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Getting Started
Like all time management games, you need to perform a series of tasks efficiently and in order to earn points and progress through the game.

As models come into your studio, you must measure them, and then click on the “sticky note” pictures of clothing. Next match the color of the picture with the appropriate bolt of cloth on the cutting machine. When the cutting’s done, take the fabric to the sewing machine and, voila! Instant fashion! Next, return the finished piece to the proper model and watch her strut her stuff! When the models shows off the finished outfit, she’ll be awarded anywhere from 1 – 5 stars. You’ll need to earn a certain star rating in order to advance.

The more activities you can string together, the more “chaining bonusrs you’ll earn and the higher your overall star rating.

Of course, as the game progresses, you will have the opportunity to purchase upgrades, more machines and “bots” to help you pamper your models.

How to have the “model” model
You’re a fashionista baby and that means you will be surrounded by super models with bad attitudes. You can tell what kind of model you’re dealing with by the color of robe she wears. There are six different colored robes (labeled below as 1 – 6) each color represents both the model’s level of patience AND the amount of money she will fetch you when she wears your designs on the runway!

NOTE: The model’s “patience clock” starts once you take their measurements.

  1. White Robe – Highest amount of patience, lowest amount of $$ earned. You can let these models “pile up” and knock them out all at once for chaining bonuses.
  2. Green Robe
  3. Blue Robe
  4. Red Robe
  5. Gold Robe – take care of this one by herself so she won’t get mad.
  6. Black Robe – Look out! This one may throw a cell phone at you if you’re not careful! She’ll also earn the most $$, so be sure to keep her happy! You’ll also want to take care of this one all by herself too.
Water – Models don’t eat… but they chug water! Water gives the model more patience. NOTE: once you use up a bottle of water, it’s gone! You’ll have to purchase more at the “Bottles-N-Bots” store on the “shopping” map.

·  Give a bottle of water to a model right before you hand her clothes over. This will give you more stars. 
·  Models that have gold or black robes NEED water since they have the least amount of patience.
·  If you have to repeat a level and you've used up all your water, you cannot purchase more until you pass that level so be sure to have a handy syock as you progress!

Turntables – Music tames the savage beast… and model! Purchase the turntable from “Bottles-N-Bots” in order to slow down the patience meter. NOTE: The turntable is working when you see music notes in the air. It does NOT play a sound so keep an eye on it! If you don’t see music notes, it’s not turning and you must click on it!

Styling Bots - Models with towels on their heads need styling bots to help them get ready.
·  The styling bot can be used before, during or after taking measurements but you can use the bot BEFORE taking measurements and not affect the patience meter.
·  However, if you leave it for last, you can lose star ratings.

Moving up in the World

You need to get a minimum of a 3-star rating in order to advance to the next level. Earn a 5-star rating to get the “expert” score. This earns a 'rating bonus' for that level. The rating bonus amounts change according to which location you are playing in. It starts with an extra $50 for the first location and it goes up an additional $50 for every level thereafter. For example, level 1 is $ 50, level 2 is $100 and level 3 is $150 and so on.

At the end of every level, you will play the Fashion Show Mini Game. This is when buyers will bid on your finished designs. As the models walk the runway, you’ll see buyers pop up with numbers over their heads. Choose the highest number to get the most money (You’ll hear a “cha-ching!” noise when you get it right. NOTE: Stay alert! This round goes by very quickly and this is where you’ll earn your $$ for upgrades, new machines, new fashions and model accessories.

Clicking on the highest dollar amount earns a 10% per-outfit bonus. If you miss a set of numbers, you won’t earn any $$ for that outfit so try to click on something. If you click on a smaller bid, you’ll still get the $$ you just won’t get the 10% per-outfit bonus.

NOTE: Try to stop by “Kate’s Studio” (on the Shopping Map) at least once per level to get new fashions.

Ghost in the Machine

Purchase new Machines and upgrades at the “Sew-Mor” store in the Shopping Map. Note: You start with one cutting machine and one sewing machine. These can be upgraded here.
You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase up to 3 sewing machines and 3 cutting tables in this game. Since there are a lot of other things to buy, try to keep it at 2 of each and don’t bother upgrading until later in the game. Instead, try to buy more patterns. This earns you more money.
Other machines available include:

Spare Table - The spare table is there so you can put an item down that you made a mistake on, or store extra accessories. Try to get this early because if you mess up and have two items from the cutting board in your hands and the sewing machine is full, you can NOT swap out! Without the spare table, you’ll have to throw out BOTH items in your hand!

Accessory Makers - This machine allows you to make purses, shoes and hats for the models. You’ll automatically get one of these when they are first introduced into the game. Note: you can stack up 2 items to be made by clicking their buttons but the second item will not start making itself until you clear the first one from the machine.


Keep an eye on the clock on the model's chair. Too much black and you know she’s about to blow a gasket so make sure you have water handy!
Try and take care of the black robes by themselves so you can finish them without losing too much time on your clock. NOTE: If you drop their clothes on 2 different machines, they will finish faster.

To speed things up, click on a machine while it’s running and Kate will go over and help the machine cut or sew

Water is important so try to buy all the water available at the beginning of every level. That way, you’ll have a nice stockpile handy when you really need it.

Pay attention to the large clock that is on the top left corner of the scene. Once the clock turns completely red no more models will come into the studio.

Buy a second sewing and cutting machine before you upgrade the ones that you have.

You don't have to spend all the money that you've earned before each level. Try saving a little each time since fashions, upgrades and machines are pretty expensive.

The best way to earn more $$ on the runways is with newer fashions!

There are certain tasks that Kate NEEDS to walk over to a station and do, like turn on the turntable, take models measurements, cut, sew and deliver goodies. She does NOT need to walk to the cutting station, hand out bottles of water, start the accessory machine or activate the style bot. Be sure to do these things while Kate does something else to maximize your time.

If you have trouble getting through a certain level, go back and replay an earlier one that you passed. Whatever money you earn over your original amount will be yours to keep and add will be added to your total. That way you can purchase something you might need to get through the tougher level.

You can have up to 2 items in your hand at one time. When you deliver 2 items at a time to the sewing machines or to a model you will earn a 'double delivery' bonus.

Chaining is the best way to boost your ratings but if you fell you clicked on something wrong in the middle of a chain, right click to undo all your actions up to that point and start over again.

Each green quarter of a model's timer left when she is ready to go on the runway earns a star on her rating.

NOTE: Finishing the game unlocks the 'hard mode' version. If you play the hard mode, all your progress in the game will be lost except your awards and achievements. You can still view that in the 'scrapbook' section in the main menu.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!