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You’re the strong, silent type.  You like action and adventure, but you also like to think a problem through before you resort to gunplay.  You like to do your dirty work in silence, and with no one looking.  Either you are deeply disturbed and belong in an asylum or you are the numbered but nameless protagonist of Eidos’ hugely popular game Hitman 2.

Eidos followed up the success of the original Hitman by dropping you once again into the lead role of Agent 47, a retired killer-for-hire pulled back into the gritty business of death when an old associate betrays him and kidnaps someone close to him.  Although the game features more weapons than you can count, and more blood than you can ever wash off, it is not a traditional shooter.  The game relies heavily on stealth, encouraging the player to use more brains than bullets and button mashing.

Hitman 2 lets the player try out a broad range of weapons from the highest tech submachine gun or sniper rifle, to the lowest tech knife or garot wire.  The game has aged well with decent graphics depicting exotic locales and novel gameplay elements, like donning the gear of a slain enemy as a disguise.

Pick Your Poison:
Each mission offers multiple paths to completion with consequences for nearly every choice you make.  Take care not to run into every scenario with guns blazing or you may find a fate worse than a thousand virtual deaths: the game will punish you for bad play by restricting your options later in the mission based on the choices you make throughout the game.  Sometimes a lethal injection is better, if less spectacular, than an explosive.  Look around the map for alternative death-dealing methods.

Don’t Be a Hero:
Bursting into a crowded room with a shotgun in hand will put your enemies on high alert and make a mission nearly impossible to complete.  Curb the instinct to rush into a fight.  As difficult as it may seem to play it slow and smart, avoiding most confrontations will help you complete missions more quickly.

Clean Up After Yourself:
Leave a body lying out in the open, and you may find, after 45 minutes of winding through a level, that you will be swarmed by suspicious guards and forced back to the beginning of the chapter.  The game AI doesn’t always respond to evidence you leave behind, but play it safe and stash bodies in closets or dark corners whenever possible.

Stay in Character:  If you dispatch a butler when no one is looking and choose to step into his clothes to fool the guards, be smart.  You don’t have to dust the furniture, but drawing a weapon or standing too close to a guard for too long will break your cover quicker than you can say “game over”.

Silent but Deadly:  Making too much noise during a kill will alert enemies to your position or cause your target to run into hiding.  Keep it quiet.  Choose your weapons based on the proximity of guards and enemy goons.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheat: Two Different Handguns at Once
Have a rifle, the ballers, and 2 pistols on hand and follow these steps:
Drop the ballers on the floor
Pick up the rifle that just fell down (because you dropped the ballers)
Take a pistol in your hand (this pistol will go to your left hand, it cant be reloaded so I suggest you choose the 9mm Beretta)
Pick up the ballers
Take the other pistol that you are carrying in your hand (this pistol will go to your right hand, and will have unlimited ammo, so consider the most powerful handgun, like the Desert Eagle)
The pistol in your left hand cannot be reloaded, but the pistol in your right hand will have unlimited ammo

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheat List
Be sure to backup any files before you modify them.  Open your Hitman2.ini in the Hitman2 directory in a text editor and add "EnableCheats 1" without quotations right below EnableConsole.
You can activate the following cheats by typing them in the game while playing.

IOIRULEZ or IOIRULEY - God Mode on/off
IOIGIVES - All Weapons and Items
IOISLO - Slow motion on/off
IOIER - Bomb Mode on/off
IOIHITALI - Ali Mode on/off
IOILEPOW - Special attack Mode on/off
IOIGRV - The force of gravity Mode on/off
IOINGUN - Nail rifle Mode on/off
IOIPOWER - Mega Power

If you have a U.S. keyboard, just type IOIRULEZ. On European keyboards the Z and Y change place so you have to type IOIRULEY.
If a cheat fails to work, try entering it more slowly.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!