Kingdom Tales

Consult our Kingdom Tales Walkthrough as you embark on your quest to protect all the enchanting creatures who abide in your kingdom. Rely on our detailed step-by-step instructions as well as our video solutions of each and every level to progress through 45 challenging levels of intense time management gameplay.

Welcome to the Kingdom Tales Walkthrough. We have provided you with step-by-step instructions and complete video solutions for this resource management game.  Enjoy the Kingdom Tales Walkthrough.

General Information and Hints

Getting started:  To enter your name click the green plus sign.  You can choose to play Adventure Mode or Relaxed Mode.  Confirm your selection with the green check mark. Adventure Mode is timed and Relaxed is not. 

Tutorial and Instructions:  You can skip these and sometimes you will get a better score if you do.  In the walkthrough, just always skip.  The videos and instructions will not show this. 


  • All workers are unlimited. 
  • As you go through the game, you will be given the opportunity to enter the castle and upgrade your workers.  You will be given a message in the upper left corner when available for short periods of time. 
  • Personnel are upgraded independently of each other, so you do not need to choose which one to upgrade strategically. 
  • Upgraded 3-star bankers add 50 gold to your taxes.
  • All others simply work and walk faster.





  • 1 star:  200 materials, 100 gold
  • 2 stars:  50 materials, 125 gold
  • 3 stars:  70 materials, 150 gold


  • 1 star:  300 materials, 175 gold
  • 2 stars:  80 materials, 200 gold
  • 3 stars:  100 materials, 250 gold


  • 1 star:  450 materials, 275 gold
  • 2 stars:  110 materials, 325 gold
  • 3 stars:  130 materials, 375 gold


  • 1 star:  150 gold, 600 materials, gives 400 gold
  • 2 stars:  100 gold, 150 materials, gives 450 gold
  • 3 stars:  200 gold, 200 materials, gives 550 gold




  • 1 star:  1250 gold, materials are 2.5 gold per unit
  • 2 stars:  350 gold, materials are 2 gold per unit
  • 3 stars:  500 gold, materials are 1.5 gold per unit
  • There is no discount for buying higher quantities


  • Well, costs 1000 gold, 400 materials
  • Farm, costs 400 gold, 600 materials
  • Water and food give +1 happiness.  If you run out, you will lose 2 happiness.
  • Warehouse, costs 200 gold, 200 materials, give 5 happiness PLUS doubles happiness for food and water collection



  • Laboratory, costs 500 gold, 200 materials, gives +5 magic
  • Market, costs 500 materials, allows trading
  • Pavilion, costs 500 gold, 500 materials, gives +10 magic



  • Old tree, costs 50 gold to clear, receive 50 materials
  • Rocks, cost 50 gold to clear, receive 20 materials
  • All other obstructions are just that, in the way


Secret Bonus:  Hidden treasure chests are on most levels.  They're pretty easy to spot because of the sparkles.  They don't give enough to slow down your work to find them and there are plenty of them so as to meet the available achievement


Building slows down tax production but doesn't stop or rest the rent

When upgrading is done, the tax to be collected will be at the higher rate

Buildings will produce when food or water is needed until supply is down to 0% when you lose 2 happiness