Mayan Prophecies: Cursed Island

Tap into our Mayan Prophecies: Cursed Island Walkthrough as you attempt to help Alexis deal with her Mayan problem once again. Use our custom marked screenshots of all key item locations, our crystal clear instructions, and our simple solutions to puzzles to find the ancient stolen artifact, appease the Spirit of the Volcano, and save the island from certain destruction in this action-packed hidden object adventure game.

Welcome to our Mayan Prophecies: Cursed Island Walkthrough, a tell-all guide to navigating the treacherous cursed island of the Mayans and restoring the sacred artifact to its rightful place. We have a ton of helpful hints, step-by-step instructions, and custom marked screenshots that will ensure you’ll never miss an item or puzzle and will help you save this doomed island from certain destruction.

Please enjoy our Mayan Prophecies Walkthrough!

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Opening Story:

In Mayan Prophecies: Cursed Island, you've just escaped a horrible fate on the Ship of Spirits only to find yourself lost at sea with no source of water. Suddenly a fierce storm surfaces and pitches you and your companions overboard. When you come to, you're washed up on an island with familiar Mayan markings. Now, you must help the Mayans recover their ancient artifact, which has kept the evil spirits at bay, appease the volcano spirit, and save the island from being consumed by fire in this exciting hidden object adventure game!

General Tips for Mayan Prophecies: Cursed Island

Difficulty - Three modes: Casual, Normal, and Hard. In Casual mode the hint and skip buttons recharge quickly, sparkles mark active zones, and there are no misclick penalties; in Normal mode the hint and skip buttons recharge slowly, sparkles mark active zones, and there are misclick penalties; in Hardcore mode there are no sparkles, hints, or a skip button, and there are misclick penalties.

Arrow Cursor - When you cursor turns into an arrow, it means you go move in that direction.

Hand Cursor - When your cursor turns into a hand, it means you can pick up an item and add it to your inventory or interact with an object.

Magnifying Glass - When your cursor turns into a magnifying glass it means you can zoom into an area to get a better look or just inspect something more closely.

Hidden Object Scenes -  Hidden object scenes will be indicated by sparkles. Objects in green require an extra step to locate them. If you'd rather play a game of mahjong, click on the button in the top right to switch.

Inventory -  Your inventory can be found at the bottom of the screen. You can either chose to lock it, which will keep it open at all times, or unlock it, which meant it will shrink down when you’re not interacting with it.

Hints -  The hint button found in the lower right hand corner of your screen and is marked “Hint.” Click here if you're stuck. Just remember, the button takes time to charge before you can use it again.

Map -  The map is located on the lower left corner of your screen. Click on an area to fast travel to it.

Menu - The menu button is located at the bottom left portion of your screen near the map button.

Skip - During mini-games, if you are having trouble or maybe you just don't feel like solving it, you can click on the skip button.

Chat Bubble - When your cursor turns into a chat bubble, it means you can talk to a character.

Mayan Artifact - The Mayan Artifact is found in the bottom right. Click on the pieces to learn the Mayan story.

Bonus Objects - There are 40 hummingbirds you can collect throughout the game.

Morphing Objects - There are 40 Beyond objects that you can collect throughout the game.

And those are the basics for playing Mayan Prophecies: Cursed Island. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our Mayan Prophecies: Cursed Island Walkthrough!