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The idea here is to see how much treasure you can unearth. Using your claw and reel, you can retrieve gold nuggets, brilliant gems, bags of cash, and anything else you can find (some of these items might be on the back of a rodent). You’ll need to collect enough gold to move on to the next level. (Hint: You may move to the next level without finishing the current level once the Next Level sign lights up, meaning you have reached your goal. Just click on it.)

If you grab silver coins, you can use them to play the slot machine. These coins show up ever so often among the other items. Once you have coins, the shopkeeper may ask if you want to play the slot machine. You could win more gold, but you pay to play.

Along the way, you’ll encounter obstacles like barrels of TNT, boulders, bones, and evil leprechauns with pickaxes. Boulders and bones will not harm you, but they slow you down. If you grab the barrels of TNT, they blow up everything around them, so be careful. Those leprechauns chip away at anything in their path, which is good if it happens to be a boulder. However, if it’s a gem or a gold nugget, it’s not so good. You can grab them to get them out of the way.

Use the cash you earn to buy items to help you along the way.

Here are some hints:

Dynamite:  allows you to get rid of any boulders you snag that will slow you down. These stay with you from level to level if you don’t use them. (Hint: use your up arrow to throw a stick at a boulder.)

Mystery Potion:  gives you energy to snag anything much more quickly

4-Leaf Clovers: improve your luck with grab bags

Rocks Book:  increase the value of the rocks on the next level

Bones Book:  if you buy this book and there are no bones on the next level, you’ve wasted your money

Freeze Box: this box may be used to freeze the underground animals and other moving things. You have to buy it from the shopkeeper, and it’s usually expensive. Once you have it, click on it to freeze the moving objects.

Diamond Polish: NEVER buy diamond polish after a level that had diamonds on it. There won’t be any diamonds on the next level and you’ll be wasting your gold.

Be Careful About Your Spending:  The storekeeper is crooked! He might charge you one price for an item on one round and then charge you a much higher price the next round. He doesn’t like it when you don’t buy anything, but all he does is growl.

Purchases eat away at your money and make the next level more difficult to beat.

Be Careful Dropping Your Claw: You don’t want to waste time missing targets and picking up useless items. The animals have very little value unless they are carrying gems. (Hint: Make sure your mouse pointer is below ground or your claw won’t drop.)

Play the Slot Machine:You can earn a lot of gold fast, but remember you need those little silver coins in order to play.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!