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Evil Genius Cheats

Cheat List
To switch on cheat mode, type in "HUMANZEE" while in game. A graphic will appear to show it worked. You can then use the following cheats:
  • Ctrl + S: Set off explosion / airstirke
  • Ctrl + C: Add $100,000
  • Ctrl + A: Army of Darkness (one of every henchman and minion)
  • Ctrl + O: Give all items
  • Ctrl + M/N: Turn on/off Global Chaos
  • CTRL + T: Gives all traps
  • DEMO: "Dev Mode"
To switch on Dev Mode, hold down SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + D, and then the ~ key (or the one above your tab) to lower the console. Then enter the following cheats:
  • Money [n]: Gives you $100,000 unless you specify another amount
  • GiveAll: Gives all items (note - most items are not in the game -
  • this could crash the demo)
  • df_buildinstant: Build rooms instantly
  • df_buildinstantobjects: Build objects instantly
  • fireinthedisco: Set everyone on fire
The following cheats are used in dev mode but not with the console:
  • Ctrl + E: Set off explosion
  • Ctrl + M: Add minion
  • Ctrl + A: Summon agent
  • Ctrl + B: Summon plaything
  • Ctrl + G: God mode
  • CTRL + T: Trains up henchmen (mouse must be over henchman)
  • N: Move to day/night
  • R: Rain on/off
Cheat: Add Specific Characters
If you would like to add a specific type of minion you can use the following commands from the debug menu.

100 - Worker
101 - Marksman
102 - Valet
103 - Technician
104 - Guard
105 - Biochemist
106 - Scientist
107 - Spin Doctor
108 - Mercenary
109 - Diplomat
110 - Playboy
111 - Martial Artist
112 - Quantum Phys.

Example: add 5 102
This will add five Valets. Be sure that the mouse cursor is on some type of land, as they will be summoned to where the mouse is. I find it best to summon them right in front of the depot.
General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!