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Basic Tips

Here are some really basic tips, if like me, these things weren't obvious at first:

- Processing goods: First you must have enough money to click on the sign to buy the structure. Then you must have the raw material (like the egg) in your storehouse. Then click on the processing plant. Once it produces the egg solid, you must click on the item in front of the processing plant for it to go to your storehouse. It does not happen automatically and it does not count towards your goals until you click it.

- If an item is flashing, it will disappear very soon. Make sure to pick it up!

- If you have to produce a certain amount of processed goods (like 3 cheese), you can still sell the cheese after you produce it. They don't have to sit in your storehouse.

- Try to always have enough room to store a bear in your storehouse

- Dogs and cats are your bestfriend. Cats collect items for you, dogs keep the bears away.

- The animals have a health indicator (the blue bar). If they are not fed enough, they bar will go down and eventually the animal will die.

A little more advanced Tips

- Feed your animals at the bottom of the screen - the bears come in at the top. You can see them dropping in when their shadow appears.

- Upgrading your storehouse and car will help you out early in the game. Do this as soon as you can afford it. It will help you get the gold for some levels.

- Order good from the plane early on so you don't forget about them later! This is especially important early on when the plane is slow.

- Grazin in the grass: Don't waiste money by over watering the grass. Try to time it well. Once your well is upgraded to the maximum, it will do the irrigating for you. No more worrying about watering the grass. Sweet!

- New to this game is the airplane. If it drops an item, you can actually click on the item while its still in the air before it hits the ground.

- One annoying thing about this game is that sometime items get stuck behind animals. You can still click on the item to collect even if an animal is standing in front of it.

- You can select multiple items at a time. When items are produced and are sitting outside to be picked up, highlight the group of items and all of them will be picked up with a single click.

- Obvious Cheat: If you want to upgrade your items, just play the earlier levels over and over until you get enough stars to updgrade. You can play the early levels as many times as you like.

- Don't be afraid to sell your animals. Especially in the earlier levels, this is an easy way to get to gold. Examples: once you have enough raw materials to make what you need, sell ALL your ducks. In the early levels where you start with the sheep and the goal is cupcakes, sell the sheep right away to upgrade your facilities. You don't need to use the spindle at all. Or maybe use the sheep once or twice, but then sell it quickly before the bear tosses it off.

- Not all buildings are needed - just because they place a structure on your farm at the beginning of a level doesn't mean you have to use it. Also, you don't have to fully upgrade all the buildings on a level. Only upgrade what you need to.

- Choose wisely - some of the buildings now have two signs. Obviously, pay attention to which sign you choose because if you pick the wrong one, you'll be waisting resources.

Beating the Game

The first time you play the game through, don't worry about getting gold or even silver on all the levels. You will likely not be able to get gold, even on some of the earlier levels, without having the max upgrades. This is especially true for bears - you must have the cage upgraded to three clicks before you can get gold on some of the levels. You also must also have the fastest car and biggest storehouse.

Advance knowledge: And for some levels, really the only way to beat it is to start the level and just observe what happens. Look at the timing of the bears, the items and animals you'll need etc. Once the level runs for awhile, restart with your new knowledge!

Specific level walkthroughs (from forums, see the forums for more)

Powder Street 5

Wait for your chickens to lay one egg, then immediately sell all five of them with one bear.

When the truck comes back, immediately send it off with two more bears. Then build the powdering processing building and start it working on the egg.

When the truck comes back again, your powder should be done, so just quickly build the bakery building and start it working.

Just make sure you work quickly and you should make it with a few seconds to spare.

Cake Street 5

Immediately buy 1 chicken (goal met) and then sell all chickens.

Capture and sell any bears.

While doing this, process any steaks left by the pig.

As soon as you have 2 steaks, sell the pig.

You should have 2,000 coins at this point, so buy the sausage processing plant.

As soon as you do, start processing the sausages.

Grab your 2 sausages and then you're done.

Product Street 7

As soon as the car lands click it and sell 4 chickens.

Trap bears - put BLACK bear in storehouse.

Wait for last chicken to lay egg (will happen just as car returns) - once layed send black bear and chicken to town.

Upgrade storehouse.

Trap 2 more BLACK bears (there will only be 1 right now - 1 more will appear right before the car returns) - they MUST be BLACK bears or you will be short on money.

The second you are able to, send the 2 bears to town.

While they are going to town, process your egg into powder then into a cake (you are NOT going to be upgrading to a pastry yet - if you do that you will be short money!)

You will need to send one more set of black bears (again - they MUST be BLACK) to town.

The second that car gets back buy your pig (you will have EXACTLY 1000).

Send 1 or 2 bears to town (whatever you have and the type doesn't matter)

As soon as the pig gives the ham, start processing it into slices (you MUST be quick on this!!!)

When the car gets back from town use the plane to buy the 2 pieces you need (styrofoam and sugar). Meanwhile make sure the meat is going quickly through the houses.

As soon as the plane drops goods off, click them (do NOT wait for them to land) and IMMEDIATELY click the appropriate storehouse.

The egg side will end before the meat side (by about 2 seconds) so hover over on that side first.

The BIGGEST hint I can give you other than above is to CLICK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - a wasted second may mean you lose!

If you accidently get a non-black bear in your storehouse before you buy the pig, just restart the level (and restart if you lose your chicken to the bears too).

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!