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The sea is in chaos. Your mission in Feeding Frenzy 2 is to discover the cause of the problem in the sea and defeat it in order to save the sea. You will go through 60 levels and eat your way from a tiny butterfly fish to a great white shark. Along the way, you will be transformed into six different fish. Some creatures you encounter will be friendly and some, not so friendly.
Feeding Frenzy 2 allows you to play in regular (untimed) mode or timed mode. You can also save your game and your score and resume at the beginning of the level where you left off.


Predators: Eat fish smaller than you and avoid larger fish. Any fish larger than you is a predator and will eat you. When you’re eaten, you lose a life.  Eating fish makes you grow larger, which means you can eat larger fish. (HINT: When your fish says, “Yummy,” you have just grown larger.) Biting the tails of bigger fish earns points. You also get bonus points for eating entire schools of fish.

Starfish bubbles: These give you extra points, but they don’t help you grow.

Barracuda: Biting the tail of a barracuda 4 times will shrink it. Once you shrink it, you can eat it … but BE CAREFUL.

Jumping out of the water: As you move up in levels, you will be able to jump out of the water and eat flying bugs. (HINT: You get extra points for a swarm.) You can get style points for doing flips in the air, but if you land wrong (belly flop), you’ll be stunned for a couple seconds. (This could make you food for a predator!)

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are released when the alien intruder hits one of the bombs near the surface.

Pelicans: You can shrink the pelicans by eating a mushroom right as the pelican flies over. If you shrink the pelican, you can eat it.

1-up bubbles:  Grab these guys! Each one is worth an extra life.

Time bonuses:  Between some levels, there will be timed sessions in which you can earn time bonuses. These sessions give you one minute in which to eat all the 100 bugs, fish, or whatever is offered. You only get the bonus, however, if you eat all 100. If you see a clock floating around, grab it. It adds 3 seconds to your time.

Food bank: You can unlock 6 different underwater screensavers by building points in your food bank. You get 1 point for each fish you eat if you beat the level.

Mermaid: If you complete a level without dying, a mermaid will appear and drop starfish bubbles. You won’t have long to grab them, though, because the level has ended. HINT: She will come from the side where you last ate a fish.

Feeding Frenzy: Get a feeding frenzy by eating fish quickly. When your frenzy meter is full, you will get double points for each fish you eat. If you fill up the meter two times, you will get a double frenzy bonus. When you have a double frenzy bonus, all the fish you eat are worth triple points. If you eat a 2x bonus bubble when you have a double frenzy, you will get 6 times the original value of the fish.

Extra lives: You earn an extra life at 6,000 points, 12,000 points, and then every 12,000 points after that.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!