      pull the ignition cord 3 times
7.      go inside to the manager's office and into the basement


1.      examine the spices on the shelf – take the sea salt
2.      examine the hose and use the wire cutters on it
3.      examine the acetylene torch – use the uber glue and piece of hose to fix it
4.     go upstairs to the boat bedroom



Boat Bedroom
1.      plug the phone charger into the outlet
2.      go up the hallway and exit out the bedroom window
3.      exit down the snowy path to the wood pile

Snowy Path
1.      use the axe to chop the wood
2.     go back to the Drive Grove B&B

Dire Grove B&B
1.      examine the thermometer
2.      use the hammer to break it open
3.      fill the glass vial with mercury
4.      go inside to the lobby

1.      examine the fireplace
2.      place the wood inside the fire place
3.      use the lighter on the wood
4.      use the fire extinguisher on the fire
5.      collect the ashes in the urn
6.     exit the B&B and go back towards town but turn left at the road signs and go towards the ruins – you will encounter an icy bridge

1.      use the acetylene torch on the bridge to clear the ice
2.      go up into the ruins and enter the tent

1.      examine the back of the tent – hidden object area
2.      examine the table and find a reel to reel player
3.      place the recording you found in the player and flip the on switch
4.      exit back to the tent and go up to the ruins



1.      collect the tape and watch it
2.      examine the ruins
3.      be sure to read the latest entry in the journal
4.      look at your crime computer to find the 4 symbols
5.      the shapes may vary but my game showed this:
      ♦   top row – second from left – upside down triangle
      ♦   2nd row – first box – square
      ♦   3rd row – last box – circle
      ♦   4th row – next to last – triangle
6.      you need to solve the puzzle
      ♦   there are stone circles to the left and right of the columns
      ♦   use them to in the columns along with the relics so they match the ones on the crime computer
      ♦   re-create the pattern
7.      enter the tunnel


1.      read your journal
2.      head back to the farmhouse

1.      the ladder is gone!
2.      check on ALL the students
3.      return to the tunnel

1.      oh no! the ladder is there!
2.      quick, go down!
3.      collect the video and watch it
4.      go up towards the students
5.     enter the portal and go into the ice chamber


Ice Chamber
1.      there is nothing you can do until you have the code to decipher it
2.      exit back to the hunting lodge

Hunting Lodge
1.      examine the table and use the kerosene
2.     exit and go to the farmhouse

The Farmhouse
1.      use the kerosene lamp on the hole in the floor
2.      take the cell phone
3.      return to the boat bedroom in the B&B

Boat Bedroom
1.      put the cell phone on the charger – puzzle
      ♦    the object is to swap the blue tiles with the brown tiles
      ♦   you can jump one tile at a time
      ♦   solve the puzzle to unlock the phone
2.      write down the last 4 digits of her phone number
3.      exit to the rose bedroom

Rose Bedroom
1.      examine the suitcase and input the last 4 digits of Allison's cell phone number
2.      examine the code
3.      we can now decipher the celtic messages in the ice chamber
4.      return to the ice chamber

Ice Chamber
1.      you need to solve 5 puzzles
2.      I will start with the one on the left and continue right
3.      Puzzle 1
      ♦   Riddle: I gather the dust and make arrows fly true; before jotting it down in a letter to you
      ♦   Answer: Feather
      ♦   use the symbol guide you found in the suitcase to move the runes to spell out FEATHER
      ♦   place the feather in the rock
4.      Puzzle 2
      ♦   Riddle: A grain of hope and the reaper's toil; my body sends life through the rock  and soil
      ♦   Answer: Seeds
      ♦   Once again use the symbol guide to spell SEEDS
      ♦   Place the seeds in the rock
5.      Puzzle 3
      ♦   Riddle: I am what's left when all water dries; from the sweat on your brow to the tears in your eyes
      ♦   Answer: Salt
      ♦   solve and place the salt in the rock
6.      Puzzle 4
      ♦   Riddle: All life's variance of form, mass, and hue; soon wither to me 'neath the grate and the flue
      ♦   Answer: Ashes
      ♦   solve and place ashes in the rock
7.      Puzzle 5
      ♦   Riddle: Messenger god of trade and exchange; my size relies on the brightest stars range
      ♦   Answer: Mercury
      ♦   solve and place mercury in rock






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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!