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Garden Defense


  1. You earn money for each pest you kill and also bonus money at the end of each wave based on the health of your flower beds. Unlike other defense games, your flower bed will recover with time. Use your money to upgrade your defenses or to add more defenses.
  2. Again, unlike some other defense games, gadgets can be moved at any time, but will need time to recover unless you buy the "Quick Deploy" upgrade.

The "Wave Warning" Indicator
At the beginning of each level, you will see a circle appear at the entrance (there will be more than one if creatures will enter from multiple places). Clouds in the sky mean flying insects are coming, three marks on the ground mean land insects are coming. A rock in the scene means they will move slowly and a star in the scene means they will quickly. Position your gadgets before the wave starts based on the Wave Warning indicator

.Wave Warning

The Lab

This is the place where you get to spend your hard earned experience points. To get to the lab, click on the green button directly above your money total.

Think long term: Invest in the money saving upgrades first. This will allow you to purchase and upgrade your gadgets more cheaply and will allow you to have more, stronger gadgets on the board during the course of a game.

Go, Go, Gadget, Go! You want to upgrade your gadgets first because they are moveable. Get the Super Gnome as fast as possible. This rocket-launching dude really carries a punch. Then get the Super Flamingo next so you can take out those flying creatures. Once you have a couple of your gadgets upgraded, get the quick deploy. Now you're pretty much unstoppable! Once you have improved all of your gadgets, then move on to improving plants and bugs.

High Priority Upgrades:
  1. Garden Insurance
  2. Gadgets 4 less
  3. Super Gnome
  4. Super Flamingo
  5. Cupid
  6. Gadget Coverage
  7. Quick Deploy
  8. Doom-O-Matic Gadgets
  9. Super Sunflower
  10. Plants for Less

Rocket Gnome

Key Tip: If you need more points for upgrades, just go back and play the earlier levels to gain the points you need.

A Typical Walkthrough for Most Levels

  1. Purchase two gnomes right off the bat. Position them as close to the entry of where the bugs come in as possible.
  2. Upgrade them both to level 1 rocket gnomes ASAP. Stop the upgrades at level-1 rocket for now.
  3. Purchase a Flamingo and upgrade it to a level 1 Super Flamingo. Stop upgrading for now. Position it as close to the entry as possible.
  4. Purchase a Cherub and upgrade to a level 1 Cupid. Position it as close to the entry as possible.
  5. Fully upgrade the Super Flamingo
  6. Fully upgrade the Cupid
  7. Now finish upgrading the gnomes.

This will get you off to a great start. Positioning them close to the entry point will kill nearly everything right away and in case something gets buy, you have time to reposition your pieces. Just remember to reset the pieces to the entry point before the next round. Remember to read the wave warning indicator so that you can maximize damage to either flying or land insects right at the beginning. This will most often mean swapping the cupid and flamingo around

Example Start Positions

Defensive Bugs
You will not be able to pass some levels without the assistance of Charlotte's Bug Houses. You can tell if you need the bug houses if your gadgets and plants just can't keep up with how many and how fast the bugs are coming. You need the bug houses to stop their progress so that you'll have time to reposition your gadgets and kill them. Upgrade the houses so you can have multiple defensive bugs out at one time.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!