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Overview: You play and Inspector granted access to an old and supposedly haunted Opera House, can you solve the riddles and mystery within?

Tips & Tricks: You can play either as Archaeologist which is a timed mode or Apprentice which is not timed, has more hints, and an alternate ending.

Hints: You begin the game with 5 hints only. You can earn additional hints by playing optional puzzles (see Puzzles). You will not get new hints with a new stage, so use them carefully!

Note: unlike most games, the hints will not sparkle but tell you where to look in the same place the riddle appears.

How to Play: You click a music note or block at the bottom and read the riddle. The answer to each riddle is hidden somewhere in the room. Once you solve the riddle, find the item and click on it.

Note: not everyone will get the same exact riddles, therefore I have not listed them as there are many, if you are stuck on a riddle however, I'm sure you could find some answers in the forums.

Puzzles: Puzzles can be solved by clicking the hammer or Force button, but at the cost of hints and time. Some puzzles are optional and do not need to be solved to progress through the game but will earn you bonus hints.

Journal Puzzle (Optional)

  1. place the puzzle piece (left side) on the grid so the adjacent music pieces match
  2. when you pick up the puzzle piece you will see what you need to match it to
  3. this is actually much easier than it sounds
  4. example: if it shows a note on the left and bottom, but not the right or top, then the piece would have to be placed in the right, top corner
  5. the hints will not carry over from one stage to another, so if you don't need them, don't bother with these puzzles

Switching Rooms: some riddles will be in one of two scenes, you need to click the Switch button to toggle between them.

Stage One

Dollhouse Puzzle:
Note: all these type of puzzles are called "Dollhouse Puzzles", but I have renamed them in the following levels to represent the room in which they are found.


  1. find the missing gems and place them in the second panel from left
  2. click on the red banner covering to reveal a name
  3. click on the button above the name to reveal the initials
  4. place the initials in the third panel from left
  5. click on a picture of an instrument on each side to swap them
  6. get all the horn instruments to the left side and all the string instruments to the right side
  7. click the sun icon on the far left panel
  8. now put the statue back together
  9. take the key

Secret Room Puzzle:


Stage Two

Hidden Passage Puzzle:


  1. first place the lion in it's silhouette on the left side
  2. next place the fish in it's silhouette on the right side
  3. some candles will drop down, put the candle in the center
  4. a wall will appear, put the swords and stone grieve in their silhouettes
  5. steps will appear last, put the step in it's proper place

Stage Three

Experiment Lab Puzzle:



  1. grab the clippers and use them on the box with the green leaf
  2. grab the pick axe and use on the box with the rock
  3. grab the match and use it on the box with the snowflake
  4. grab the key and use on the box with the lock
  5. when the light bulbs pop up place them in the spotlights above
  6. notice each spotlight has a colored symbol
  7. use the switches to the left and right and flip them to match the symbols
  8. flip the square and red switch and a note will appear
  9. click the mirror image of the note below and place in the hole below the instrument
  10. do this for each instrument (total of 4 times)
  11. get the key

Fireplace Puzzle:



  1. use the match on the fireplace
  2. put the bull glyph in the broken section on the right side
  3. put the emblem at the base of the tree
  4. put the monocle on mans portrait (bottom, left) and a new section will open up
  5. place the gear where there is one missing (right side)
  6. place the rod where there is one missing (left side) and a clock will appear
  7. put hand on clock
  8. use hammer on un-etched block

Stage Five

Library Puzzle:



  1. put the books in the empty spot on the bookcase
  2. put the happy bust on the pillar with the sun
  3. put the sad bust on the pillar with the lightning
  4. put the hat on the hatless general and a new section will open
  5. put the watering can by the dry flowers
  6. put the sun dial on the stone disk

Stage Six

Remembrance Room Puzzle:



  1. click the curtain to open it
  2. you need to place the correct four coins on each side
  3. put the four feminine coins under the woman (circled in pink)
  4. put the four manly coins under the man (circled in blue)
  5. once placed, push the green buttons on each side
  6. a new puzzle appears with letters
  7. use the letters to spell out a word underneath the man and women that reflect who they are
  8. once place, push the green buttons on each side
  9. take the key

Stage Eight:





Shrine Puzzle:

  1. give the angel on the far left her halo back
  2. replace the missing plate at the base of the angel statue
  3. give Medusa her snake bow (creepy)
  4. if you scroll over the lower portion of the pretty side (where it turns to white mist) you'll see "Dejavu?", you need to place the sword here
  5. now that some more creepy guys have appeared, place the imps horn on the far left one
  6. next place the ghost mouth on the ghost and the horseshoe on the centaur

Stage Nine:

The Farmers Puzzle:

  1. you need to get all the animals across but can only take one at a time
  2. the wolf will eat the chicken
  3. the chicken will eat the grain
  4. you can only take the animals across when the weather is right
  5. click on the animal to see what the weather has to be and then change it
  6. be sure to give the oar to the farmer or you can't push the red button
  7. the oar is leaning against the stump
  8. take the chicken across first as the wolf will not eat the grain
  9. next take the wolf across
  10. before going back put the chicken back in the boat
  11. let the chicken out and take the grain across
  12. now go back for the chicken
  13. take the key

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!