Island Tribe 4

Our Island Tribe 4 Walkthrough will be your tour guide as you travel through time and distant lands in search of the altar that can set your new friend, the pirate, free from his evil curse. This Island Tribe Walkthrough is packed full of helpful information as well as custom screenshots, detailed instructions, and videos of each and every level, so you won't have any trouble beating the game on hard mode.

Thanks for joining us at the Island Tribe 4 Walkthrough, the fourth installment of a wonderful time/resource management series. This game travels to 3 new lands, Egypt, Vikings, and China, giving a nice variety of scenery and enemies. Here you will find everything you need to complete this great game with expert times. Included are step-by-step instructions, screen shots, and complete level videos. We hope you enjoy our Island Tribe 4 Walkthrough.

Title Screen




  • To achieve the coveted gold time, you need to finish the level in expert time plus pick up an adequate quantity of diamonds and find the hidden artifacts. 
  • Once you find an artifact and complete the level you will not need to find it again, so you might want to find them the first time through, accept the score, and come back later. 
  • For picking up diamonds, always pick them up on the way to picking something else up as you do not return to camp after picking up diamonds.


  • Four levels, hard, normal, easy and no time.  The only differences between these modes is how long you have to finish the level. 
  • The walkthrough was written and the videos shown are on the hard mode, so all modes will work with the guide. 


  • Hovering the cursor around a building or item will bring up a description over the item and a circle around the item. 
  • Green circle means you have the ability to immediately go there. 
  • Blue circle means you have the resources but no worker available; however, you can click on the item to queue it up. 
  • Red circle means your way is blocked or you do not have the resources needed. 
  • You can queue up jobs as long as they are available.  Your worker will need to return to the camp whenever he has picked up anything (except diamonds).  Camp workers do not upgrade the production buildings; but rather the building worker.


  • There are many different kinds of resources in this game, but the basic ones are wood, stone, and water.  There are a variety of food items available along with other animal products and ore for steel tools. 
  • All types of resources are available on the road blocking your way at +1 units
  • Obstacles of wood and stone on the road can vary between +2 to +3 units


  • As you work further in the game, you will be able to upgrade up to 3 stars for production buildings and 4 stars for the camp.  Usually a production building will start as with no stars.  If an upgrade is available you will see a blue start over the building.  When you hover the cursor over the blue star, it will turn green if you have the wood to upgrade and red if you do not. 
  • Camp
    • Starts usually at 1 star, 1 worker
    • Upgrade to 2 stars for 5 wood
    • Upgrade to 3 stars for 7 wood
    • Upgrade to 4 stars for 10 wood (later in game)
  • Fires at buildings usually cost 2 water to put out.
  • Repairing all buildings costs 4 wood.
  • All upgrades for production buildings cost 5 wood each.
  • Upgrading buildings after items are on the ground will not increase that quantity. 
  • Upgrading buildings restarts the production bar.
  • Buildings will not start producing again until items are picked up. 
  • Sawmill
    • No star--3 wood
    • 1 star - 5 wood
    • 2 stars - 7 wood
    • 3 stars - 10 wood
  • All other buildings:
    • No star - 2 items
    • 1 star - 3 items
    • 2 star - 4 items
    • 3 star - 6 items


Grain farm, fisherman, and apple farm requires water to produce.  The buildings require the same amount of water no matter the level so it is a more efficient use of water to upgrade these buildings quickly.  They need 4 water about every 3 production runs.

Cow farm, chicken farm, sheep farm, and cotton farm all require 3 grain and 3 water every production load.  You cannot upgrade one of these buildings until you deliver the grain and water.  You may want to consider upgrading these buildings before picking anything up if you can wait.

Merchants are available on different levels where you can trade one item for another item.

Anvils are available on levels that require axes or swords. The blacksmith will combine ore and wood or ore and crystals to make the items. 

Ore will usually be available along a rock wall with a flashing green vein.  Just send a worker to the ore area and you will receive 1 - 2 ore in each load.