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Walthrough: Spoiler alert

When starting the game you come into the island to see a Tiki guy standing in front of you. There is also a tutorial on that guides you through learning some of the steps.

The first thing you need to do is talk to the tiki and that unlocks the axe. You then learn how to drag your castaways to the trees to cut wood.

If you hit the escape progress button you see a map and also a list of challenges not completed. If you talk to the Tiki guy you first went to he will continue to give you challenges.

Talk to the tiki to get your first challenge to collect 50 wood. Drag your castaways to trees until you see the axe symbol appear and they will collect the wood. Once you reach 50 you unlock the ability to build a small hut.

If you click on the build button and then click on small hut you are give a hut to drag around the island. It has a black background, when it turns green you are able to click and put it down. Then drag your castaway to the hut to build. I suggest keeping your one castaway cutting wood while the other one builds. You will quickly run out of wood and the castaway building will have to stop. Once you build a hut, one more castaway is added to the tribe/group. I always kept a few more gathering wood, then there were building, as the wood supply goes down very fast when you only have 50 available.

If you notice a bottle on the beach by the original crash site, take a castaway to it and you are taken to a word jumble game. Finishing this game unlocks a radio part.

Talk to the tiki guy again for another challenge. You can also press the escape progress button and be taken to the list. From there just click on the next challenge in line. You will be given games, hints, or different challenges. You know you need to go there if on the top right hand corner (in island mode) you see Current Challenge: None.

The next challenge is a game, marble toss. This game unlocks the shovel.

Next challenge is to build a well. Click on the build button, then on the water well. You drag this one over all the little water holes throughout the island. After you have placed your well, drag a castaway to it to build it. There is a green and red progress line on all the things you have to build to let you know how much more you have to go. Finishing the well unlocks levels in the minigame shipwreck, which is located in this area in the upper left corner. You see a boat torn apart with some stars under it. If you take a castaway to one of the stars you get to play the minigame.

THINGS TO REMEMBER: Playing minigames increases your supplies faster, i.e. wood and food storage. You also earn skill points that you can assign to a castaway to build up there skills faster. Keep your castaways happiness levels up. If you click on a castaway, you can see how low there levels are, hunger, thirst, sleep, social. If they are too low, just drag them to water, food, a hut, or another castaway for some socializing. If they get way low, they will decide to level the tribe.

Watch for X's to appear on the ground. Drag a castaway to the x until the shovel icon appears. The castaway will dig up a treasure. Mostly just some pages of different silly sayings. Sometimes food or wood. One time you get radio part #1.

Next challenge is to build 5 huts. This gets slow as you only have 50 wood storage. Each hut built enters someone else into the game. As said previously, it helps to keep a few on building and more on gathering wood. This ensures a wood supply as the ones building us it up. Completing this challenge allows your lumberjack to reach level 2 in skill.

Once you have 4 castaways take them all to the rock located in this area on the beach. It is a big one. With 4 castaways the will push it over to reveal a radio part.

Next challenge is to chop down the tiki. This is located North of this section of island. There are 3 tikis all lined up blocking access to the next area. If you take a lumberjack to the tikis the castaway will chop the tiki down, allowing access to the second area. Clearing this tiki unlocks the ability to build food storage.

Next challenge is to play another game that unlocks level 2 of carpenter skill.

Next challenge is a hint about radio parts. Next challenge is to build a food hut. If you click on build, then click on food storage. Completing this challenge unlocks fishing.

Remember to put your storage facilities (food and wood) next to their resources for easier access for the castaways. I put mine just inside the entrance to the second area right by the lake. Then the castaways fish and can bring it right to the hut.

If you go to the right side of the lake just to the point where you are next to the waterfall and fish you will hook a radio part.

Next challenge is a game that unlocks the medium size hut. When building this counts as 2 huts. Same as before, click on build, then the hut, and then you can drag it around until it turns green. Then build.

In this second area, you have a water hole up by the Diner minigame. Remember to build your water hole so the castaways can drink.

If you go just to the right of the Diner minigame you see a crack in the ground by a group of trees. Take a castaway to the trees in the corner to cut them down. This will reveal another radio part.

REMEMBER: Keep playing the minigames to increase your storage faster. Also to gain skill points.

The next challenge is to build 12 huts. This is hard because you only have 50 wood available. Remember to have just a few castaways building while the others are gathering the wood to keep you well supplied. The more huts you build, the more castaways you have to spread out amongst the chores. It goes slow, but it all works out well.

Next challenge is to gather 1000 food. Play minigames and have castaways fish. This unlocks levels in minigame by the Diner called tribal feast.

Next challenge is to play the checkers minigame, which unlocks wood storage hut. Again, click on build, then wood storage, drag around island until you get a green light. If you put it by trees, it is faster for the castaways to bring the wood to it. I put one behind my food storage hut and one in the first area by the small tree grouping below the shipwreck minigame.

Next challenge is to build a wood storage hut. This unlocks levels in shipwrecked minigame.

Next challenge is the game Pegs.

Next challenge is to build the bridge. This is located on the river that separates the second and third areas. If you take a carpenter person Level 2 to this area they will start to build. This allows entrance to the third area of the game. This unlocks your carpenter level 3 skill.

The next challenge is a minigame shuffleboard. Play the game to unlock something special for your tribe.

If you go to the pond just over the bridge and fish there, you will hook another radio part. Also, if you go to the tiki sitting in the middle of a grove of trees just south and to the left of the pond you will find another radio part. Take a castaway to the tiki to stare at it. After about 30 seconds or so of staring, the part will be revealed.

The next challenge is to gather 5000 wood. You need to build at least 3 wood storage huts in order to reach this level. If you play the minigames you can reach it faster. This unlocks level 3 skills.

The next challenge is to gather 5000 food. Again, you need at least 3 food storage huts to collect this much food. Also, remember to put it near the source. I have mine next to the river in the third area, you can actually get 2 of them there. This unlocks the fishing dock.

Remember to build your water holes in this section so your castaways have drinking water.

The next challenge is to play chinese checkers. Then the next challenge is to build a fishing dock. These go along the ocean, so you have to build the first one in the first area, as you do not yet have access the fourth. Don't make the mistake I made the first time I played the game and place it over the bottle. Then you have to access to the word jumble game or the radio part, but hopefully you have already gotten that radio part. I had not the first time, so I was stuck in the game and had to start over. Anyway, put this along the ocean line somewhere. Building this unlocks hunters to reach level 3.

Next challenge is to max a castaway. This means to get a castaway to level 3 in all skills. It if easiest to have the castaway work on something then go play a minigame to build up your skill points. You can then use these skill points and assign them to your castaway to help max them out faster. Once you max a castaway you have access to the firewalk game and entrance to the fourth level.

Once you are in the fourth area, you can get the last 3 radio parts. One is in the pond that is surrounded almost all the way by rocks. It is just south of the volcano between level 1 and level 4. If you fish in the pond, you will hook the part.

There is another radio part in the 3 tikis that are at the top of this area. If you notice on the heads of the tiki is a little symbol that corresponds to each of the skills your castaways have. Take a boy and a girl maxed in each of the corresponding skill levels to the respective tiki and a blue light (boy) and pink light (girl) will be lit and you will reveal the radio part. I had trouble with this one cause I used my maxed castaway. When I switched to one that was just maxed only in the skill level, it worked right away. Not sure why that is.

The last radio part is in the crab that is on the left side of this area. It is a big symbol on the ground with foot prints on it (6). If you take your castaways that are Level 3 in each skill level to the foot prints and arrange them on there, you will reveal the part. Again, I had trouble with my maxed out castaway, but once I used a skill level 3 only in the area castaway it worked fine. You know you have it right when the lights turn orange. I think you have to have the castaway maxed in carpentry boy and girl next to each other and so on around the circle. You can try switching out castaways until all prints are orange. Takes a while to get it and I think you have to have all the others one done first before you can get this one.

Back to the challenges. Play a game called Aces high to unlock the spear. Then you are challenged to gather 500 wood again to unlock spear hunting. With the spear and the ability to hunt you can take a castaway to the northern area in area 3 where you see a red flag and a pathway that goes into the woods. Take a castaway there to hunt for red meat.

Next challenge is a game of war. This unlocks the last few levels in minigame shipwrecked.

The last challenge is to gather 30 castaways, which you may have already done by building 30 huts.

That is the end of the game. You will then get a screen that you built your radio and have called for help. It will ask if you really want to the island or stay. If you stay, you have access to all minigames, if you leave, you start the game over.


Challenge #1: Collect 50 wood. This unlocks ability to build a hut.
Challenge #2: Marble toss. Unlocks shovel.
Challenge #3: Build well unlocks levels in minigame shipwrecked.
Challenge #4: Build 5 huts. Unlocks level 2 skills in lumberjack.
Challenge #5: Chop down tiki unlocks ability to build food storage.
Challenge #6: Game unlocking level 2 carpenter.
Challenge #7: HINT.
Challenge #8: Build a food hut. Unlocks fishing.
Challenge #9: Game. Unlocks medium hut.
Challenge #10: Build 12 huts. Unlocks higher skill levels.
Challenge #11: Gather 1000 food. Unlocks Tribal feast levels.
Challenge #12: Checkers game unlocks wood storage.
Challenge #13: Build wood storage hut unlocks levels in shipwrecked minigame.
Challenge #14: Minigame Pegs.
Challenge #15: Complete bridge, unlocks skill level 3 for carpenter.
Challenge #16: Minigame shuffleboard.
Challenge #17: Gather 5000 wood. Unlocks level 3 skills.
Challenge #18: Gather 5000 food. Unlocks level fishing dock.
Challenge #19: Chinese checkers.
Challenge #20: Build fishing dock. Unlocks hunters to reach level 3.
Challenge #21: Get 20 castaways. Unlocks large hut to build.
Challenge #22: Max a castaway. Unlocks firewalk game and allows entrance to fourth area of game.
Challenge #23: Game ACES HIGH. Unlocks spear.
Challenge #24: Gather 5000 wood. Unlocks spear hunting.
Challenge #25: Game WAR. Unlocks levels in shipwrecked minigame.
Challenge #26: Reach 30 Castaways.


1: X on ground. Drag a castaway to the X's to dig up the radio part.
2: Push rock in first area over with 4 or more castaways.
3: Right side of lake in second area near waterfall. Go fishing.
4: Crack in ground, second area right of Diner minigame. Cut down tree to reveal.
5: Fish in pond just over bridge in third area.
6: Stare at tiki in grove of trees located in third area.
7: Bottle on beach next to original crash site. Word jumble game.
8: In pond in fourth area south of volcano. It is almost all surrounded by rocks.
9: In 3 tikis between levels 3 and 4. One man and one woman maxed in respective skill.
10: Crab on ground in 4th area. One man and one woman maxed in each skill.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!