Farm Heroes Saga

Our Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough is the perfect companion for anyone getting started in this exciting farming match-3 game. We've included valuable information on game mechanics that will walk your through the basic strategies as well as tips and tricks on how to get the most of your game time. We've even included an on-demand help section for you to request assistance on some of the more challenging levels!

Welcome to our Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough! Here you'll find some great information to help get you started with this entertaining match-3 game, where you match adorable vegetables, collect farm animals, and battle the naughty Rancid the Raccoon.

In this guide, we've provided a general overview of the game and how to play Farm Heroes Saga. If you're looking for a particular strategy to a level, please leave a comment below to let us know what level you need help with, and we'll work on getting that solution up on the site.

Please enjoy our Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough!

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Basic Tips for Farm Heroes Saga

Downloading the Game: The first step to enjoying this adorable farming match 3 adventure is to download Farm Heroes Saga. Simply click the Buy link above or click here now to get started.

Game Objective: The objective of the game is to fulfill your goal for each level by matching the correct cropsies and filling up your growth meter.

Lives - You can have up to 5 lives at a time. If you don't finish a level, you'll lose a life. Lives will recharge every 30 minutes. Or you have the option to purchase more.

Growth Meter - Your growth meter is in the top left hand corner. As you collect the cropsies you need for that level, your growth meter will fill. You can earn up to 3 stars for each level. Only the cropsies you need to collect for a level will fill up your meter so keep that in mind as you aim for 3 stars.

Moves - You have a limited amount of moves in order to complete a level. Your moves are listed in the top left corner of your screen. Keep an eye on this number, as it's easy to lose track when you're making matches.

Magic Beans - You earn magic beans as you play. The more your growth meter is filled and the more stars you earn by the end of the level, the more magic beans you earn. You can use magic beans to buy some boosters as well as provide a bonus when you engage in boss battles.

Gold Bars - Gold bars will buy some boosters. You begin the game with 50 gold bars. Once you run out, you will have to buy them if you want any more.

Making Valuable Matches - When you make a match next to other cropsies, the ones around it become more valuable. You'll see a plus value next to the cropsie. Try to make matches next to the cropsies you need in order for them to count for more.

Hero Mode - Hero Mode occurs when you complete the goals to your level when you still have moves left. At every move, your cropsies will be given random bonus numbers. Try to make the best matches in order to completely fill up your growth meter and gain three stars.

Flowers - Sometimes boards will have flowers. Flowers are stationary and cannot be moved. In order to harvest a flower, you will need to make three matches next to each flower. Be careful you don't only focus on the flowers. Try to match up the cropsies you need that are next to flowers first. It's easy to get carried away and burn up all your moves on the flowers.

Matches - As you may imagine, the bigger the match, the better the rewards. Minimum matches start at 3, but you can also make L-shaped and T-shaped matches as well.

And that's the basics for playing Farm Heroes Saga! We hope you enjoy our Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough!