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Much like a real Megastore, this game is busy, busy, busy!! Here are some tips to help you out.


You control all the store personnel in this game with just your mouse. Unfortunately, that means no chaining bonuses and few opportunities to set your players up for future actions:

  • Customer Service Agent - This character greets customers who are looking for assistance and directs them to the product they are looking for:
    • Action: Click on the customer waving for help and then click on the product they need.
    • You can always tell when a customer will require the Customer Service Agent because they never walk near the products... in fact, they usually walk to the furthest corners of the store.
    • NOTE: Each customer-type always purchases the same product so you can click on the product immediately after clicking on the customer without having to wait for the customer's "thought bubble" to display their desired product!
  • Stock Boy - Your number of stock boys will increase as the game progresses. They refill the shelves from the product conveyor belts
    • Simply click on the product from the conveyor belt and then click on the corresponding empty space on the shelves that match the product.
    • NOTE: Keep an eye on the Teddy Bears. If there's one on the floor and you re-stock its spot on the shelf, you have a messy store and your customer's patience levels will go down!
  • Cashier - This character stays in place. All you need to do is click the Dollar sign ($) above her head to complete the transaction.
    • NOTE: For some reason, I kept clicking on the cashier instead of the dollar sign ($)... This, of course, did not complete the transaction and I wound up losing a few customers until I got the hang of this action. Don't ask me why I kept screwing this up. I'm guessing that the action just wasn't intuitive with the rest of the game.


Each Customer ALWAYS buys the same thing! This makes it a little easier when things get busy:

  • The MAN
    • Always buys the TV
    • Has normal patience level
    • Usually doesn't need customer service
  • The WOMAN
    • Always buys the LAMP
    • Fairly normal patience
    • Usually needs Customer Service
    • Always buys the TEDDY BEAR
    • Very annoying!! (IMHO)
    • Very Impatient
    • Usually leaves one teddy bear on the floor first before buying one.
    • Usually asks for Customer Service
    • NOTE: Keep an eye on this lil' brat. She usually asks for service, leaves the bear on the floor and asks for service AGAIN!
    • Always buys the RADIO
    • Very patient
    • Very MESSY! Teenage boys tend to bring in drinks and spill them all over. When this happens, all your customers lose patience. Click on the spilled drink and a stock boy will clean it up. However, you will lose $200!!
    • NOTE: Basically, every time you see a teenage boy with a drink, be prepared to lose $200 no matter what. I've tried to click on the boy before he has a chance to spill his drink but NOTHING HAPPENS. Just try to get a stock boy to the drink as soon as he drops it to keep everyone from losing their patience... why they lose their patience in the first place is beyond me though... I mean, this store only sells FOUR things fer cryin' out loud!!

Other Special Items/Actions

Upgrades - Upgrades are automatic and happen in between levels. They can be d├ęcor items, or added employees

Shoplifters - Click on a shoplifter and a security guard will apprehend them... Yup... another action to add to the madness!

SALE Button - If you get overwhelmed with too many requests, click the SALE button (red button, middle lower part of the screen) this automatically gives EVERYONE in the store a full patience meter for a short period.

  • NOTE: This only affects customers in the store at the time when you click the button. New customers will have their normal patience level and need to be handled ASAP
  • This action takes a LONG time to replenish so use it wisely!!

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!