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Mall Tycoon 3 is a fast paced strategy game that allows you to build your own shopping mecca.  Keep your mall hip, trendy and fun and your shoppers will happily spend, spend, spend!  But if you fall behind the fashion times or fail to keep your mall in good working order, your shoppers will run to the nearest exit.

Attention Mall Shoppers

The first thing you will need to do is pick a game mode.  The challenge mode tests your skills in meeting specific management challenges.  The sandbox mode lets you build your mall from the ground up.  Build fast so you can get the shoppers inside and opening their wallets.

Keep Them Shopping

You need to keep one eye on your finances and one eye on your shoppers.  Sad shoppers will be heading for the door, so look for clues on how to keep them happy.  As your fiancés grow, use the money to expand your mall, add new stores and don’t forget the arcade…those pre-teens like to spend their quarters!

Watch for signs of crime, vandalism and disrepair.  Shoppers like a clean and safe mall.  Nothing chases the cash away faster than letting your mall disintegrate.


For those of you like to bend the rules a bit, Mall Tycoon 3 has a number of cheats to help you out.

Cheat codes are entered on the main menu page.  There is no confirmation that a cheat has been entered or disabled.  To disable a cheat, simply re-enter the cheat.  These cheats are case sensitive (so type carefully)!

Toggle safe mouse pointer
Cheat code: safemouse
Ground type editor
Cheat code: bedit
Enable movie capture
Cheat code: moviecapture
Toggle AI debugging
Cheat code: debugai
Toggle All debugging options
Cheat code: catdebug
Enable game debug mode
Cheat code: gamedebug
Enable engine debug mode
Cheat code: enginedebug
Enable CatEdit game editor after entering engine debug or game debug mode
Cheat code: catedit

But wait, there’s more!  You can also enter cheater mode and have access to even more cheats.  To enter cheater mode type:  iamacheater

The following hotkeys are now available:

The most useful of these are pressing M (or holding it down) to increase your money, and pressing R to increase your reputation. The full list follows:
Increase Your Money:  Press (or hold) M
Increase Your Reputation:  Press R
Toggle Game Interface: Press Ctrl I
Spawn Young Male at Pointer: Press 3
Spawn Young Female at Pointer: Press 4
Spawn Middle-Aged Male Enters Mall (with child randomly) at Pointer : Press 5
Spawn Middle-Aged Female Enters Mall (with child randomly) at Pointer: Press 6
Spawn Old Male at Pointer: Press 7
Spawn Old Female at Pointer: Press 8
Additional $5,000: Press M
Display Tile or Item Information: Press D
Increase Reputation: Press R
Decrease Reputation: Press Shift + R
Toggle a Grid Display: Press G
Change Camera : Press K
Increase tier to the Top Tier: Press U

Happy Shopping!

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!