Haunted Train: Frozen in Time

Our Haunted Train: Frozen In Time Walkthrough is packed with colorfully detailed screenshots, easy instructions and hidden objects and mini game solutions to help you combat the evil that is threatening the fate of the world. Join us in this ghoulish journey aboard the train of souls as we head to Farrington to save Daniel and the stolen time-stopping, highly coveted chronometer. We are hot on the heels of the thief but can we stop him in time? Jump into this frightening hidden objects adventure of mystery and intrigue if you dare!

Our Haunted Train: Frozen In Time Walkthrough is ready and waiting to assist you through this epic time stopping hidden objects adventure game. Refer to our customized, multi-colored screen shots, detailed instruction and mini game and hidden objects solutions to help you stop the thief who stole the valuable time stopping chronometer and uncover the mystery of Daniel’s disappearance. Race against the clock as we board the mythical train of souls to help Olivia save the world from evil in this diabolical hidden objects adventure!