General Information

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Levels: levels are broken up into groups of three hidden object levels or scenes(referred to in the guide as scenes from left to right in your map tab), sometimes with one or two puzzles to solve either in-between or at the end of the three levels.

New Item List: want to play the level over, just click restart level and you'll get a whole new item list.


  1. click on the item to get a silhouette of the object - unlimited
  2. obtain extra hints by finding all five beetles hidden in each scene

Blue Items: items in listed in blue can only be found by using an inventory item and may need to be saved for use in another area.

Note: these items may change in some scenes from game to game.

Blue Glow: the blue glow indicates where an inventory items can be used, I have circled these areas in blue in most scenes.

Inventory: certain items will be placed in your inventory for use later, where and how to use these items are outlined in the guide.

Map: if you want to switch locations you can click the map button on the bottom.

Professor's Journal: some levels will contain pieces of the Professor's Journal, if you see a small, paper icon next to the level image, it means their is a page hiding somewhere, I have circled these in Yellow (except for the 1st Casablanca level).

Find 20: some levels will require you to find 20 items, these are generally very easy, but the item to find will change from game to game, therefore there are no screen shots.

Puzzles: you will find various puzzles throughout the game which I have tried to explain as best I can, if you get stuck click the hint button, click it again and it will then turn into solve and you can skip the puzzle .

New York


Scissors: use on mended spot on chair and get drawer key.
Drawer Key: use on locked drawer and get passport.


Toilet Brush: use on green fish tank and get golden key 5.



Pharaoh Puzzle:

  1. Click the papers on each side of the Pharaoh. 
  2. Use the clues on the walls to click the etchings on the Pharaoh in the correct order.
  3. When his mouth opens, click the red button.



In order to get the gopher, you need to go to the third area and get gopher food.  Once you have gotten it, go back to the second area and put the gopher food into the gopher hole and grab the gopher.




Watering Can: use on wilted flower to get blooming flower.
Key: use in padlock on gate, this will open up a third location.


Snake Puzzle:

  1. Place a musical instrument on the s tool in front of each snake. 
  2. Note the color of the rattle each snake is holding. 
  3. Click the instrument and if the snake dances (sways back and forth) it is the correct one.
  4. Now click the instrument until the snake reaches the colored line that matches it's Rattle.   
  5. Once all three snakes are dancing, click the metronome button seven times until they all do a little dance.
  6. Take the glass eye.

Esmeraldas - Ecuador



Steak: use on dog in next level and get dog food .



Key: use on statue and get medallion .




Monkey Puzzle:

Click the scroll hiding in the leaves.

  1. The object is to match the pictures on the stone at left to the monument along the glowing blue line.
  2. You will have to move the monkeys and hang them off the blocks to get the gems in the correct places.
  3. Each monkey is a different weight, so experiment.
  4. Brown Monkey = 1, White Monkey = 2, Black Monkey = 3
  5. You can hang more than one monkey on a block.
  6. The puzzles are random, so I've provided examples only.


Fishing Gear: use on lake to get fish on line.
Firewood: put under pot in fire pit.
Matches: light firewood.
Fish: place fish in pot over fire and get cooked fish.


Corkscrew: use on cork (middle, left side) to get mouse.


Hammer: use to get plank.


Plank: use to make a bridge across gap.
Bolt Cutters: use to cut lock on train door (first scene)
Light Bulb: use in light bulb puzzle.


Gas Can: use in light bulb puzzle.




Light Bulb Puzzle:

Click on scroll by red/green switches to get directions.

  1. Replace light bulb .
  2. Use gas can on funnel.
  3. Push green/on button and get bars.
  4. Connect bars to rods until all the lights are on.
  5. The end of each bar connects with a rod, pay attention to the lengths.
  6. The rods correspond with the light bulbs.
  7. Not every bar will work one very rod.
  8. Complete puzzle to get oars.
  9. Switch to third scene and use oars on boat.
  10. If get stuck, click the hint button, click it again and it will then turn into solve and you can skip the puzzle.
General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!