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It’s your 20th birthday.  You live in the quiet town of Greenville with no skills and a dead end job.  It’s time for a change.  How will you live the next ten years of your life?  Are you looking for a better job?  Getting an education?  Endless nights of drinking with your buddies?  It’s all up to you.  Kudos is a turn based virtual life simulator that allows you to control ten years of your character’s life. 

The meaning of a Kudos life
The objective is to gain “kudos,” points awarded for moving up the social ladder.  But just as in real life, balancing work and a social life is tough.   One turn represents one day in the game.  After working all day you will have to choose how to spend your evenings.  You always have four choices:  You can attend evening classes, socialize with friends, spend time alone or look for a better job.  

What do you want to be when you grow up?
In Kudos you will need to choose a career path.  Choose your path early and start working on it.  You’ll have a better chance of success.  Classes meet once or twice a week and range from law and medicine to acting.  Often you will have to complete one basic class before you can move on to a more advanced class.  Attendance is optional, but be careful – ditch too much and you might fail!

You gotta have friends
You get kudos by socializing with friends. Choose an activity you can afford and which friends you want to hang with.  After each activity, you will receive an event summary that tells you how it went and if you gained any kudos.   

Double click (or right click) the icons of your friends to get personal information.  Knowing their likes and dislikes will help you plan appropriate social events.  A friend who enjoys music and culture will not be thrilled to go bowling every night! 

Plan social events.  You don’t get kudos by simply accepting invitations from your friends.  NOTE: If you decline an invitation from a friend too many times, your friend will disappear.

Alone time
Spending time alone in Kudos can be anything from staring at the walls to shopping for a pet to cleaning your house.  You don’t need to worry about eating and sleeping, those things are done automatically.  Of course so is going to work! 

Moving up the corporate ladder
Getting a better job means more money, but you will need to acquire better skills first.  Take classes so you can find a better paying job.  If you don’t build up money, your social events will be lame.

Earning kudos
In order to gain kudos you need to be social.  Make sure you pay attention to the summaries after social events.  There may be suggestions for activities your friends would like to do.   Also, take advantage of friends who can introduce to someone new.  A new friend is a new chance to earn kudos!

Unintended Consequences
Keep an eye on your stats.  Certain activities can have surprising effects.  For instance, going jogging every day may make you too tired for socializing.   Never cleaning your house may make you sick and unable to go out.

Can you have it all?
From the start, Kudos is a balancing act.  You have to juggle work and friends and taking care of yourself.  You gain kudos by being social, but in order to be social you need money (and more money and more money).  Each day in Kudos you will have to choose between advancing on your career path or moving up the social ladder.  Success in Kudos depends on balance. 

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!