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Getting Started

- In the wood zone, go for the extra bonuses given for energy first and above all.

- After that, go for starting with level 3 power then extra energy.


- NEVER at any time go for anything that increases the chance of dropping a light stone. They stall the game and make the screen impossible.

- Instead, go for the "huts" that dig, which prevent the spread of fire and "dark stones". If you do this, the game is much more pleasurable, and you will find places where you can play a level for hours. (Particularly in the water zone).

- Spend your time on levels where obsidian stones are required as tasks.

- Ignore tasks that want 6 of level 1 spells and level 2 spells. By doing them, you increase the chances of running out the timer and losing a life.

- If your gesture area is full of gestures you do not want to use, click on a gesture, then use it out of the playing field. It will remove that gesture without using any energy at all.

- If you want the energy to refill rapidly, the best gesture to use is sort. Use it from the bottom of the screen to play longer in that area. In screens where there are not a lot of obsidian stones, this will not let you score any more points, but may enable you to do a lot more mini tasks before completing the screen.

- Points for high scores are only obtained by tiles uncovered. Obsidian stone destruction is the key to high scores. Their "digging" creates new areas to score on.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!