Love Story: The Beach Cottage

The Love Story The Beach Cottage Walkthrough has step by step instructions for the entire game and includes solutions to all the puzzles with screenshots and two videos. Help Sandra fulfill her father’s last dying wish at the family’s beach cottage while finding clues about a lost love from her past.

General Information

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Love Story - The Beach Cottage

Overview: The story starts with Sandra receiving a letter from her father, the curious thing about this is he passed away a month ago. It explains to her to go to their summer cottage at the beach to clear out things before deciding to sell it or not. The cottage apparently holds good and sad memories for the Sandra. Help her find the clues to remember the past and solve this hidden object puzzle to fulfill her fathers last wishes.

Memory Chest:  Important notes and clues will be registered here. It will update as the game progresses.

Messages in a Bottle: messages are stored in lower left below hints icon

Shells: Inventory items stored here. You will also see the outline of items on the shells letting you know what items you need to find and how many.

Lantern:  Click the Lantern if you need a hint (unlimited but have to wait for a recharge in between).

Magnifying Glass: The cursor will change to a magnifying glass when you can zoom in to an area.

Gears: The gears icon next to the cursor lets you know and inventory item needs placed in that spot.

Sparkles: Sparkling areas let you know there is a puzzle or object that needs inventory items.

Puzzles: after a short time you can skip puzzles.

Hand grasping:  Lets you know an object needs to be touched or picked up

Moving between areas: You will see an arrow appear letting you know you can enter a new area

The Beach House
The Beach
The Magic Cave
The Boat
The Lighthouse
Charlie's House


* Pick up screwdriver(green), wooden plank(purple), 4 plates (blue) and stone(orange)


* Click on mailbox, pick up plate

* Click on upper right lamp, use stone to break glass, pick up plate

* Click on gate to zoom in on lock.  From inventory, use screwdriver on screws

* From inventory place plates on lock to open puzzle

* Complete the pattern by arranging the plates in the correct order


* Go through gate
* Pick up board
* Examine ladder

* Go straight
* Click on porch, pick up Wooden Stick
* Click on stone, pick up Wooden Stick (off sill)
* Click on stairs, pick up Handle


* Go left
* Pick up board (yellow)
* Click on potting bench, pick up Bird Seed, Hammer, Shovel, Wrench and Rope (red)
* Click on bag, pick up Wooden Stick (blue)


* Go right 2x
* Pick up Wooden Stick
* Click on bottle, pick up Letter

* Click down 2x
* Click on ladder to zoom in, drag Wooden Sticks and Rope to ladder

* Go straight 1x, then left
* Put ladder near birdhouse, put birdseed in feeder, pick up Key

* Go left
* Click on door, place handle on door
* Use shovel to dig sand
* Use key on door , go inside


* Pick up two pieces of broken glass off floor
* Click on lamp table to zoom in, pick up glass and photo
* Pick up glass below lamp table
* Click on lower door of shelf, zoom in, pick up glass and nail
* Zoom in on wall to right of doorway, use nail and hammer on wall, hang Frame with Photo


* Find hidden objects (see solution below)



* Click on Treasure chest, then go to beach to find shells (see solution below)
    -Put wheel on cart
    -Use Slingshot on vase
    -Use key on teddy bear
    -Click on fruit basket
    -Use hook to pull in boat
    -Click on crab under chair
    -Click on beach ball
    -Click on green bucket
    -Use knife on bag


* Click on treasure chest
* Place shells on chest to open puzzle
* Arrange the shells to place each in their corresponding spot (the puzzle is different each time the game is played)


* Pick up the scroll
* Find the 12 related pairs in the camping scene
* Give necklace from chest to Charlie


* Click on panel on right wall to open puzzle
* Use the guide on the right to flip the switches in the correct order


* Go straight
* Click on glass shelf, right corner, pick up Duct Tape
* Examine the book
* Click on carpet pick up screw
* Use the Duct Tape on the wire in the doorway

* Go right
* Click on sink, pick up Pump Nut and Scissors

* Click down 1x
* Click on doors and use scissors to cut string
* Go outside
* Pick up pump handle off swing seat
* Pick up chain off railing to right of swing
* Click on broken chair, take screw
* Examine porch (will create hole)
* Click down 1x, go right
* Click on shutter, put two screws in empty holes and tighten with screwdriver
* Click on upper cupboard, pick up knife and funnel
* Pick up  blue dry rag on counter next to sink

* Click down 3x, go left
*  Click on pump, add handle and pump nut, use wrench to tighten
* Click on pump to run water, place dry rag under water to get wet rag
* Go right 2x, click on bottle and take note
* Click down 1x, go through door and up 1, go right into kitchen
* Use wet rag on chest
* Use knife on left two locks, click on right lock to open, take note
* Find hidden items
* Use nail on cork to open bottle, read message



* Go straight towards lighthouse
* Find the 12 map pieces


* Rearrange the stones so they match the opposite symbol on the map piece (Be sure to always have another rock in place before moving a rock or the wind will blow the paper away)


* Follow the coordinates on the side of the map to follow the route


* Enter cave, upper right corner
* Find the 16 unusual stones, and the unique storage (magnifying glass)


* Assemble the unique stone mosaic, hide the map in the secret storage


* Click on trunk, pick up crowbar
* Click down 3x
* Click on stone on left side of house
* Use crowbar to lift stone, take wooden plank
* Drag chain to axe head stuck in wood
* Click on winch and turn crank, pick up axe head
* Click up 2x, go out double doors to porch
* Drag planks to hole in porch
* Go down to beach
* Examine green bottle to the left
* Pick up bottle and smash on green stone to left of bottle, pick up note and necklace half
* Click up 1x
* Click on crabs to open puzzle
* Help crabs get to ocean by moving stones out of their way (some stones can only go up or down, some left or right, and some can go every direction)

* Find 16 fishing trip items



* Go into boat house
* Find hidden items


* Click on table to assemble boat



* Give ship to Charlie
* Pick up the fishing rod in front of bench
* Click on boat, pick up fuel canister and wire cutters
* Click down 1x
* Click on net, pick up matches from vest pocket
* Use wire cutters on net, pick up telescope piece
* Click up 1x, go into boat house
* Click on table below window
* Unscrew lid from oil can,
* Drag funnel and fuel canister to oil can
* Pick up Oil Can
* Pick up boat off shelf and telescope piece

* Click down 1x, go right
* Zoom in on steps, use crowbar on board, pick up number eight
* Click to go down steps, pick up rope off left bench seat
* Click down 4x
* Click on steps in background to zoom in
* Use axe head and rope on pole, pick up axe
* Use axe on hull, pick up net


* Click up 2x, go left towards lighthouse
* Click on hole in pier on left to zoom in
* Use net to pick up key
* Use knife to cut key loose, pick up key
* Examine water, use net to pick up bottle, pick up note
* Use rod to catch fish, receive a rod with fish

* Click up 1x, pick up lantern off light house wall
* Use oil can on door to fix hinges
* Use key on door
* Click on door to open puzzle
* Try to put the middle circle in the right position and make sure numbers are in correct order(puzzle are different each game)


* Using the target, hit balloons according to the instructions give
* Use key on to unlock door
* Look at scrapbook on bench
* Find hidden items


* Put telescope in place to open puzzle
* Rotate pieces to see full picture


* Go inside lighthouse
* Click on box to zoom in, pick up brush
* Go up stairs, pick up spatula from floor below vine

* Click down 4x, go right
* Click up 2x into cave
* Click on wall left side to zoom in
* Drag lantern to hook, use matches to light lantern
* Click on secret hiding place, use brush to clean off moss
* Use spatula to pry open, pick up letters



* Click down 2x, go left
* Use rod with fish to lure cat down from roof
* Click on steps, pick up telescope piece


* Go through door and click on door on back wall, go through doorway
* Pick up dumbbell on floor between covers and nightstand
* Click on bookshelf to open puzzle
* Rearrange the books between the other two shelves, pick up lamp


* Click down 4x, go into boat house
* Click on kettle to open puzzle
* Fill the kettle with water up to the red line, pick up pot
    1. Click on pitcher to fill kettle
    2. Click on cup to fill pitcher
    3. Click on kettle to fill cup


* Click on map, pick up number 2
* Click down 1x, go right
* Go left
* Go into Charlie's house, click on vase, use kettle on vase, pick up telescope piece
* Click down 3x, go left towards light house, click up 1x, go into light house
* Click on window, use dumbbell to hold window open, pick up valve
* Click down 3x, go right, go down stairs to fountain
* Click on grate to zoom in, remove clamps, click on grate,  place valve in place and turn it to shut off water


* Click on fountain, pick up minute hand out of fish mouth
* Click on clock to zoom in, place number 2, number 8 and minute hand in place
* Click on gears to open puzzle
* Drag the stone out of the clock mechanism (use the mouse to drag the blue stone along the tubes to move the gears into place)


* Set the clock to the correct time using the map from the memory chest (7:35)
* Pick up the telescope piece


* Click down 2x, head left towards light house, click up 1x, go inside lighthouse
* Go up stairs to top of light house
* Click on telescope, drag telescope pieces to telescope
* Click on telescope to see Charlie


* Pick up telescope
* Click down 1x
*  Click on window to zoom in, pick up key
* Click down 3x, go right, go left to Charlie's house
* Go inside, click up 1x into Charlie's room
* Click on desk, use key to open desk, pick up toggle switch

* Click down 4x, go left to light house, click up 1x, go inside, go upstairs
* Click on glass, put lamp and toggle switch in place


* Click on clamps to open, click on wires to open puzzle
* Find where each wire belongs, click on toggle switch 


Congratulations! You just won the game!

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General Information

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