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You have an aquarium with fish that need to be fed and protected from extraterrestrial creatures.  You start out with guppies that need to be fed in order to grow into larger, coin-producing fish. You will need those coins to buy food, more guppies, and the three egg pieces you need to move to the next level. Those egg pieces complete an egg containing a secret pet to help you in your tank. Make sure you keep your fish fed or they will die. Watch out for green fish – they’re starving. However, do not waste your food. You do not have an unlimited supply.

There are four game types: Adventure, Time Trial, Challenge, and Virtual Tank.


Faster gun firing: If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, click the Left Mouse Button and the Scroll Wheel to fire twice as fast at aliens.

Fish feeding: Always drop your food from above.  If your fish are not hungry when you drop it, they can still chase after that piece of food if they get hungry before it falls all the way. When you have been alerted that an alien is coming, continue to take care of your fish until it gets there; otherwise, a starving fish will die while you’re battling the alien.

The Extraterrestrials: Click on the alien’s head to keep him at the bottom of the tank and away from your fish if your fish are at the top.

Amp the Eel: When you have Amp the Eel, begin playing the game normally and accumulate some shells. Then, buy yourself a different type of fish and keep it alive. Once Amp tells you he can electrocute the tank, click on him until the lightning mark turns red and spend all your money on guppies. Once you have used up all your money, click on Amp. This should make him shock the whole tank and you will see a lot of diamonds drifting downwards. Repeat this to accumulate more money.

Virtual tank: In virtual tank, set it up so you have Clyde, Seymour, and Zorf. Turn the screen saver on and they will earn you coins. Note: You must have some medium or large fish.

When in virtual tank, turn on screen saver mode. Allow fish to drop shells, show coins collected (power save mode is optional), and get a lot of fish. Then put Prego, Zorf, and Stinky together. Leave it running to accumulate a large number of shells.

Shells: When you are playing the game where the shells are falling and you must click on them and put them in the bucket, just click on any bags. You will get a massive combo and may even get over 2,000 shells when you finish.

Save up 15,000 shells. Buy a breeder. Raise it until it fully grows. Wait for the free fish. Sell the breeder. Then, wait for the baby fish to grow. Wait for it to grow into a large one and it will be worth 10,000 shells. If you are lucky, it will grow into a King guppy worth 15,000 shells. The breeder can be sold for about 5,000 to 15,000 shells, thus paying for itself.

Cookie: After getting the food upgrade in virtual tank, you can buy Cookie. She will feed your more exotic fish.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!