Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga

Use our Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga Walkthrough to explore the crumbling remains of the local school where an evil witch has kidnapped your daughter, the remaining soul she needed to carry out her dark plan. We've packed this Gothic Fiction walkthrough with everything you'll need to rescue Hannah, including detailed instructions, solutions to puzzles, and tons of screenshots clearly marked with all item locations.

Thank you for joining us at our [b]Gothic Fiction Dark Saga Walkthrough[/b]. Here you'll discover everything you need to complete this eerie hidden object adventure game. This Gothic Fiction walkthrough includes easy to understand instructions and custom screenshots with all the items and locations clearly marked for you for each chapter of the game. We hope you enjoy this exciting hidden object game! [gimg]/Gothic-Fiction-Dark-Saga/images/Gothic-Fiction-Dark-Saga-Walkthrough-title-01.jpg[/gimg] [b]Opening Story:[/b] In [b]Gothic Fiction Dark Saga, [/b] a young girl and her mother have just moved to a new town and are searching for a good school for the daughter to attend. They think they've picked out the perfect one and go to check things out. Upon arrival, however, they realize the school has been closed for years and an evil witch has taken up residence. She appears out of nowhere and snatches up the young girl, leaving you, her mother, to go after her! Can you explore the crumbling remains of the school and find your daughter before it's too late? Well, with the [b]Gothic Fiction Dark Saga Walkthrough[/b] by CGG, you'll have no problem getting rid of that evil witch! [b][i]General Tips for Playing Gothic Fiction Dark Saga[/i][/b] [b]Notes[/b] - Your notes are in the bottom left hand corner of your screen and will store and hints and helpful notes that you find along the way. It's a good idea to click on the notes section and look over everything if you're stuck. [b]Inventory[/b] - Your inventory can be found in the bottom of your screen. Any items that you find will be automatically placed in your inventory. Mouse over the area to bring the inventory bar up. [b]Hints[/b] - If you get stuck and don't know what to do next, you can click on the hint button in the bottom right hand of your screen. One you use a hint, it will take time for another one to be available. [b]Skip[/b] - During mini-games, if you are having trouble or maybe you just don't feel like solving it, you can click on the skip button located at the bottom of your screen. [b]Difficulty Settings[/b] - There are three difficulty settings in this game, casual, advanced, and hard mode. You can change your mode of play during the game by clicking on the options button. [b]Hand Cursor[/b] - When your cursor turns into a hand, it means you can pick up an item or interact with an object in some way. [b]Eye Icon[/b] - When your cursor turns into an eye, it means you can zoom in on an area. [b]Map[/b] - Once you've unlocked an area, you can fast travel to it by clicking on your map in the lower right hand corner of your screen and clicking on the place you would like to go. [b]Hidden Object Scenes[/b] - Sparkling areas will indicate a hidden object scene. Click to start it. We hope you enjoy our [b]Gothic Fiction Dark Saga Walkthrough[/b]!