Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands

The Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands Walkthrough contains step by step instructions, along with screenshots, detailed instructions for puzzles, and videos for harder puzzles. Save Delia and her father from the evil pirate Undertow in this sequel to Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle!

General Information

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Overview: You crash land on some unchartered islands after your attempted escape from The Devi's Triangle. Your only guide on this journey is Kathy - who can only help you so far. You must help stop the evil Undertow once and for all!

Hints: You start out with five hints on casual mode and three on expert mode. They recharge at 20 seconds for casual mode and 1 minute for expert mode.

Inventory/Find/Objective Bar:
  • Inventory - This list inventory items that you pick up along the way. You can combine items to create new items.
  • Find - This list the objects you need to find in hidden object mode. You click an item in the list to see a silhouette.
  • Objective - This lists what your current object is. You can also consult your journal for more information.
Journal: The journal gives you character information and detailed object information. It will log various things throughout the game.

  • Eye - You can get a closer look.
  • Hand - you can pick up an item.
  • Gears - An item needs to be used here.
  • Arrows - Show the different directions you can move.
Hidden Object Areas: The items in each hidden object scene will vary per person/game. Only inventory items will be circled. Large items may be marked with a red X.

Chapter 1: Strange Savages
  1. pick up the Lighter, Torch and Crowbar


  1. continue up
  2. read the note left by Undertow on the rock
  3. use the Crowbar to move the boulder
  4. continue up
  5. combine the Torch + Lighter in your inventory
  6. use the Torch to light the torches along the old ship


  1. take the Boat Prop
  2. receive Letter to Delia


  1. continue up
  2. take the Bucket of Water


  1. examine the old row boat
  2. take the Gas Can


  1. talk to Chet
  2. continue up
  3. pick up the Flashlight
  4. combine the Rubber Hose + Gas Can in your inventory
  5. use the Gas Can on the gas tank of the plane


  1. enter the plane
  2. examine the desk
  3. find "x things" which vary per player/per game (see screenshots - these are the three I came across)




  1. take Pull Cord and Hamster Whistle


  1. examine the book on the left side of the desk
  2. Rocket Puzzle
    1. use the pieces on the right to put the rocket back together in the outlined area on the right
    2. take the "C" from the left page
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. exit the plane and continue up
  2. use the Hamster Whistle on the hamster
  3. pick up the Extending Grabber Hand


  1. go down and left
  2. examine the vines on the left
  3. use the Extending Grabber Hand on the Grappling Hook
  4. examine the crate and open it
  5. turn the crank on the light
  6. find the items




  1. combine the Match + Matchbook
  2. use the Match to burn the cover
  3. find the items
  4. use the Tiny Rake on the dirt in the flowerpot



  1. use the Key on the locked box
  2. take the Corkscrew
  3. use the Corkscrew on the wine bottle
  4. use the Tweezers to get the Paper out of the bottle
  5. use the Paper and Charcoal on the stone slab


  1. find the items
  2. when the bird flies over - snap a picture
  3. use the Scissors on the knot
  4. open the box and take the Screwdriver
  5. use the Screwdriver to get the Sabre
  6. use the Bottle Opener on the plant food



  1. find the items
  2. use the Sabre on the loaf of bread
  3. take the Paintbrush - under the bread


  1. find the items
  2. take the Bandanna
  3. use the Paint Can Opener on the paint can
  4. use the Paintbrush on the red paint
  5. use the Paintbrush (with red paint) on the toy soldier
  6. open the canister on the right
  7. take the Old Rag


  1. find items
  2. use Super Duper Glue on orange to catch fly


  1. find the items
  2. remove the round box to find the Paint Scraper
  3. use the Paint Remover on the paint on the lid
  4. use the Paint Scraper on the dry paint
  5. take the Right Combination and use it on the locked box
  6. take the Antique Pistol


  1. find the items
  2. take the Ammunition from under the paint can
  3. use the Seeds, Plant Food, and Watering Can on the soil in the pot
  4. take the Bee


  1. find the items
  2. combine the Antique Pistol + Ammunition in your inventory
  3. use the Antique Pistol to shoot the target


  1. find the items
  2. take the Utility Knife from under the flower pot
  3. use the Hammer on the piggy bank and take the Earring
  4. place the Cheese on the ground to the right of the crate
  5. take the Mouse
  6. use the Old Rag on the glass shard
  7. take the Maple Leaf


  1. find the items
  2. use the Utility Knife to slide open the potato sack
  3. place the Bandanna, Earing, and Eye Patch on the potato
  4. take the Pirate Face


  1. find the items
  2. use the Paper Clip on the lock
  3. take the Clippers
  4. use the Clippers on the grass in front of the crate
  5. take the Wire Nippers
  6. use the Wire Nippers on the metal
  7. open the hidden door
  8. take the Small Motor Body


  1. go down four times
  2. use the Flashlight on the  light sensitive plant
  3. take the Button of Power
  4. go up twice
  5. talk to Chet
  6. take the Quarter
  7. go down twice
  8. use the Quarter on the newspaper dispenser
  9. read the newspaper
  10. take the Slingshot
  11. go up three times and left
  12. use the Slingshot to take out the guard in the crow's nest
  13. go down twice
  14. examine the boat
  15. use the Small Motor Body, Rip Cord, Gas Tank and Boat Prop on the boat
  16. back up and then click on the boat again
  17. Boat Puzzle
    1. this is a logic puzzle
    2. fill in the correct blank spots by using the dots as guides
    3. for example: if there is one dot - you can only have one block shaded in
    4. see screenshot for solution


  1. pull the top lever and attempt to go forward
  2. another puzzle


  1. pull the left lever and attempt to go forward
  2. another puzzle


  1. go forward
  2. use the Grappling Hook on the side of the ship
  3. board the ship
  4. pick up the Gun Powder Keg and the Crocodile Jack
  5. examine the door
  6. Ship Door Puzzle
    1. connect the green dot to the yellow dot
    2. you need to connect all the dots on the board together in one continuous line - ending with the yellow dot
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. enter the ship and go right
  2. talk to Delia
  3. take the "D" from the letter
  4. pick up the Record


  1. go down
  2. put the Record on the gramophone
  3. take the Trowel


  1. go down four times
  2. use the Crocodile Jack in the croc's mouth
  3. take Undertow's Pirate Library Card
  4. get back in the boat and return to the ship
  5. board the ship and go through the door and to the right
  6. examine the door
  7. use the Library Card to open it
  8. enter the room
  9. find 19 related pairs


Note: These may vary per person/per game but I have provided the solution for my game.
  1. pick up the Cement


  1. go down
  2. use the Bucket of Water, Cement, and Trowel in the wheelbarrow
  3. put the Cement in all three cannons
  4. go down five times and up twice
  5. examine the rocket door
  6. Rocket Door Puzzle
    1. use the letters on the door and in your inventory to spell out CORN DOG
    2. enter the rocket
  7. pick up the Hamster Chow
  8. use the Gun Powder on the keg in the back
  9. take the Key
  10. use the Key on the red lock
  11. look inside the cupboard
  12. take the Toy Tool from beside the bowl
  13. place the Hamster in the cupboard
  14. fill the bowl with Hamster Chow
  15. examine the chest
  16. place the Toy Tool on the locks
  17. slide the Toy Tool to the right


  1. hidden object area
  2. take the Big Shell, "F", and "10"



  1. examine the jukebox
  2. replace the "F" and "10" keys
  3. place the Large Shell on the jukebox


  1. pull the lever down so the bird cage drops
  2. go up the ladder
  3. examine the control panel
  4. set the control to volcano
  5. pull the launch lever
Chapter 2: The City Forgotten
  1. pick up the Tire Iron


  1. examine the door
  2. use the Tire Iron on the door
  3. enter the room
  4. pick up the Hourglass


  1. go through the left door
  2. examine the base of the statue
  3. find 12 related pairs


Note: These may vary per person/per game, but I have included a solution for my game.
  1. take the Sands of Time


  1. continue up
  2. examine the vending machine on the left
  3. read the note from Undertow
  4. pick up the Baseball Bat


  1. go down twice
  2. examine the crevice to the left of the middle door
  3. combine the Hourglass + Sands of Time and place it in the hole
  4. enter the room


  1. examine the first portrait
  2. hidden object area
  3. take the Florin Coin


  1. go up
  2. pick up the Crowbar


  1. examine the skeleton
  2. make a note of the drawings
  3. examine the wall
  4. Wall Slider Puzzle
    1. this is your basic slider puzzle
    2. the object is to get the large square brick out through the bottom
    3. follow the partial instructions by the skeleton to get started
    4. see video for solution

  1. enter the hidden door
  2. pick up the Hammer


  1. examine the right diving suit
  2. use the Crowbar on the left arm
  3. examine the left diving suit
  4. use the Hammer on the left leg
  5. go left
  6. hidden object area
  7. take the Screwdriver


  1. go down
  2. examine the grate by the stairs
  3. use the Screwdriver to remove the screws
  4. remove the grate


  1. go forward
  2. find the items
  3. use the Bottle of Water on the bucket
  4. take the Key and Wire Brush
  5. use the Screwdriver on the loose brick


  1. find the items
  2. the Bobby Pin is under the hat


  1. find the items


  1. find the items
  2. the Chisel is behind the pot
  3. the Mirror is behind the mannequin
  4. use the Wire Brush on the lock
  5. use the Bobby Pin on the lock
  6. place the Rag in the hole above the mirror frame
  7. place the Mirror in the frame
  8. use the Lighter to light the candle
  9. flip the switch to turn on the light


  1. find the items
  2. use the Razor Blade to cut through the ropes on the chest
  3. take the Hammer and the Plunger
  4. combine the Hammer + Chisel from your inventory and use it on the barnacles
  5. open the front hatch on the diving helmet and take the Saw
  6. use the Key on the locked box 
  7. take the Balloon
  8. use the Saw on the wooden log


  1. find the items
  2. place the Acorn near the log to lure out the chipmunk
  3. the Red Tube is behind the Red Chest


  1. find the items
  2. use the Plunger on the blocks to the left of the chest
  3. take the Fuse Wire
  4. use the Balloon on the helium tank
  5. pop the Balloon to get the Combination
  6. use the Combination on the lock on the chest
  7. take the Three Pound Weight
  8. pick up the Anchor
  9. use the Three Pound Weight on the scales


  1. find the items


  1.  use the Blowtorch on the metal hinges
  2. take the Trap
  3. combine the Sawdust + Gunpowder (Bottle) in your inventory
  4. combine the Gunpowder (Bottle) + Red Tube in your inventory
  5. combine the Red Tube + Wire Fuse in your inventory
  6. place the Bomb near the grate
  7. use the Magnifying glass to light the fuse
  8. exit the tunnel
  9. go right
  10. take the Rope


  1. examine the door
  2. slide the lock
  3. exit the room
  4. go through the left door and up twice
  5. examine the vending machine
  6. put the Coin in the slot
  7. push button number six
  8. use the Baseball Bat to retrieve the Raisins
  9. go down twice and through the right door
  10. place the Trap on the ground
  11. place the Raisins in the Trap
  12. hook the Rope to the Trap
  13. leave the room and come back
  14. take the Key
  15. go up, left, and up twice
  16. examine the desk
  17. use the Key to open the desk
  18. hidden object area
  19. take the Navigation Device


  1. go down twice
  2. examine the map
  3. place the Navigation Device in the center of the map
  4. Map Puzzle
    1. click a colored button (red, yellow, or blue)
    2. turn the inner ring on the navigation device to slow down the arrows
    3. turn the outer ring to line up the arrows with the matching dotted line (red, yellow, or blue)
    4. this is a very tricky puzzle and if the dot lights up brightly and the arrows stop - you have done it correctly
    5. repeat for the blue and yellow buttons
    6. make a note of the code
    7. solution: 1 8 0
  5. examine the diving suit
  6. Diving Suit Puzzle
    1. move the outer ring so the 180 is on top of the small blue dot (south)
    2. this will move the inner ring to circle "A" and "43"
    3. change the bottom buttons to say A 4 3
    4. take the Helmet
  7. go through the right door and down
  8. examine the diving suit
  9. replace the Leg, Arm, and Helmet
  10. take the Diving Suit
  11. go through the left door
Chapter 3: Beware of Undertow
  1. go left
  2. poke the puffer fish (no really, poke it)
  3. hidden object area
  4. take the Antidote


  1. continue up
  2. take the Chain Cutters


  1. go down twice and right
  2. examine the chained box on the right
  3. use the Chain Cutters to open it
  4. take the Keys
  5. read the note from Undertow
  6. go down and up twice
  7. examine the gate
  8. use the Keys on the gate
  9. Gate Key Puzzle
    1. you will only use two keys
    2. pick a key and slide it in the bottom right or left and watch the teeth push up the bars
    3. the object is to make a straight line with the bars across the middle
    4. see screenshot for solution


  1. continue up twice
  2. talk to Sheldon
  3. enter the room
  4. hidden object area
  5. take the Welders Mask


  1. go down and left
  2. hidden object area
  3. take the Cutting Torch


  1. go left
  2. hidden object area (you can scroll right)
  3. take the Oxygen Tank


  1. examine the submarine door
  2. combine the Oxygen Tank + Cutting Torch in your inventory
  3. use the Welders Mask on the door
  4. use the Welder to cut open the sub door
  5. enter the submarine
  6. pick up the Pirate Cloak and Hat
  7. read the newspaper
  8. go up the ladder
  9. talk to Undertow
  10. go down
  11. hidden object area
  12. take the Grater


  1. go down
  2. hidden object area
  3. take the Lantern


  1. go down and up twice
  2. hidden object area
  3. take the Hub Cap


  1. go down, left, and up
  2. enter the submarine and go upstairs
  3. talk to Undertow
  4. go forward
  5. take the Drill
  6. examine the drawing
  7. examine the control panel
  8. Tic Tac Toe Puzzle
    1. you must beat three tic tac toe games
    2. tip: always put your "X" in the middle
  9. go down and left
  10. hidden object area
  11. take the Crane Key


  1. go down seven times, right, and up
  2. replace the Crane Key
  3. pull the right lever all the way left
  4. pull the left lever all the way down
  5. pull the left lever all the way up
  6. pull the right lever to the middle
  7. pull the left lever all the way down
  8. go down twice and left
  9. take the Parrot Food


  1. go up twice, and left twice
  2. enter the submarine and go left
  3. give the Parrot Food to the parrot
  4. go through the door
  5. examine the machine
  6. Submarine Puzzle
    1. there are three stages to this puzzle
    2. stage one: change the pictures within the four large circles so they are symmetrical to the smaller circles
    3. stage two: remove the stones with symbols and put them around the outer circle - they must also match symmetrically 
    4. stage three: first rotate the large circles until they each light up - next press the keys that match the code the parrot gave you: F Z 2 7
    5. see screenshots for solutions




  1. take the Drill Bit
  2. combine the Drill Bit + Drill in your inventory
  3. use the Drill on the screws on the four corners of the glass
  4. take the Econo Coil
  5. go down seven times and right once
  6. talk to Sheldon
  7. enter the room
  8. take the Fishamster
  9. go down twice, left, right, and up
  10. grab the hook
Chapter 4: Reunion
  1. talk to Ralph
  2. examine the door on the right and enter it
  3. take the Shovel, Chicken, and Fishing Pole


  1. examine the clock
  2. Clock Puzzle
    1. give the little man on top the Fishing Pole
    2. wind the clock up with the key on the right side
    3. click the little man to drop the Fishing Pole at exactly the right time so it's in front of the fish (note: the fish should be about due west when you drop it)
    4. take the Chain from inside the little door
  3. go down and left
  4. hidden object area
  5. take the Hook and Grabber


  1. go left
  2. replace the Chain
  3. take the Ladder
  4. place the Ladder under the shorter one on the left side
  5. go up the ladder
  6. take the Chicken


  1. look at the plant on the left
  2. use the Shovel to dig up the plant
  3. dust off the manhole cover
  4. use the Hook on the manhole cover handle
  5. take the Baseball
  6. examine the door to the left
  7. go through the door
  8. use the Grabber to get the chicken
  9. pick up the Paint Remover
  10. open the box on the wall and take the Fumigator


  1. enter the door on the left
  2. examine the nests on the left
  3. click on the note
  4. throw the Baseball at the dog
  5. pick up the Key
  6. use the Key on the cabinet
  7. take the Canned Smoke
  8. go through the node door
  9. hidden object area
  10. take the Wrench


  1. go down three times
  2. examine the pipes on the left
  3. use the Wrench to remove the cap
  4. examine the manhole cover on the right again
  5. use the Cap to block the hole
  6. go through the door on the left
  7. look at the device with the bees crawling all over it
  8. combine the Canned Smoke + Fumigator from your inventory
  9. use the Fumigator on the bees
  10. click the red button
  11. Water Puzzle
    1. click "start"
    2. click "Elysia"
    3. rotate the green pipes to connect the green square with the red square
    4. repeat for "Noforia"
    5. there are multiple solutions for these puzzles
  12. go down 
  13. talk to Ralph
  14. go down and left
  15. hidden object area
  16. take the Key


  1. go through the door on the right
  2. use the Key on the door
  3. enter the room
  4. hidden object area
  5. take the Chicken and the Scissors


  1. use the Paint Remover on the large painting at left
  2. take the Diagram
  3. go down twice, up, left twice, and right twice
  4. read the note from Undertow
  5. use the Scissors to cut down the Chicken
  6. go down
  7. examine the nests
  8. Chicken Puzzle
    1. place the Chickens in correct nests according to the Diagram
    2. start clicking on Chickens until they all lay eggs
    3. pull the levers to bring the water level to the correct height
    4. solution: right, left, right, right, left 


  1. go down twice and right
  2. go across and left to the hot air balloon
  3. hidden object area
  4. take the Tuning Peg and the Knife


  1. go down
  2. examine the door
  3. replace the Tuning Key
  4. Violin Door Puzzle
    1. use the keys to move the columns up and down
    2. line up the musical notes (letters)  in the correct order
    3. use the arrows to move the musical notes (letters)
    4. notice the musical notes written on the bottom of the violin - match these and they will light up
    5. see video for solution

  1. examine the panel on the4 right
  2. Acid Puzzle
    1. click the red buttons in the correct order until all of them are lit
    2. see video for solution

  1. use the Knife to cut them down
  2. talk to Gideon and Delia
  3. take the Amplifier
  4. go down three times, left twice, and right twice
  5. combine the Fishmaster + Amplifier in your inventory
  6. use the Fishmaster on Undertow
The End!

General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!