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General Tips

To survive in this game, you must understand the various upgrades and tactical options available with the different units you can build.

- You can find in-game tips in your awards room. Click on your awards to get extra tips.

- Quick Build: To build something quickly, click on the item you are building and choose the option to have all linked nodes to focus their energy on that object. A shortcut for this is double click the item under construction.

- Harvesters: The rocks cannot be harvested forever, and the harvesters will become obsolete. You can sell off your obsolete harvesters to get some credits back. Click on any harvester and you'll see that option appear if you have any that are obsolete.

- Expand the Map: building energy nodes to the edge of the map will expand your world and reap the benefits so you can stay alive longer.

- Suspend Time: Pause the game while building or planning so as to not waiste time and allow enemies to get closer.

- Resources for the battle: Your turrents and lasers require energy. Make sure you have enough energy to power your defenses when the bad guys arrive - otherwise they will not recharge fast enough for you to hold them off.

- Linking Lasers: there are multiple ways to link your lasers together to create much more powerful ones. Click on one of the lasers in the middle of a group of lasers and select "Link Nearby Lasers". The shortcut for this is to press "X" or to drag builders over one-another.

- Unlink the Lasers: Don't forget to unlink your lasers when the enemy gets close in.

- Missle Turrets have two upgrade options. The "Eagle Scout" turret gives you more range and more damage. The other option allows you shorter range with the capability to attack multiple targets at a time. In general, the Eagle Scouts will help you more earlier on.

- Attack Priorities: Click on a tower to adjust attack priorities. Experiement with different options. Diversifying your priorities is probably a good idea.

Creative Mode

- The extra buildings in Creative Mode are just for fun.

- Cheat: You can edit the prices of these buildings by editing a text file in your Harvest: Massive Encounter install folder.

Wave Mode

- Completely kill one wave at a time before you send the next one. Credits are awarded for defeating a wave.

- Part of the strategy of wave mode is deciding which wave to send during which level. Waves get harder and bigger as you go, so keep that in mind.

Alien Profiles

The D-70 has only has a shield and can be destoryed with a defense tower in 9.09 seconds.
The Zoom Armadillo Tank has an anti-explosion shield, so a missile from a turret will do very little damage to this kind of alien. Upgrade your turrets to Eagle Scouts to be more effective against this invader.
The Gehenna shuttle is a high speed alien that will die on impact. Unlink your towers to combat this foe.
The A-13 T.I.V attacks an object when they fly close to it, and they can draw others ships to help destroy that building as well.
The Steel Monocle has a solar shield (the black part on the ship) that can defend the laser. So the laser, even the linked one, cannot do any damage, unless it comes from many sides.
The Black Dragon will release about 3 Gehenna shuttles when flying close to any building. The Black Dragon is sneaky because it will stay in a place where defense towers can't reach and release the Gehenna Shuttles.
The Death Mite is like a D-70, but they has stronger shield, can harvest mineral, and take longer to destroy objects.
The star-5 energy sapper will sap an energy from one of the energy links and ALL energy that passes through it will be taken away.
The Thunder Flea has very high shield. It will jump on anything, including its own teammates.

Hidden Easter Egg
To play a hidden racing game where you race with a Gehenna shuttle, following these directions:

In the main menu, the 3 planets will turn slowly. When Poseidon is at the Right, Ares at the Left, and Hephaestus is in the Middle, you'll see a black hole somewhere between Hephaestus and Poseidon. Click on it to play the hidden game.


1st play control with W,A,S,D
2nd player control with Arrow Keys

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!