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Objective: You play Ginger, a cute Farmer who overcomes challenge, after challenge, after challenge ... well, you get the picture. Sometimes there are many challenges on the same level. There are only 12 levels, however, some levels are rather lengthy, so don't let that fool you. The challenges vary greatly and build up to her building a mega farm to bankrupting the BIG BAD Agro Company!

I LOVE this game, as each level gives you challenges with no time limits, just a progress bar on the top left of the window that lets you know much of the level you've completed. You can make each farm as pretty or efficient as you'd like. Your only obstacles are your lack of "moo-lah", the resources available for purchase in the menus, your strategy and your imagination. I've given brief strategies on making record time because isn't that the objective in most time management games?

Complete a goal on the level, don't worry the level probably isn't over, another goal will appear and maybe another and another... If you can't keep track of the goals, select the goal task bar and a pop up menu will appear with a detailed goal list.

Note: the tutorial is very explanatory and will not be covered in the walkthrough.

I LOVE a price chart on games and refer to them often so here it is . . .


Crates-$1 ea. Sold in 1, 5 and 10 quantity increments
Small Fertilizer Bag- $20 (6 applications)
Larger Fertilizer Bag-$40 (12 applications)
Well pump-$130
Small Water Can-$10 (6 applications)
Large Water Can-$100 (12 applications)
Sprinkler-$350 each
Crane (to move objects)-$10 for each object
Tiller- (kills weeds and existing crops)-$5 for each square

Buildings and Animals (some licenses are given in the game and don't have to be bought and some will have to be bought more than once to complete the game, the animals come with the building):

Beehives: License $500, bee hives $500 ea., sell honey for $160 a crate;
Bees need flowers and honey needs cold storage
Chicken Coop: license $500, coops $400 ea., sell eggs for $150 a crate;
Chickens eat corn and eggs need cold storage
Sheep shack: license $500, Shack $500 ea., sell wool for $130 a crate
Sheep eat carrots and cabbage
Pig pens: license $700, pig pen $500 ea., sell piglets for $200 a crate
Pigs eat beets and tomatoes
Cow barns: License $500, barns $500, sell milk for $300 a crate
Cows eat cabbage and carrots, milk needs cold storage
Storage Barn: (non-perishable)- $500 for license, $500 per building
Greenhouse: License $1,500 -$500 for each building, store flowers and strawberries
Refrigerated Storage: License $500, $500 for ea. Building , store honey, milk and eggs

Seeds (some seedlings are given in the game and don't have to be bought and some will have to be bought more than once to complete the game):
Beets: $50, sell for $20 a crate
Cabbage: $400 seedlings, $90 bag, sell for $40 a crate
Carrots: $400 seedlings, $60 bag, sell for $30 a crate
Corn: $300 seedlings, $50 bag, sell for $20 a crate
Mushroom spores: $500 seedlings, $100 spores, sell for $50 a crate
Pumpkins-$40 bag, sell for $20 a crate
Sunflowers: Seedlings $700, bag-$70, sell for $40 a crate
Watermelon-$120, sell for $70 a crate (need to take seeds into refrigerated storage before planting the 1st time in game, store in greenhouse)
Radishes-$40, sell for $20 a crate

Plants (some seedlings are given in the game and don't have to be bought and some will have to be bought more than once to complete the game):
Eggplant: $400 Seedlings, $80 bag, sell for $40 a crate
Cucumbers: $300 Seedlings, $60 bag, sell for $30 a crate
Dahlia bulbs: $700 seedlings, $80 bag, sell for $50 a crate
Peppers: $500 Seedlings, $100 bag, sell for $50 a crate
Strawberries-$140, sell for $80 a crate (germinate seeds in cold storage before planting, store in the greenhouse)
Tomatoes- $300 seedlings, $70 bag, sell for $30 a crate
Tulip bulbs: $500 Seedlings, $100 bag, sell for $60 a crate

Cherry- $250, sell for $25 a crate
Apple- $150, sell for $14 a crate
Plum- $200, sell for $19 a crate
Banana- $300, sell for $32 a crate

Workers: (you'll have to pay their Salary's when their hourglass empties; sometimes many times on each level)
Farm hand (gardener fertilizes crops)-$300 + $100 Salary
Vegetable and fruit picker-$300 + $100 Salary

Just some notes or the basics:
- Money doesn't carry over to the next level
- Farm progress doesn't carry over to the next level
- No time limit on levels
- 4 crops of identical product fill crates
- The by-products of animals fill 1 crate
- The amount of seeds left in a bag is indicated by a number above Ginger's head
- You don't have to purchase all supplies to complete a level
- After a level has been passed, you can replay the level without starting from the beginning of the game.
- Hired workers carry their own supplies and are part of the salary, thus making them profitable
- Not all supplies are available on each level after their introduction
- You can put crates full of products on ground they won't spoil
- If you purchase a product from the store and right click before placing on ground, you'll be charged and won't have the product
- Buildings come with the animals included
- Some supplies become available later in current level after they have been introduced in a previous level
- Hearts across crop square an animal building fill up when ready to harvest
- Workers have an hour glass and need to be paid $100 when hourglass empties (can give Fertilizer helper a break to avoid costs)
- You have no control over what crops Workers tend to and I found no sequence in how they work
- Workers give you a clue as to when to pay their salaries with a "huh hum" or a "whistle"
- Bees are the least time consuming revenue if you have the resources to support them
- Animals don't starve if you don't feed them

- Hiring workers can be profitable
- Plant the crop that produces the most income 1st
- Animal by products produce the most income per investment if you feed them right before the last red light expires orandandandandandand shortly there after
- Plant fields in a 3 square height by a 4 square length with sprinkler between fields to maximize sprinkler usage
- Have Ginger concentrate on harvesting crops with the most resale value and/or feeding animals and storing their by-products when you need to accrue money
- Have Ginger concentrate on achieving the current goal or planning for the next goal while workers increase funds
- Move sprinklers around with crane to avoid time consuming watering when funds are tight
- Hire workers at the same time or when paying salaries to avoid looking for them all over the farm when their time is up. They will usually congregate somewhat close together, but not always, sometimes there's a stray


Given supplies: $10, pumpkins seeds and a crate

  • Till Soil
  • Plant Pumpkins
  • Sell 3 Crates of Pumpkins

Given supplies: $180, 1 crate and radish seeds

  • Getting your Garden Started -Plant 12 Radishes
  • Your 1st Order- Sell 3 Crates each of radishes and pumpkins
  • Place an Order - Purchase Cucumber Seedlings ($300)
  • Your 2nd Order -Sell 2 Crates of Cucumbers, Sell 4 Additional Crates of Pumpkins, Sell 3 additional Crates of Radishes
  • Place 2nd Order - Order Eggplant seedlings ($400)
  • Buy Eggplant seeds
  • Sell 1 Crate of Eggplants

3rd LEVEL-"GOING WHOLE HOG": Rotator tool and sprinklers introduced
Given Supplies: $51, mushroom spores, cucumber and eggplant seeds, 2 pigs

  • Sell 4 Crates of Mushrooms (mushrooms take more fertilizer and water than most crops)
  • Growing Vegetables - Sell 4 Crates each of mushrooms, eggplants and cucumbers
  • Going Whole Hog - Sell 7 Piglets **need to purchase tomato seedlings and seeds to plant to feed pigs**

Given Supplies: $210, field of beets and corn w/sprinkler, a vegetable and fruit harvester, 2 apple and 2 plum trees
Strategy: Plant 24 mushrooms, keep pig fed while planting and harvesting, hire worker, purchase sprinklers, then coop, refrigerated warehouse license and warehouse, then trees

  • Chicken coop - Buy 1 Chicken Coop (license $500)
  • Keep it Cool - Purchase Refrigerated Warehouse License ($500), Purchase Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Forest Shelterbelt - Purchase 3 Apple Trees, Purchase 3 Plum Trees

Given supplies: $200, field of tomatoes, sunflowers, dahlias and corn, pig pen, chicken coop, refrigerated warehouse, 2 workers (1 to pick crops and 1 to fertilize), sprinklers unavailable
Strategy: plant 24 mushrooms and 12 beets, hire workers, have crane move sprinkler around for watering, have Gina tend to animals to accrue funds the fastest, position crates near animals, have gardener take short breaks between paying his salary

  • New Storage Facilities - Purchase Greenhouse License, Purchase Greenhouse
  • Pick Some Flowers - Fulfill an order for 6 crates of Sunflowers and 6 crates of Dahlias
  • Purchase a Florist License - Place an order for Sunflower seeds and Dahlia bulbs
  • Plant Flowers - Plant 12 Sunflower seeds and 12 Dahlia bulbs

Given supplies: $300, 2 apple tree, 2 cherry trees, bag of tomato and cucumber seeds
Strategy: move trees to top of screen, plant cucumbers and tomatoes, then buy pepper seedlings and plant peppers, purchase sprinklers as you go along, hire plant picker and gardener, plant 12 of each flower except tulips and plant 24, purchase 2 hives and refrigerated storage

  • Sell Some Vegetables - Sell 6 crates ach of tomatoes, cabbages, peppers and cucumbers
  • Sell Some Rare Flowers - Sell 6 Crates each of Sunflowers, Dahlias and Tulips (you'll need to purchase the greenhouse for $500)
  • Save the beehive-Sell 4 crates of Honey (will need refrigerated warehouse to store honey)

Given supplies: $7, bag of seeds and an apple tree
Strategies: Plant cucumbers, harvest apples and cucumbers while preparing soil for future crops. Hire a picker as soon as one is available. Plant highest selling valued plants 1st then purchase sprinklers as you can afford them. Then continue completing goals while hiring workers and sprinklers accordingly before going to the next round. This level is rather lengthy and easy to get side tracked...just concentrate on achieving the goals and making enough moo-lah (ha!!) for the next round. Or take your time and build a's your choice.

  • Entry Form - Earn $200 for competition entry fee
  • (Cucumbers are the only plants available at beginning)
  • Qualifying Round - 7 Crates each of cucumbers, radishes and pumpkins
  • First Round- Plant 12 tomatoes, 12 beets, 12 eggplants and 12 corn
  • Quality Control - Sell 1 Crate each of tomatoes, beets, eggplants and corn
  • Animal Husbandry - Give 3 pigs and 3 crates of eggs to judges
  • Orchards - Plant 3 Apple Trees, 3 Plum Trees and 3 Cherry Trees
  • In the Name of Science - Sell 2 crates each of Apples, Cherries and Plums
  • Flower Power - Buy a greenhouse and 6 Crates each of Dahlias, Sunflowers and Tulips to the judges
  • Well Isn't That Sweet? - Give 7 Crates of Honey to the judges
  • New Skills for a New Round - Order and build at least 1 Cow Barn
  • Need to plant carrots and cabbage to feed cows
  • Got Milk? - Sell 10 milk crates
  • 10 Crates of Milk Bottles to judges
  • Farm Business - Earn $1,500 to prove farm is profitable
  • Award Winning Vegetables - Plant 4 fields (12 squares) each of exotic fruits and vegetables

DO NOT PICK THESE VEGETABLES and FRUITS: mushrooms, peppers, watermelons and strawberries

Each field should have 12 plants w/health ratings of 5 hearts
**strawberries and watermelons need to be started in a refrigerated warehouse (put in refrigerated warehouse and then plant**
You'll need to fertilize these plants generously

8th LEVEL-"SUPPLIERS" (carrot seeds are given initially w/no other seeds available for sale)
Given supplies; $6, bag of carrot seeds and 1 plum tree (you'll have to purchase licenses again for all products except pumpkin and radish seeds)
Strategy: In placing new orders, purchase eggplant seeds 1stand and plant 24, tend to all crops, harvest eggplants and carrots (plant another 12 carrots). I like to have workers and sprinklers in place before moving to the next round.
Neighborly Help - Earn $300 for Mr. Jones's new store

  • Placing New Orders - Place orders for eggplant, corn and carrot seeds
  • Eggplant Lover - Harvest 20 crates of eggplants for the man who will sell tree saplings
  • New Builders-Place orders and buy building permits for cow barns, sheep shacks, chicken coops and beehives (bookkeeping license).
  • Purchase Pig pens 1st as they generate the most income (no license needed for pigs). I like to plant additional beets to feed the pigs. Purchase license only for cows, chickens and bees at this stage will do no good as cold storage isn't available yet.
  • New Storage - Order barns and refrigerated warehouses
  • An Advertising Campaign - Buy a chicken coop, cow barn and a sheep shack (plant corn and carrots to feed animals)
  • Flower Power - Sell 7 crates each of sunflowers and dahlias, Sell 3 crates of honey
  • The Return of the Tulips - Place an order for Tulip bulbs
  • A Model Garden - Install 8 sprinklers and hire 4 gardeners
  • An Advertising Campaign - Buy a chicken coop, a cow barn and a sheep shack
  • A Foreign Supplier - Plant 12 Watermelons, 12 Strawberry seedlings, 12 Mushroom spores and 12 Pepper seedlings (need 8 sprinklers and 4 fertilizer workers/gardeners)
  • Savings - Earn $800 to cover unforeseen costs

Given Supplies: $120, Greenhouse, Cold Storage, Cherry tree, Plum Tree, Apple Tree
(All seeds and buildings available without licenses)
Strategy: Have Ginger move crates near trees, harvest trees while preparing soil to plant strawberries and watermelons (they have the highest retail value), move pump close to greenhouse. Plant 24 tulips. Purchase 2 bee hives as they don't take much work and yield $160 a crate. Hire a worker of each type. Then purchase sprinklers for crops. Plant 24 additional tulips and 4 bee hives. Hire 2 more workers, 1 of each type. By planting only these crops, the workers harvest only high sales yield crops.

  • Earn $10,000

(Fertilizer worker unavailable at beginning of level and unable to purchase seeds at beginning of level. Will need to purchase licenses again for seeds)
Given supplies: $20, crops of 1 each of mushrooms, radishes, pumpkins, cucumbers, sunflowers and beets; 2 chickens, 2 pigs, 1 cow, 1 sheep and 1 beehive; a greenhouse and a refrigerated storage.
Strategy: Only harvest mushrooms and gather honey while watering crops until able to purchase sprinklers. Purchase 1 sprinkler and pay to move it around until you can purchase additional sprinklers. Feed the pigs and sell the piglets, collect honey and harvest crops until able to purchase all sprinklers. Plant carrots or cabbage first to feed cow and sheep, hire aand worker (only 1 type available until all designated goal crops are planted) and then plant the other crops and purchase sprinklers when you can afford them.

  • Drought - Keep the plants from wilting and dying while waiting for sprinklers (10 minutes)
  • Water Works - Install 5 sprinklers
  • Garden Restoration - Plant 24 each of corn, beets, carrots, cucumbers,
  • New Improvements - hire 3 gardeners
  • Diversity - Plant 4 banana trees
  • Legal Troubles - Earn $1,200 for a lawyer

Given supplies: $700 and a cherry tree
Strategy: Move well and plant 12 beets and 12 tomatoes to begin. Purchase a pig.

  • First Task - Sell a crate each of beets and tomatoes; Sell 5 pigs
  • Hire a fruit and vegetable picker (don't have to have him pick vegetables yet to avoid $100 fee)
  • Second Task - Sell a crate of eggplants; Build refrigerated warehouse; Hire a gardener
  • Install 2 sprinklers
  • Third Task - Sell a crate of radishes; Sell 5 crates of eggs; Hire a gardener and a fruit picker
  • Fourth Task - Sell a crate of sunflowers and a crate of dahlias; Build a greenhouse and a beehive
  • Fifth Task - Sell a crate each of carrots and cabbage; Hire another fruit and vegetable picker; Sell 5 crates of milk
  • Sixth Task - Sell 5 crates of mushrooms; Sell 5 crates of honey; Hire a gardener;
  • Install 6 sprinklers
  • Seventh Task - Sell 5 crates of tulips; Sell 3 crates of pumpkins; Sell 3 crates of cucumbers; Build a sheep shack; Sell 4 crates each of watermelons and strawberries
  • Hire another gardener and fruit and vegetable picker
  • Ninth Task - Sell a crate of wool; Plant an apple tree and a cherry tree; Install 2 sprinklers
  • Tenth Task - Sell 5 crates of peppers; Build a Chicken coop; a sheep shack and a cow barn
  • Eleventh Task - Plant a plum tree and a banana tree; Earn $800

Given Supplies: $780, Banana Tree and an Apple Tree
Strategies: Harvest more tomatoes at first after meeting goals to accrue money (licenses needed by the end of level; beekeeping, dairy, mushrooms, watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes and tulips) Hire a vegetable picker, then sprinklers before starting the 2nd , vegetable shipment. (may need to harvest crops to accrue enough money for mushroom license of $500). Hire and gardener after the 2nd Shipment. Keep purchasing sprinklers, hiring workers and gardeners while fulfilling shipment/orders in order to tend to animals and concentrate on shipments.

  • Deliver the 1st Shipment of Vegetables - Organize 3 crates each of radishes, pumpkins, corn and tomatoes
  • Deliver the 2nd Shipment of Vegetables - 3 crates each of cucumbers, eggplants, peppers and mushrooms
  • Deliver the 1st Shipment of Flowers - Sell 3 crates each of tulip, dahlias, sunflowers and watermelons
  • Deliver Honey and Strawberries - Sell 3 crates each of strawberries and honey
  • Deliver a Shipment of Fruit - Sell 3 crates each of apples, bananas, plums and cherries
  • Deliver a Shipment of Groceries - Sell 3 piglets and 3 crates each of eggs, wool and milk
  • Fulfill the Grocery Store's order - Sell 3 pigs; Sell 3 crates each of sunflowers, mushrooms and bananas
  • Fulfill the 2nd Grocery Store's Order - Sell 3 crates of cabbage, wool, tulips and watermelons
  • Fulfill the 3rd Grocery Store order - 3 crates each of milk, strawberries, honey and cherries
  • Fulfill the 4th Grocery Store order - 3 crates each of peppers, apples, cabbages and eggs

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General Information

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