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In this latest installment of the wildly popular Granny games, Granny and her kitties are finally taking a vacation.  But their stay in paradise isn’t all rest and relaxation.  While Granny naps, her kitties are cat-napped by the evil Dr. Meow.  Granny must navigate through 5 different worlds and more than 170 levels to rescue her beloved kitties.  Using her wits, her purse and few well placed bombs, help Granny outwit the bad guys and reunite her kitty family.

Level 35

Before attacking the bad guys, get as many kitties as possible.  Once you’ve grabbed the kitties, try to get the bad guys to follow you.  Once you start swinging your purse, you only have 30 seconds to use it.  So swing fast and often!

Level 49
After you deposit al the kitties, get the jackhammer and drive through to the second to last level to get the key.  Don’t forget to dig holes to bury the tikis.  Dig three, that way if the first tiki resurrects he’ll still fall in.

Level 50

Bury the gorilla and stand on his head.  He will pop back up at the upper left level and that will buy you some time.  Wait until the dog is as far to the left as possible then go down the ladder on the right.  Dig a hole to bury the dog and then bring the kitties up the ladder.  When you have collected all the kitties, the escape flower appears at the bottom left corner blocked by rocks.  You will need the hammer in the upper right corner to escape.  Get the hammer when the gorilla is as far away as possible.  You will need time to get through two levels of rocks.

Level 76

When you get to the crumbling floor between the elevators, take very slow steps.  If you go too fast, you’ll fall through.  Also, if a robot is following you, dig at the top of the ladder and bury him.  That way if you fall off the bridge ou won’t land on him and lose a life.

Level 78

To get up to the top, go to the level above the teleporters and the dog.  Dig out a hole and jump down so that you are hanging from the rope.  Slide over to one of the teleporters and it will take you up to the top.  At the top, you can use the rope to cross to the other side.

Level 90

Grab the umbrella and the bomb first.  This will give you enough time to place the bomb and get out before the robots get you.

Level 91

To get to the kitties at the top you have to use the warp.  Use the second warp from the right at the bottom and you’ll go right to them.

Level 100

The first tip is blow away the rocks away from the robot on the left and get the tow kitties home.  Then, kill and bury all of the robots.  When they resurrect, they will be locked behind the rocks and you will have already saved those kitties.

Level 134

There are two hidden floors at the top level.  The dog can’t walk across these.  Save the kitties in small batches so if you die you won’t have to start al over again.  To escape the gorillas, keep digging to trap them.  Keep moving though,  If you stand still for too long the gorillas will corner you.  You can also try to make it to the elevator on left.  Stay there and wait for the gorillas to fall into the bog.

Level 135

Pick up the first key and run as fast as you can.  If the gorilla comes after you, you can still dig a hole with the key.  To get the second key, dig a hole and jump through.  It will be faster than treading water to get to the second key.  Make sure you have both locks opened before you use the bomb otherwise both gorillas will be freed and you’ll have nowhere to go.

Level 155

Don’t worry about freeing the key from the box.  Just blow up the rocks at the end and use the stairs.

Level 161

After you save all the kitties, grab the umbrella, dig a hole and jump through.  Go all the way to the right, and let go of the rope.  There is a hidden fan that will take up to the exit flower.

Level 164

Get all the apes on the same level as the dog.  The apes won’t be able to get you while you are gathering up the kitties.  Be sure to get the apes down to that level before you go to the transporter. 

A second tip, you can use a bomb to blow up the end of the row first, wait until the ape is on the opposite end of the lower row then get the bomb again, jump down a row, set the bomb and dig a hole (really fast!).  That will take care of one of them.

Level 170

Rescue all of the kitties first then try to kill off all of the bad guys.   Be as close as possible to the place where you need to dig to get the exit flower.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!