Legends of Atlantis: Exodus

Legends of Atlantis: Exodus Walkthrough will guide you through the last days of the great city of Atlantis in this charming resource management game. With video solutions to almost every level, you'll have no problem helping the citizens of Atlantis evacuate before the city sinks beneath the waves.

[b]Episode 1 Level 1[/b] Follow tutorial [b]Episode 1 Level 2[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Remove one log [/item] [item]Build sawmill [/item] [item]Build bridge [/item] [item]Clear the timber on the road; don't bother picking up any more water [/item] [item]Build the wooden road[/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 1 Level 3 [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up boots [/item] [item]Pick up resources (including water) [/item] [item]Remove 2 fallen timbers [/item] [item]Pick up crystals and water [/item] [item]Remove timber blocking in worker [/item] [item]Pick up the rest of available resources [/item] [item]Put the fire out at the sawmill [/item] [item]Build the sawmill [/item] [item]Clear the next timber and stone [/item] [item]Build the bridge to the flower [/item] [item]Pick the flower and stop collecting water [/item] [item]Build the road[/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 1 Level 4 [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up available resources [/item] [item]Remove wood blocking road to village [/item] [item]Remove next wood blockages [/item] [item]Upgrade worker [/item] [item]Build sawmill [/item] [item]Clear more wood obstacles [/item] [item]Build crystal mine [/item] [item]Build bridge at bottom [/item] [item]Build well [/item] [item]Clear road down to second village [/item] [item]Clear stone blocking bridge near lodge [/item] [item]Build wooden bridge [/item] [item]Clear stone obstacles blocking plants [/item] [item]Clear last stone obstacle on the road [/item] [item]Pick the 3 plants and stop collecting water [/item] [item]Build the road [/item] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/embed/PdxjjUVb0xo[/youtube][/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 1 Level 5 [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]You can get around the rock to the village in the upper left [/item] [item]Upgrade the worker [/item] [item]Remove rock blocking bridge and build it [/item] [item]Chop some wood [/item] [item]Build sawmill [/item] [item]Break up stone [/item] [item]Build watchtower [/item] [item]Remove robber blocking bottom village [/item] [item]Build bridge to bottom village [/item] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Remove top robber [/item] [item]Work to crystal mine and build it [/item] [item]Break up enough stone to build final stone bridge [/item] [item]Remove last robber [/item] [item]Build final bridges [/item] [item]Pick the 4 plants [/item] [item]Build the wooden roads to finish [/item] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/embed/Yl3OuBJcIXk[/youtube] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 1 Level 6 [/b]Pick up resources [NUMBERED] [item]Upgrade worker [/item] [item]Chop some wood [/item] [item]Build well [/item] [item]Clear to bottom bridge and build [/item] [item]Collect resources [/item] [item]Run fortune machine [/item] [item]Clear to top bridge and build [/item] [item]Build the road segments [/item] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/embed/UgLPimI1m6M[/youtube] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 1 Level 7 [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Chop wood [/item] [item]Build sawmill [/item] [item]Chop wood [/item] [item]Upgrade worker [/item] [item]Build bridge to well [/item] [item]Build well [/item] [item]Collect one crystal pile at bottom [/item] [item]Finish building road [/item] [item]Collect as needed to build road [/item] [item]Build road over to village [/item] [item]Clear road obstructions [/item] [item]Finish off road [/item] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/embed/SrpjhLklCbQ[/youtube][/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 1 Level 8 [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Upgrade workers [/item] [item]Build well [/item] [item]Collect stone [/item] [item]Chop wood [/item] [item]Build road over to right [/item] [item]Work over to quarry [/item] [item]Build bridge to watchtower [/item] [item]Build quarry [/item] [item]Build road to bottom robber while waiting for stone [/item] [item]Build watchtower [/item] [item]Remove robber at the bottom [/item] [item]Put out the fire at and build the sawmill [/item] [item]Remove robber blocking temple [/item] [item]Collect supplies [/item] [item]Build temple [/item] [item]Remove last robber [/item] [item]Build the last sections of road [/item] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/embed/b7YExxpswAQ[/youtube] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 1 Level 9[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Upgrade worker [/item] [item]Clear wood obstacle to the right [/item] [item]Chop down trees [/item] [item]Build bridge to village on island [/item] [item]Clear stone blocking the bridge to the quarry [/item] [item]Build the bridge [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Clear to well [/item] [item]Build well [/item] [item]Clear to flower at top [/item] [item]Build bridge at bottom right [/item] [item]Upgrade well [/item] [item]Clear to last wheels [/item] [item]Don't bother building last bridge [/item] [item]Clear the road [/item] [item]Build the last segments of road [/item] [item]Pick the plants [/item] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/embed/xMqX0jbtGLg[/youtube] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 1 Level 10[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up boards [/item] [item]Build sawmill [/item] [item]Pick up crystals and water [/item] [item]Chop down 1 tree [/item] [item]Build well [/item] [item]Remove one timber [/item] [item]Upgrade worker [/item] [item]Clear to quarry and build [/item] [item]Clear logs and one crystal [/item] [item]Upgrade well [/item] [item]Build bridge to town [/item] [item]Clear stone to crystal mine [/item] [item]Build crystal mine and upgrade [/item] [item]Upgrade worker [/item] [item]Start clearing everything else as you can [/item] [item]Build watchtower [/item] [item]Build roads [/item] [item]Remove robber [/item] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/embed/0GBfwGhvaEU[/youtube] [/NUMBERED]