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GETTING STARTED – You had me at “Hello.”

  • Always have a key ready at the beginning of every level that way you can click on your 1st customer as soon as they say, “Hello.”
  • Wait for your second customer with a key as well. By the time you give it to him/her, your first customer will want something and you will be ready.
  • You can also click the key as soon as a customer walks in and then serve another customer. By the time the new guest arrives at the desk you’ll be finishing up your task and you can click them as soon as you hear, “Hello”
  • Customers may walk to the counter slowly (after the first two) so get a key ready when one comes in but keep doing tasks until you hear, “Hello.”

Faster Pussycat! Serve! Serve!

  • The faster you serve your guests, the happier they are with your service and the more points and tips you earn.  You need to keep your customers happy to move up in the game and buy things for your hotel.
  • You don’t have to wait for Jane to finish a task before starting a new one. Just try to click on tasks as soon as they pop up. For instance one Room 1 wants coffee, Room 3 wants maid service and Room 2 wants a newspaper. Click in order: Coffeepot, Room 1, Vacuum cleaner, Room 3, Newspaper, Room 4 as fast as you can.
  • If you are in the middle of a task, let’s say you’re serving coffee, and another guest wants coffee, simply click on the guest and you will line him up to get coffee next. This speeds up your service a lot so always look for extra requests when you are performing any task. As long as there’s coffee (or the phone or a newspaper) in your hand you can handle all the coffee, phone or newspapers that pop up regardless of order.
  • You will find that you will also earn more points if you center your tasks on Jane’s movement. If Jane is crossing the room with coffee and someone is waiting for her to turn on the TV (those lazy guests!) click the TV anyway and she’ll get it as she crosses the room. The guest who wants coffee may wait one second longer but you’ll still get good points and you’ll get very high points from the lazy bum who can’t watch TV without you. PS: “The forecast calls for sun!”

Keep that Maid a Movin’!

  • The maid takes longer to do her tasks than you do but the good news is that when she’s doing her job, like vacuuming, you can click on a vacuum task as soon as you see it, no matter what you’re doing and the maid will line it up to do next. If the maid has finished vacuuming and is walking back while a new vacuum request pops up, just click on the request. As long as the maid is still on the screen, she’ll do the task.
  • You can’t check new guests into a room until the maid has cleaned it so don’t leave that task waiting (unless the hotel has closed and you won’t have more guests coming in). You can line up 3 o4 4 vacuum requests most times and keep the maid on your screen for most of the level.
  • You don’t have to wait for the maid to go back in order to give her a different task. If she’s vacuuming and the plants are dying, simply click the watering can and the plants. She’ll do it as soon as she’s done vacuuming.


  • Just like life, the customer always comes first! The longer a guest waits in line for a key, the less popular you become with them during their stay.  If you make guests that are checking in your top priority, you have a better chance of getting more points and tips, even if you screw up during their stay a little. Just remember, the happier the customer, the bigger the tip (just like life too!)
  • Some tasks have higher priorities at different times. People waiting to have their room vacuumed will get more impatient in one level, but in the next level it will be the coffee or the phone. Watch how fast the patience levels drop to get an Idea how to prioritize on each level.
  • If you have a very unhappy customer, he/she should become your top priority. You don’t want them to leave without paying!
  • Some guests grow impatient faster than others. For example, the business man loses his patience FAST, while the dude in the green shirt stays pretty mellow. You may like the dude in the green shirt more but you have to take care of the businessman first!
  • Let the money pile up. Nobody’s going to steal it. Wait until there’s a lull in the action, then click all the money on the desk, it will all pick up at once and save you from running back and forth to collect it.
  • As the levels get higher, the more the requests come in. Just try to click on requests as soon as they pop up. Jane will continue alone with each request in the order that you have clicked them. You may go back to the coffee pot more often but you’ll be moving constantly… and don’t forget to keep that maid moving!

Those Darn Plants!

  • Keep an eye on those plants! Plants usually need watering more than once a day and if you let them wilt too much, you lose popularity points. These little things may keep you from winning the level.
  • The plants usually start to wilt right when the maid is busiest but remember, you can line up tasks so if she’s vacuuming and the plants start dying, don’t add more vacuuming jobs. Click the watering can and ALL the plants while she’s still vacuuming and then you can get her back to the vacuum.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t water the plants in advance. You have to wait until they start dying in order to rescue them.

Early Level HINTS

  • Hold off on buying things that add to your tasks for as long as possible (especially those darn plants!) You’ll need to purchase everything to get to the next Hotel level but holding off on adding extra tasks (like plants or dining room furniture) will help you focus more on keeping everyone happy until you develop a rhythm. Try to purchase things like pictures, goldfish, etc first. This enhances your popularity but doesn’t add more work.
  • People will always take the rooms in order from left to right
  • When a person is headed to lobby for an item, the item they want will light up before they request it so you can usually have the task started before the request even comes in.
  • When someone wants to watch TV, you have to click the TV and not the person on the couch. However, you do click the person on the couch if they want a paper or coffee.
  • If you have finished the game and you want to go back and replay a level, you will lose the rest of the levels that came after that. For example, you want to replay level 25, if you do, you will lose all the progress that you’ve made from level 26 to 40.

 Higher Level HINTS (25 and up)

  • Your hotel gets bigger with each level and you have to scroll back and forth (in levels 31 – 40) in order to see everything. Don’t forget the rooms on either end!
  • Make the plants and the dry cleaning a top one priority or you’ll never clear these levels. The dry cleaning takes a while so click it as soon as you see it and then line up just a few tasks in case another pops up
  • Buy the pictures ASAP.
  • Once the place closes for the day, leave all vacuuming of empty rooms until the very end so the maid can take care of the guests that are left instead.
  • Handing out sheets goes faster than dry cleaning. If there are a few sheet requests, do them first before starting the dry cleaning.
  • You need to get 15 customers through the door to beat level 32.
  • Wait until level 35 to buy plants
  • You need to get 20 customers through the door to beat level 35
  • Level 35 SPOILER – The top priority list for level 35 is in this order:  plants, dry cleaning, vacuuming and sheets. Pay attention to the piano player and try to get all the fruit baskets taken care of at once.
  • You have to serve 31 customers in level 40
  • Don’t forget Rooms number 1 and 7! They are hard to see since you have to scroll back and forth.
  • For the love of God, DON’T FORGET THE PLANTS!

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!