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Basic Tips

Here are some really basic tips, if like me, these things weren't obvious at first:

- Processing goods: First you must have enough money to click on the sign to buy the structure. Then you must have the raw material (like the egg) in your storehouse. Then click on the processing plant. Once it produces the egg solid, you must click on the item in front of the processing plant for it to go to your storehouse. It does not happen automatically and it does not count towards your goals until you click it.

- If you have to produce a certain amount of processed goods (like 3 cupcakes), you can still sell those cupcakes after you produce them. They don't have to sit in your storehouse.

- Try to always have enough room to store a bear in your storehouse

- Dogs and cats are your bestfriend. Cats collect items for you, dogs keep the bears away.

A little more advanced Tips

- Feed your animals at the bottom of the screen - the bears come in at the top. You can see them dropping in when their shadow appears.

- Upgrading your storehouse and car will help you out early in the game. Do this as soon as you can afford it. It will help you get the gold for some levels.

- Grazin in the grass: Don't waiste money by over watering the grass. Try to time it well. Once your well is upgraded to the maximum, it will do the irrigating for you. No more worrying about watering the grass. Sweet!

- Obvious Cheat: If you want to upgrade your items, just play the earlier levels over and over until you get enough stars to updgrade. You can play the early levels as many times as you like.

- Don't be afraid to sell your animals. Especially in the earlier levels, this is an easy way to get to gold. Examples: once you have enough raw materials to make what you need, sell ALL your ducks. In the early levels where you start with the sheep and the goal is cupcakes, sell the sheep right away to upgrade your facilities. You don't need to use the spindle at all. Or maybe use the sheep once or twice, but then sell it quickly before the bear tosses it off.

Walkthrough for Specific Levels:

Top Row, Second House From Left, Third Dot
Goal: One Sheep, One Thread

I beat this level by selling all the ducks as fast as possible. Do not bother with any upgrades or any eggs. After you sell all your ducks, the screen is empty and at this point, just wait for bears to come until you've saved $1000. Buy your first sheep and keep it alive until it can produce thread. That's it for this tricky level.

Top Row: One Milk

This is definitely a hard level. As with most hard levels, the upgrades and animals are a distraction. Here is how I beat this level:

1) Immediately upgrade the car 3 times, the storage 1 time, and the well 1 time, and sell all ducks.

2) Do not buy any facilities. You will make all your money from wool and bears.

3) The truck should be fast enough where you will not run out of storage, so you shouldn't miss any bears or wool.

4) Here is one tricky part: you should have $3500 in sheep, but around the time you ahve $6300 or so is when you should sell the sheep (you should have some wool and bears in the storage to make the last trip and get to $10,000.

5) The trickiest part for me was conserving water. Do not over water the animals, other wise you might end up 3 pennies short of 10,000!


[ courtesy of Alikat ]

From left to right, top to bottom.
1. Completing a level without clicking any goods: I used the first level that included a cat straight from the beginning. Do not click on ANYTHING but water and grass. If you must click a bear, cage it but do NOT collect it or put it into the storehouse. Collecting bears cancels out the possibility of getting the reward.

2. Taking your time: I got this automatically by doing the last level of the game. I believe it was 30 minute mark when it popped up on my screen. (My 7 yr old started level 3 and walked away. Guess which award he has already). You do not need to finish the level to get the award, it pops up when you get it.

3. Completing all levels in the game: Exactly what it says.

4. Buying 100 animals: Exactly what it says.

5. Completing a level without catching any bears: I played level 2 and got this. I let the bear kill one duck, after that it wandered everywhere but didn't kill the rest.

6. Filling all shelves in the storehouse: Do NOT use the level where you only need 1 cheese to finish the level, it wouldn't register for me on that level. I used the level right before the last level for this one. You start out with lots of money, and cats too! You do not need to finish the level to get the award. You DO need a big enough storehouse to collect 10 items as follows: Egg, Mix, Cupcake, Wool, Spool, Bolt material, Milk, Butter, Cheese and a bear.

7. Catching 100 Bears: Exactly what it says.

8. 1,000,000 coins in the bank: I got this during regular gameplay.

9. Earning a gold medal on all levels: Exactly what it says.

10. 3 Levels without selling any bears: Exactly what it says. Cage them but do not put them in the storehouse (Unless you have loads of room to keep them and not sell them)

11. 3 Levels without hints: Redo the first easy levels. Don't click on the ground if you have no water. Don't click on items if you have no space. Don't click on the well if you have no money. Go slow and it's very easy for this one.

12. Collect 500 Goods: Exactly what it says.

13. 7 Bears in the field: Exactly what it says. I used the last level and didn't do anything for about 2 minutes. ALl 7 bears dropped, I got the award and then restarted the level for a gold star.

14. Upgrading all buildings: Exactly what it says.

15. 10 Levels without the loss of any animals: Exactly what it says. This is easier if you have the cage upgraded as much as possible. Then you only have to click it 3 times to cage bears, saving animals then is much easier.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!