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You play Jane, an enterprising young girl with big dreams, a green thumb and a few magic seeds' Build your garden, shoo pests and cross-pollinate your plants to grow new plants in order to sell them and earn money to build your house.

Note: The game tutorial will take you through the 'how to play' portion so I will not be covering that in here.

Plant, grow, harvest, sell' and more!

When you first start out, you only have Sunflower seeds but the tutorial shows you that you can quickly unlock the next plant (Tomatoes) by cross-pollinating your Sunflowers. (??) Yeah it didn't make much sense to me that you can grow tomatoes from sunflowers but I guess that's why they call the game 'Magic Seeds.'

Once you unlock a new plant, you will be able to purchase those seeds for planting (except when they are the featured 'plant of the day'... More on that later).

The only way to unlock new plants is to cross-pollinate different plants (seeds) and see what you get. Luckily for you, I've done that already. Here is a list of all the plants you can grow:

  • Sunflower
  • Tomato
  • Pumpkin
  • Watermelon
  • Corn
  • Cabbage
  • Lemon
  • Carrot
  • Bread*
  • Sausage*

NOTE: Bread & sausage (In plant form???) are 'special' plants worth more money. These seeds are not available to buy. You can only get them by cross-pollination.

Now' here's the tricky part. Since the object of the game is to make money to build your house, you need to choose wisely how you grow your plants to get the maximum return on your investment. For Example: Sunflower seeds are the cheapest ($8) and when you harvest them, you only make $10 so in all actuality; you only make $2 off of every Sunflower harvest.

Don't worry though' I've come up with a few different ways to make more money (read on!)' and so have the game creators ' Namely for them, through the 'Plant of the Day.'

Plant of the Day

Every day you will be given 2 new 'Plants of the Day.' These plants will be worth considerably more money at harvest BUT their seeds will NOT be available for sale so you HAVE to grow them through cross-pollination.
NOTE: I have no idea how long a day lasts in Jane's world but rest assured that it is fairly long' However, there is no clock or meter that I could see to let you know when a 'day' is ending and that the plants are about to change so it's more than likely that you will wind up selling a few plants and lower prices in the end.

There are many cross-pollination combos' some that don't make sense' Believe me; it really sucks when you cross two very expensive plants only to wind up with cheap-o Sunflowers!
But FEAR NOT! That won't happen to you because here is a handy-dandy Cross-Pollination Chart to help you! Note the RARE plants are in ALL CAPS

WM = Watermelon
  Sunflower Tomato Pumpkin WM Corn Cabbage Lemon Carrot
Sunflower Tomato WM Lemon Corn Tomato Pumpkin Corn WM
Tomato WM Pumpkin Cabbage Carrot BREAD Pumpkin Pumpkin Sunflower
Pumpkin Lemon Cabbage WM Lemon Sunflower SAUSAGE WM Sunflower
WM Corn Carrot Lemon Corn Carrot Corn BREAD Sunflower
Corn Tomato BREAD Sunflower Carrot Cabbage Pumpkin Cabbage SAUSAGE
Cabbage Pumpkin Pumpkin SAUSAGE Corn Pumpkin Lemon BREAD Tomato
Lemon Corn Pumpkin WM BREAD Cabbage BREAD Carrot Cabbage
Carrot WM Sunflower Sunflower Sunflower SAUSAGE Tomato Cabbage BREAD

The key to Maximizing the plant of the day is to cross two of the cheapest plants you can! Unfortunately, this can get difficult if one of the plants you need also happens to be the second plant of the day' When that happens, you can either 'triple-cross' your plants (more time consuming) or choose another combination (more expensive). I found that the easiest thing to do is go with the easiest crossing possible (IE: Using 2 Watermelons to make one corn ' that way, you can fill your beds with watermelon and cross them like crazy!)

Let's Go Shopping!

There are plenty of things to buy in this game. Some improve your performance and some are just for show (so you can win the 'nice lookin' farm' award or whatever it's called) Here's a breakdown on the items, the prices (when I can remember) and my overall opinion on them (when I have one.)

  • Round Garden Bed - $500 ' Same as rectangular garden bed, 'cept it's round!
  • Rectangular Garden Bed - $500 ' See round garden bed and reverse it.
  • Sprinkler - $500 ' Highly Recommended! This removes your need to run around watering everything. Covers 4 garden beds so keep that in mind when plotting your garden.
  • Teleporter - $500 ' This becomes more necessary as the game progresses and your garden expands. The teleporter saves you from having to walk alllll the way back to the store to sell a harvest.
  • Scarecrow ' Meh'. I didn't bother w/this much. The scarecrow keeps crows away, but that may not always be a good thing (you'll see). Plus it deteriorates over time which makes it a waste of money in my book.
  • Fertilizer - $2 ' Don't let the price fool you! You use the fertilizer by clicking on the garden bed you want to fertilize and holding the mouse button down until the meter goes red' This costs more that $2 as your money ticks off like you were filling a gas tank. However, it is definitely worth it if you are making $$ by growing the plant of the day. Plants grow MUCH faster and you can win a 'Fast Harvest' award. NOTE: The fertilizer also depletes with use so check your levels if you plant growth starts to slow down.
  • Watering Can ' I didn't bother with this (although I'm sure it makes Jane water plants faster) I went straight to the sprinklers instead.
  • Hoe ' There are 2 hoe upgrades that (yup! You guessed it) allow Jane to weed the garden beds faster.
  • Boots ' There are also 2 Boot levels that make Jane walk faster.
  • Energy Drink - $500 ' This (and I quote) 'Makes you go faster for some time.' How long you ask? I have no clue? How fast you ask? Gain, no clue? 'but at $500 a pop, it wasn't worth it to me. I tried it a few times and did not notice much difference (I already had the boots and the hoe maxed out). Want my advice? Save yer $$ for the boots.
  • Aspen & Fir Trees ' These are for decoration.
  • Banana, Apple, Raspberry and Cherry trees ' These grow fruit, which can be harvested and sold. Here's the breakdown:
    • Banana ' Cost = $500 / Harvest = $50
    • Apple ' Cost = $300 / Harvest = $30
    • Raspberry ' Cost = $200 / Harvest = $20
    • Cherry - Cost = $200 / Harvest = $20

Don't like it? X it!

One of the cool features of this game is that you can sell back every garden item you buy for the EXACT same amount of money (Energy drinks, scarecrows, fertilizer, boots, hoes and watering cans excluded). This makes for a great feature because you can try out different garden plots or money making ideas' This is what helped me discover the best ways to earn money.

Shoo! Rats! Crows! Everywhere!

There are two pests in this game Rats and Crows.

Rats ' These lil guys pop up out of the ground and leave a mess behind. When Jane walks near them, they get scared and duck back underground only to pop up somewhere else.

Crows ' Crows warn you of there impending arrival with a loud 'Ka-KAW!' They swoop in to eat your plants and the only way to get rid of them is to shoot them. As soon as the crows enter the screen, your cursor turns into a shotgun site. There will be one crow for each flowerbed (unless you have the scarecrow, then there will be no crows around the beds nearest to the Scarecrow. Just 'point n' click' to fire your shotgun at each crow to scare them off; however, it doesn't mater how fast you go' unless you hit a crow before it lands it will eat a plant out of your garden and leave a mess behind.

Clean up that Mess! Cha-CHING!

At first, I thought the rats and crows were VERY annoying (I still do) but then I discovered that every time you clean up after them, you earn $50!!! This is one way to make a LOT of money! Here's how:

  • Put in a ton of flower beds and sprinkler and plant Sunflowers (cheapest).
  • Install Sprinklers ' to help cut down on maintenance
  • Wait for the rats and crows!
  • Here's the key though' try to scare the rats away AS SOON as they sit down to eat! If you do that, the rat will only eat ONE plant and leave $50 behind. If you leave the rat alone, it will eat all your plants and only leave a $50 mess behind but if you scare them off after eating only ONE plant, you can make as much as $500 per Sunflower planting!!
  • Same with the crows ' As soon as a crow lands, you know you're going to get $50 from the mess but the longer a crow stays, the more plants he will destroy!

Tally Me Banana!

Another great way to make lots of money is to get rid of all the gardening stuff and plant nothing but Banana Trees with transporters strategically placed among them. Yes, the Banana trees are the most expensive but they also bring the most money. Once you start planting them, use your first harvests until you've filled the playing area with trees and transporters' then start harvesting!

NOTE: This method can get a little boring but since you can sell the trees back for the same price, you can switch between strategies of do what I did and combine the two! Make a little garden plot for rats and crows and then surround it with Banana trees!

Tips, Tricks, Notes and Observations

  • This game is fun but it can be SLOW! It takes Jane quite a bit of time to weed, water, plant and harvest. Try to fully upgrade the Boots and Hoe ASAP' It helps but not by much.
  • This game has NO chaining bonus but you can make UNLIMITED chains! This works well if you're harvesting Bananas' You can chain them all up and walk away for a lil bit while Jane harvests' By the time you get back, the harvesting is done and a whole new crop of Bananas have appeared!
  • If you are trying to win all the awards, good luck' you are going to be here for a while since each harvest counts as ONE plant when it comes to awards. That means that you don't plant and harvest 10 beds of Sunflowers to win the 'Sold 100 Sunflowers' Award (10 beds x 10 sunflowers per bed = 100), nooooooo you have to plant and harvest 100 beds!
  • If you are earning $$ by growing and harvesting the Plant of the day ' DON'T immediately harvest and sell all your plants once the day changes! Chances are you'll already be growing the new plant of the day or one of the plants you'll need to combine and make the new plant of the day.
  • If you've made a long chain of things foe Jane to do, don't sweat it! Jane will gloss over most things she can't do (Like harvest from the tree she just harvested from) and continue with the chain. However' if you chained something together that you want to undo, just right click. NOTE: This will undo ALL your actions.
  • Rats and crows don't bother your fruit-bearing trees! This is great for when you get tired of chasing them around.
  • In fact, Crows won't show up at all if you have no garden beds!
  • If you have a long chain of activities lined up and there's a rat in your garden bed, click on the rat right away, Jane will chase it away as soon as she finishes whatever it is that she's currently doing to shoo the rat and then she'll automatically return to her chained tasks!
  • It takes a loooooooong time to build the house! Each time you save the $$ to build another part of the house, you only increase its completion by 5% (and the cost goes up by a few thousand each time too so when you want to have your house 75% completed, it will cost somewhere in the $17,000 - $20,000 range!)
General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!