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General Information

Your Arthur, a valiant knight; escort Helen, a beautiful princess; to Helen's gravely ill father, King Olgert across lands ravaged by the worst tornado in 200 years. Arthur enlists the help of workers to repair and clear the roads of obstructions on 4 different continents in this resource-time-management game. Each island has 10 diverse locations (levels) with vastly different obstacles making the strategy for each level distinct and challenging. There are also 7 additional bonus levels.

Repairing roads takes many resources. Wood is needed to repair some roads, precipices and bridges, so a sawmill is needed. Of course, the workers need water and nourishment in order to repair the roads and bridges and clear the roads of debris; thus the need to build farms, fishing facilities and wells. The workers need to store their resources; thus the need for a warehouse. And since the workers will need to purchase equipment to make some repairs there's the need to construct gold mines and markets. Some of the roads are inhabited by ghosts; thus the need to construct temples. Other roads have cannibals and bears; so the need for an army barracks is necessary. And for an added challenge; not all buildings are available on all levels.

King Olgert will build a castle for Arthur as a special reward if each location (level) can be repaired before nightfall. Should the level not be completed before nightfall, there is additional time to complete the level in order to advance to the next level before the man-eating dragon, Firemouth digests people and the level will need to be replayed.


•  The timer doesn't start until the first click; so study the level to plan a strategy and calculate the resources needed to complete the goals. Some routes are more costly than the resources offered.

•  Sparkling yellow stars over an area indicates that area needs to be repaired or cleared to complete the level.

•  Not all areas on a level need to be repaired or cleared...could some of the areas be distractions? Take note of how many resources it will take to repair or clear an area; it may cost more than the available resources wasting precious time. Of course, some roads have to be cleared and repaired no matter the cost in order to complete the goals/tasks for the level.

•  Read the pop-up window at the beginning of a level; many times there is a clue on how to complete the level. If there is something new available, more than likely, that's what is needed to complete the level successfully.

•  Utilize the bonuses as soon as the desired bonus becomes available.

•  Those "scaredy-cat" workers are terrified of the bat and dark cloud. Quickly and repeatedly click on the bat or the dark cloud that periodically appears on some levels. The workers will not exit the shack, cottage or lodge until the bat or cloud has exploded. If a worker has already started an action, they will complete the action assigned.

•  Only one task can be assigned to a worker at a time; there is no queue system. If there are multiple workers, each worker can be assigned a task. Once a task is assigned, there is no way to cancel a task.

•  If you have more than one worker and the next task is blocked until the first worker has completed the task, put your curser over the next task, when the circle around the next task turns green, click on it and it will send the next worker to the new task slightly before the first worker has completed the task saving valuable time in many cases.

•  Restart a level at any time before completion by selecting menu; then select replay.

•  Play a completed level again by selecting the level on the map. Trying to complete each level before nightfall? It's generally best to play the level again (and maybe again and again...etc.) before proceeding to the next level while the strategies that worked and didn't work are fresher in your memory.

•  Clear boulders and rocks as early as possible as they take many resources and take the workers the longest time to remove.

•  If a worker can't reach an area, a section/s of a road needs to be repaired or cleared unless there is a ghost, bear or cannibal blocking the area; then a temple or barracks need to be constructed.

•  Assign the workers in different directions when multiple areas need to be cleared and repaired.

•  Assign workers tasks that take different resources so the buildings have time to generate additional resources.

•  The buildings generate resources every 10 seconds of game play. After completing the tablecloth puzzle on the first island, 1 food resource will automatically be added to the inventory every 10 seconds. After completing the wood stick puzzle on the second island, 1 wood resource will be added to the inventory every 10 seconds. After completing the gold coin puzzle on the third island, 1 gold resource will be added to the inventory every 10 seconds. Therefore, by the time the fourth island is reached, 1 gold, 1 wood and 1 food is added to the inventory every 10 seconds.

•  Resources on the roads and along the sides the roads well generally replenish in the same areas.

•  Abandoned buildings take a worker to construct. Buildings that take wood to construct are constructed automatically when selected if there is enough wood in inventory.

SCREEN MENUS and Information:


•  Hover the curser over a resource for a pop-up window stating the type and value of the resource.

•  Hover the curser over a building site for a pop-up window stating the type, cost and value of the generating resource.

•  Hover the curser over a constructed building for the cost of an upgrade and the value of the generating resource.

•  Hover the curser over an obstacle for a pop-up window stating the cost to remove the obstacle.

•  Hover the curser over a road section for a pop-up window stating the cost to repair the section.

•  When a worker is on task a green meter bar is displayed indicating the amount of time left until task completion.


•  There are no more than 4 bonus types on a level. Most levels have 2-3 bonus types to choose from. More than one type of bonus can be used on a level.

•  When the bonus icon is colored and the green meter bar is below the icon, the bonus is charged and available to use. The bonus on the far right of the bonus meter will take the longest to charge.

•  Bonuses take time to charge and recharge; there is a slight audible chime when a bonus has been charged.

•  Use the bonus of choice as soon as it becomes available for the most efficient use of the bonuses.

•  Plan your strategy with the types of bonuses available.

•  While a bonus is activated; there is an icon of the bonus type with a green meter bar in the lower left of the screen. The bonus has the full amount of time left when the green meter bar is full.

•  There are 5 types of bonuses:

1.     Boots Icon


: – The worker/s walk faster for 30 seconds. This bonus is best used when the workers have a long way to walk to a task or when quite a few resources need to be collected quickly.

2.     Pick Axe Icon


: The worker/s work faster for 30 seconds. This bonus is best used while the workers are clearing or repairing the roads or constructing abandoned buildings. It's especially great for removing boulders.

3.     Worker with a Plus Sign Icon


: An additional worker is available for 30 seconds. Use this bonus when there are enough resources and tasks available to warrant another worker.

4.     Resource with a Plus Sign Icon


: For every resource a worker/s brings to the shack/cottage/lodge an additional resource is added to the inventory for 30 seconds. For example a worker brings a stack of logs worth 3 wood, 4 wood is added to the inventory. This bonus is best used when a worker is collecting resources or when a worker is clearing roads of branches and trees.

5.     Stop Clock Icon


: The level time clock stops for 10 seconds.


Building Cost Income

Farm 10 Wood 1 Food

1 Upgrade 12 Wood 2 Food

2 Upgrades 15 Wood 3 Food

Fisherman's Hut 8 Wood 1 Food

1 Upgrade (Cottage) 10 Wood 2 Food

2 Upgrades (Enterprise)13 Wood 3 Food

Cottage 10 Wood 2 Workers

Lodge 20 Wood 3 Workers

Saw Mill 5 Wood 1 Wood

1 Upgrade 8 Wood 2 Wood

2 Upgrades 12 Wood 3 Wood

Warehouse 10 Wood 1 additional unit in inventory holds 40 units ea. resource

1 Upgrade 12 Wood 2 additional units in inventory holds 50 units ea. resource

2 Upgrades 15 Wood 3 additional units in inventory holds 80 units ea. resource

Gold Mine 10 Wood 1 Gold

1 Upgrade 12 Wood 2 Gold

2 Upgrades 15 Wood 3 Gold

Well 10 Wood Workers move and work faster in the desert

Marketplace 10 Wood 1 Gold

1 Upgrade 12 Wood 2 Gold

2 Upgrades 15 Wood 3 Gold

Temple 15 Wood Removes ghosts

Barracks 15 Wood Removes enemies (cannibals and bears)

Obstacles Cost Other

Fallen Trees and Branches 2 Food Income of 2 wood

Bridge 15 Wood/5 Food

Dilapidated Road 1 Wood /3 Food

Swamp Road 3 Wood/2 Food

Rock Pile 10 Gold/7 Food

Boulders 17 Gold/12 Food

Precipice 7 Wood/3 Food

Quicksand roads 6 Wood/3 Food

Sand Dunes 6 Gold/6 Food

Reinforced Ice 8 Wood/5 Food

Piles of Snow 3 Gold/7 Food


The steps used in each level successfully completed each level before nightfall. Some of the levels may take some practice in order to complete before nightfall. Of course, the steps listed on each level are not the only way to complete a level before nightfall; so you might want to use this as a guide and use your own creative strategy. I hope you have as much fun playing the game as I did! HAVE FUN!

The items needing interaction in order to complete the level before nightfall on screenshots are color-coded with circles. Some of the roads that need repair can be somewhat difficult to see. On some levels it's difficult to see how many road sections need repaired when they are in succession; so each section is circled. On other levels it's difficult to see how many obstacles in a row need to be removed, so each obstacle is circled. Hope this helps you while playing the game.

    •   An area circled in light blue doesn't need to be cleared or repaired in order to complete the level before nightfall.

    •  Branches and trees are circled in red

    •  Roads that need repair, sand dunes and snow piles are circled in purple (some of the swamp roads are circled in white)..

    •  Bridges are circled in orange.

    •  Resources are circled in blue.

    •  Special items such as flowers, oysters, diamonds, torches and keys are circled in pink.

    •  Rocks and boulders are circled in green.

    •  Buildings that need constructed are circled in yellow.


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