Emberwing: Lost Legacy

Our Emberwing: Lost Legacy Walkthrough is prepared to help you take your place as a legendary Emberwing and fight alongside the dragons in order to protect their most valuable treasure and rescue your son. Use our detailed step-by-step instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our simple solutions to all the puzzles you'll encounter to discover the truth behind your heritage and help the dragons overcome their fiercest adversary.

Welcome to our Emberwing: Lost Legacy Walkthrough! Here you'll discover everything you'll need to rescue your son and reveal what it truly means to be an Emberwing. Trust our detailed instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our hints and solutions to solving all the puzzles and mini-games you'll encounter as you race against time to help the dragons defeat their fiercest enemy and save the treasure they hold most dear.

We hope you enjoy our Emberwing Walkthrough.


Opening Story:

In Emberwing Lost Legacy, on a quiet night, the sky suddenly errupts in fire as a dragon swoops in and plucks your son from your home right in front of your eyes. However, you soon discover there's so much more going on than a simple kidnapping as foes and friends are revealed. Now, as a true Emberwing, you must help the dragons protect their most cherished treasure and track down the man who has taken your son.

General Tips for Emberwing Lost Legacy

Difficulty Settings - There are three difficulty settings for you to choose from: Beginner, Advanced, and Mercenery.

Hand Cursor - When your cursor turns into a hand, it means you can pick up an item or interact with it in some way.

Hints - Hints can be found in lower left hand corner. Click on it if you're stuck and need some assistance. Remember this will take time to charge depending on what difficulty setting you are playing on.

Navigation Arrow - When your cursor turns into an arrow you can move to the next screen.

Inventory - Your inventory can be found at the bottom of the screen. Click on an item to use it.

Map - The map will tell you where you are. Click on it in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to open it. Click on an area to fast travel to that location.

Collection Objects - There are 50 collectible items to find in the CE.

Mini-Games - During mini-games, if you are having trouble or maybe you just don't feel like solving it, you can click on the skip button.

And that's the basics for playing Emberwing Lost Legacy! Good luck! And we hope you enjoy our Emberwing Walkthrough! Good luck!