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Tips and Tricks

Pausing the game: You can click on the menu, goals, sled or helicopter to pause the action in the game. You can take your time looking through the warehouse or helicopter.

Upgrades: As factory upgrades are required to play nearly every level, feel free to go back and play previous levels to get more stores.

"Hot" Upgrading: An interesting option is the ability to upgrade while you are playing a level. Upgrading in the middle of level can buy you much needed time, so while you may not have the resources to produce the higher capacity, the upgrade also produces items at a faster rate. So even if you only need one or two more sometimes it can be worth the upgrade to produce the items faster.

Factory Upgrades:  In this game, like American Pie, you will need to upgrade your factories to be able to start almost every level.  You can go back and repeat levels to get more stars.

Faster Production: You can make factories produce faster by clicking on them. If you click on them too much, they will explode and you will lose the product and the factory. If the factory is starting to red or the bar is one notch from the top, lay off until it cools back down.

Upgrade paths: Generally you should upgrade the cage quickly so you can get the bears before the dogs do. Try to get the sled, warehouse, cat and helicopter upgraded as well. The well and dog upgrades can be held off. 

Mammoths! Oh, My! Some basics points about Mammoths. They eat hay (which you can get from the helicopter) and if bears run over the hay, they will remove it, so obviously try to capture the bears before they get to it. Don't bother trying to move the hay around because you can't. 

Sled Strategy: Mommy, do we have to sell the bear?  Try to keep the sled moving and try to have as full load as possible. A rough guide is to send 1 bear at a time along with the most valuable items.

Fish Frenzy: Similarly to the previous games, the Bears typically drop in at the top left, so keep your fish at the bottom right so the animals will not be close to the bears when the drop in.

Technique for Scattering the Fish:  When scattering the fish, be sure to place the fish low on the screen, right on top of the warehouse and to the right of the farm area.  This will keep your animals away from the bears, for the most part.  The bears usually come down near the top and left of the farm area. Also, buy your animals first, then scatter the fish. This is critical for getting gold on some levels.

Tips for Getting Gold

Bear Toss: If a bear tosses one of your animals, just start over.

Upgrades: On some levels, you will not be able to get gold unless you have all the upgrades.

What's the plan, Stan? Try to plan out the level, especially in the early stages. Understand what you can and want to upgrade as soon the game starts. 

Rule of N+1: It can help to have one more animal than the number of items you need to produce. If you need three powdered eggs, then you should have four penguins.
Hopes those tips help! Put your advice for you how you completed the levels in Gold Time in the forum.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!