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Overview: In this sequel to Escape the Museum, you play the husband – with high blood pressure -making his way through the city after the earthquake to the museum to rescue his wife and daughter.

·         Question Mark – This is an area of interest or an item you need.
·         Green Circle w/Stick Figure – Exit.
·         Gears – Something has to be done. This will activate a hidden object area.
·         Magnifying Glass – Places that you need examine.

Sparkles: Hidden object areas. These are activated by another action.

Map Legend:


Hints: Your hints will come from a homeless guy who follows around. If you click on the "i", he is on the right side. Be careful if you use him though, I suggest you duck!

Heart Monitor: If you click too many times in succession your heart rate goes up for a period of time and freezes you out.

Hidden Objects: I tested the hidden object areas in different accounts and it seems that they are the same for everyone; therefore hidden objects are circled in RED. Inventory items are circled in GREEN. Some objects may only be partially due to size or location. If they are different for some, I have circled the ones that were given to me.

Side Missions: You will find these throughout your journey to the museum. They are small missions you must complete, such as finding a puppies owner, etc.

Bridge Parts: You will find out why you actually need these later in the game. Move items you find in various scenes to get these needed parts.

Stars: You will notice stars above your menu buttons. These tell you how many things are needed to finish the scene. If you finish and there is only 1 of 3 stars done, you better go back and look around!


House Foyer
1.       find map and cell phone
2.       exit


Outside Front Steps
1.       click the car
2.       examine the bush – hidden object area
3.       use the stone to smash the car window
4.       examine the broken car window – hidden object area
5.       use the clippers to cut the seat belt
6.       exit out of the car and place the hose on the fallen pole
7.       use the end of the umbrella to pull the live wires back
8.       click the broken windshield to save the woman




Gallant Street
1.       examine the large hole – hidden object area
2.       move the large block to the right and find a puppy – new mission
3.       click on the car's trunk
4.       examine the street sign on the right – hidden object area
5.       use the crowbar on the trunk of the car – hidden object area
6.       use the wrench on the street sign in the first hidden object area
7.       place the subwoofer on the ground beside the car
8.       place the sign on top of the subwoofer
9.       use the skateboard to get across the chasm





Shopsy's Convenience
1.       click on the ATM machine
2.       click on the man's legs
3.       examine the cash register – hidden object area
4.       examine the bottom shelf – hidden object area
5.       use the stud finder to find the right place on the wall – it will beep really fast and a gear will appear
6.       place the television mount over the X on the wall and use the screwdriver
7.       attach the truck belts to the mount
8.       use the first aid kit on the trapped man




Mustang Gas Station
1.       examine the fire hydrant
2.       examine the gas leak
3.       move the tire – bridge part
4.       examine the truck window – hidden object area
5.       examine the gas pump – hidden object area
6.       use the sand on the gas leak
7.       use the wrench on the hydrant
8.       attach the hose to fire hydrant
9.       use the wrench on the hydrant again
10.   click the hose to turn it on




East Cowan Bridge
1.       move the bricks at the base of the tree and find a kitten – new mission
2.       move the rock on the right side – bridge part
3.       examine the bridge – hidden object area
4.       examine the apartment door
5.       look inside the car – hidden object area
6.       look inside the truck bed – hidden object area
7.       time to build a battering ram
·         in the bed of truck place the tube
·         pour the cement into it
·         pour the water into it
·         use the drill on it
·         tie both ropes around it to make handles
·         take it
8.       use the battering ram on the apartment door





Riverside Apartments
1.       attempt to go up the stairs
2.       move the bricks on the left side of the stairs – bridge part
3.       examine the huge gap in the stairs
4.       examine the coat rack – hidden object area
5.       examine the hole in the wall
6.       use the knife to unscrew the brackets holding the pipes
7.       place the coat  rack across the gap
8.       use the brackets on the coat rack
9.       use the knife on the coat rack
10.   exit up the stairs
11.   click on the door
12.   exit out the door




Riverside Apartments: Roof Top
1.       move the pipes and find a teddy bear – new mission
2.       click the gap between the two buildings
3.       examine the red laundry basket – hidden object area
4.       use keys on the vent – hidden object area
5.       combine the two items
6.       throw you item across the gap
7.       exit




Crown Apartments: Roof Top
1.       examine the cell tower
2.       move the toolbox – bridge part
3.       move one of the blocks in the back – bridge part
4.       examine the vent – hidden object area
5.       examine the brick wall – hidden object area
6.       use the clip on the cell tower
7.       wrap the harness around the chimney
8.       attach the chain to the cell tower & chimney
9.       place the paint cans beneath the cell tower
10.   exit




Crown Apartments: Fire Escape
1.       move the gas can on the steps – bridge part
2.       click the far window and deliver the kitten
3.       examine the edge of the fire escape
4.       examine the flower bed – hidden object area
5.       examine the broken window – hidden object area
6.       at the top and bottom of the ladder area are 6 holes – you need to figure out which holes to put the 4 pulley's in
7.       once you have the pulley's in positions attach the wire
8.       to the end of the wire – left side, top – attach the elephant
9.       now push down on the ladder




Police Car: Backseat
1.       move clipboard – bridge part
2.       try the car handle
3.       examine the floor – hidden object area
4.       use the dime to pry off the panel
5.       place the gun between the teeth of the handle
6.       place the hairpin in the gears above
7.       open the door and exit




West Couture Bridge
1.       move the rock between the vehicles – bridge part
2.       try and open the truck door
3.       examine the trunk of the police car – hidden object area
4.       use the slim jim on the truck door
5.       examine the inside of the truck – hidden object area
6.       examine the wires under the steering wheel
7.       place the fuse where the  red one is
8.       use the screwdriver on the ignition




St. James Cathedral
1.       move the brick pile beside the clock and find a boy– side mission
2.       click the window to the laundry room – hidden object area
3.       click the window again
4.       click the face of the clock – hidden object area
5.       place the hand on the clock
6.       now look inside the clock – hidden object area
7.       place the gear on the left rod
8.       place the bell clapper inside the bell
9.       exit out and keep turn the hands on the clock until the window shatters
10.   exit through window





Flora's Laundromat
1.       move the laundry basket and find a puppy – side mission
2.       move the baseball cap – bridge part
3.       click the dryer blocking the door to unlock two hidden object areas
4.       click the cash register – hidden object area
5.       examine the soap dispenser
6.       put a coin in and get a bar of sop
7.       cut the card along the wall with the scissors
8.       attach the cord to the ceiling
9.       lubricate the pipe with the soap
10.   put a coin in the first laundry machine on the left
11.   exit through door




Flora's Alleyway
1.       examine gate
2.       examine dumpster – hidden object area
3.       move trash bag to left of door – bridge part
4.       use clippers on fence
5.       examine garbage by restaurant door – hidden object area
6.       exit into restaurant




Wong's Chinese
1.       examine the closet – hidden object area
2.       examine the kitchen – hidden object area
3.       move the gold dragon – bridge part
4.       examine the closet and use knife on the panel
5.       turn the red knob to turn off sprinklers
6.       use baking soda on fire
7.       use water on remaining fire
8.       exit outside




Hannah Boulevard Overpass
1.       move truck door – bridge part
2.       examine middle and return little boy
3.       examine the top over the overpass
4.       examine truck – hidden object area
5.       examine car trunk and use wrench on middle of tire
6.       combine tire and rope
7.       attach them to the top of the overpass
8.       climb out



North Side Mall: Main Entrance
1.       examine the doorway
2.       find 10 action figures in the cart
3.       move the mailbox – bridge part
4.       try and pry up a piece of the curb
5.       examine the cart – hidden object area
6.       attempt to use the bat on the window
7.       use the grinder on the pipe near the curb
8.       use the pipe to pry open the car trunk – hidden object area
9.       examine the car window and return the teddy bear
10.   use the glass cutter on the mall windows
11.   go into the mall





North Side Mall: Vestibule
1.       move the paper bag – bridge part
2.       examine the phone booth
3.       examine the wallet – hidden object area
4.       use the cards plus the pin number you found in the wallet on the ATM machine
5.       once you find the card that matches the pin number choose $20
6.       put the $20 in the calling card machine and pick the 20 minute one
7.       examine the phone booth – hidden object area




North Side Mall
1.       examine the gate to the fashion store
2.       find 10 ticket stubs
3.       examine the garbage can in the middle – hidden object area
4.       use the paper and the matches on the garbage can by the fashion store
5.       examine the tree
6.       examine the right side – hidden object area
7.       move the stacked crates – side mission
8.       use the saw on the tree
9.       combine the clippers and the tree
10.   use the tree to hold the door open
11.   exit outside





North Side Mall: Simon's Jewelry
1.       examine the area near the "LL" and return the puppy
2.       move the necklace display 2 right of the "Y" – bridge part
3.       examine the counter – hidden object area
4.       use the key to open the display case
5.       take the diamond ring
6.       use the diamond ring on the glass of the right door
7.       examine the open door – hidden object area
8.       use the 3 boxes on the ceiling duct
9.       climb out




North Side Mall: Loading Bay
1.       examine the ceiling above the door – bridge part
2.       examine the exposed wires
3.       examine the left side – hidden object area
4.       examine the buttons
5.       examine the boxes below the buttons – hidden object area
6.       place the button on the box
7.       use the box cutters on the hanger
8.       place the wire on the exposed wires
9.       use the duct tape to seal the wires
10.   push the open button
11.   climb out




North Side Mall: Loading Zone
1.       examine bright green dumpster on right and reunite mother/son
2.       move the orange bucket – bridge part
3.       examine the broken glass on sidewalk
4.       examine dumpster – hidden object area
5.       use broom on broken glass
6.       examine the front of the bus
7.       use hanger to reach the switch
8.       use ladder to climb through window
9.       climb in the bus




City Bus
1.       move the brown bag – side mission
2.       examine the wires
3.       examine the pole by the wires
4.       examine the jacket – hidden object area
5.       examine duffle bag – hidden object area
6.       use gum on pole
7.       use umbrella on live wires
8.       climb out the window




Dead End Alley
1.       examine the wall
2.       find 10 clocks
3.       move the bottles – bridge part
4.       examine the manhole cover
5.       examine the base of the dumpster – hidden object area
6.       use the shovel on the dumpster – hidden object area
7.       use the spike and pipe on the manhole cover
8.       click on your homemade handle
9.       use the ice pick on the other side of the manhole cover
10.   climb into the sewer





Service Tunnel
1.       move the bricks closest to the board – bridge part
2.       examine the pipe on the left wall
3.       examine the pipe on the right wall
4.       examine the light on the door
5.       examine the tunnel – hidden object area
6.       use the wrench on the loose pipe on the left wall
7.       examine the grate – hidden object area
8.       place the wheel where it belongs
9.       fasten the wheel with the bolt
10.   use the pipe to turn the wheel
11.   use the tape on the light
12.   use the key on the door and exit




Subway Terminal: North Stop
1.       move some of the debris to the right – bridge part
2.       examine the area beneath the light and return the puppy
3.       examine the turnstile
4.       examine the lower left corner of the turnstile
5.       examine the debris by the train – hidden object area
6.       use the knife to cut the mat by the turnstile
7.       use the mat to break the window on the subway car
8.       be sure you click the subway car again to get the mat back
9.       examine the green bench
10.   use the wrench to remove the bolts
11.   place the mat on the green bench
12.   climb out



1.       see screenshots for solutions
2.       replace the gate first
3.       next look in the booth and place all the parts
4.       turn the key in the booth and exit
5.       go to the box on the right and replace everything and pull the lever
6.       go back to the booth and push the start button
7.       now turn both wheels in the booth
8.       exit across the bridge




National Museum: Front Steps
1.       examine the tree
2.       examine the car hood – hidden object area
3.       examine the crack – hidden object area
4.       use the rock on the sign
5.       combine the hook and sign
6.       attach your hook/sign combo to the tree
7.       examine the car and push the green button
8.       exit to the left



National Museum: Side Door
1.       try to open the door
2.       examine the bush – hidden object area
3.       examine the security code and put in the code you found
4.       pry open the panel with the knife
5.       smash the insides with the rock



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General Information

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