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Choose a mode and level

There are four modes of game play to choose from:

Multiplayer – for 2 or more people

Story Mode – You get to play Santa and challenge the mean ol’ head elf to regain control of the toy shop. The story mode puts you in different fun settings such as Santa’s Toy Shop, an Iceberg - where you play in your underwear and feed elves to the sharks circling below (who knew there were sharks at the north pole?) or Santa’s ship (he has a ship too?) where you challenge the leader of the sharks. As you progress, each opponent gets harder to beat so you must rely on carefully placed dirty tricks or bonuses to win. Knowing what each bonus and trick does will help you.

Regular Game – It’s just you against the elves. This is a great mode to learn in because you have to increase your score to move to the next level. Here, you can also earn cute lil’ trophies as you improve.

Vs. Computer – Pretty much like the story mode except there’s no story.

There are also three different strategy levels to choose from:

No Bonuses – Doesn’t seem like fun to me

Random  - Random bonuses and dirty tricks become available during game play. You need to hit them as you bowl to earn them. This was the most fun to me.

Start with Bonuses – You automatically start the game with three random bonuses.

Tips for Gameplay

Getting used to the controls was a little tricky for me at first, but once I realized what I could do, I was knocking elves into the stratosphere.

Once the elves have finished taunting you and you're ready to bowl, you’ll see your cursor will look like this ← →. From there, you can slide the mouse left or right to position the ball anywhere you want. This will be helpful when the elves start playing dirty tricks on you. NOTE: It gets a little annoying when you go to choose a bonus from your list before you bowl because the ball will position itself next to the left gutter so be sure to reposition yourself after you choose a bonus.

Once you’ve picked a bonus (more on that later) and positioned the ball, hold down the left mouse key. The cursor will then change into a sliding scale. Move the ball right and left while holding the left mouse button to aim the ball at an angle. This will also be helpful to overcome some dirty tricks too.

Next, while still holding down the left mouse key, slide the mouse forward. This will raise the speed at which you will roll your bowling ball.
Once you’re happy with your adjustments, simply release the left mouse key and you’re off!

IMPORTANT: You can still control the ball as is hurtles towards the elves. Gentle left and right movements of the mouse will help you steer the ball towards your target. Again, you will want to master this technique as it will also come in handy to combat dirty tricks or aid in bonuses.

Nice Spare! [right click-> view image to see full size]

In regular game mode, the elves will play random dirty tricks on you while they taunt you mercilessly.

Flags – The elves will line up in three rows behind three flags. This makes it harder to get a strike.
Oil Slicks –Three oil slicks on the lane to try and get you to careen into the gutter.
Sand paper –Three squares of sandpaper on the lane will ground your ball down to a smaller size each time you hit one.
Barricades – Two angled barricades will make it hard to hit the elves.
Magnet – a giant magnet will push or pull your ball into the gutter if you’re not careful NOTE: Watch to see which way the magnetic waves are moving to see if it will push or pull you and adjust accordingly.
Electrical field – The electrical field messes up your sense of direction so you can’t steer you ball properly after going through it.
Shrink Ray – The elves shrink themselves so they are harder to hit. They can also shrink your ball too!
Grow Ray – The elves use the grow ray to enlarge the size of the gutters leaving you with a narrow strip to bowl down.
Shields – The elves will stand behind large metal shields which make them harder to knock down.
Pogo Stick – This causes the elves to jump over your ball making them harder to hit.

There are several bonuses you can earn. Each has its own advantage in either getting a strike or combating a dirty trick.

Rocket – This gives you a “guaranteed strike” but only if you aim it directly at the elves! When the rocket is armed, the aiming device will swing back and forth across the elves. Click the mouse when it aims anywhere on the elves. If you wait a few seconds the aiming device seems to slow down. Just don’t miss… you’ll feel really stupid if you throw away a “guaranteed strike” by missing.

Grow Ray – Depending on which one you get, the grow feature can grow the size of your ball, the size of the gutters (thus eliminating them or returning them to normal size) or the size of the elves (making them easier to hit or returning them to normal size.)

Boxing gloves – Two boxing gloves on springs attach to either side of the ball giving you a chance to sweep all the elves into the abyss.

Extra speed – this paces a patch on the lane that gives your ball a burst of flaming speed that leaves burn marks on the lane and knocks those elves into the stratosphere!

3x Bonus – This opens a slot machine that can give you a random combination of three bonuses and/or three dirty tricks. It can also give you absolutely nothing.

Basketball – Turns your bowling ball into a basket ball, which allows you to rebound off the elves and knock as many down as you can by slightly moving the mouse to the left or right. This will guarantee a strike as long as you can keep it in play. NOTE: The basketball is also impervious to the electric field.

Rock Ball – The rock ball does not skid on oil slicks and explodes on impact

The following is a list of ways to combat dirty tricks with skills or bonus moves. This will also help you in the story mode when your opponent uses dirty tricks on you.  If you have any you’d like to share, please post them in the forum.

Trick Tips to combat it
  • Grow the ball and aim slightly off center
  • Use the boxing gloves and aim down the middle
Oil Slicks
  • Rock Ball
  • Use less speed in your throw so you can steer better
Sand paper
  • Grow the ball
  • Use less speed in your throw so you can steer better
  • Basketball – even if it’s small, it will still rebound so you can knock everyone down
  • Basketball – even if it’s small, it will still rebound so you can knock everyone down
  • Use your first ball to knock down a barrier. This will increase your chance of hitting the elves on the second try
  • Use less speed in your throw so you can steer better
  • Rocket
  • Extra Speed – You ball’s too fast for the magnet to react
  • Shrink gutters – gives you more time to recover from magnet
Electrical Field
  • Basketball – It’s not affected
  • Move the ball slightly to the left or right and angle it inward just a little. If you do it right, it will keep the ball in the middle
  • Grow the elves to normal size and negate the effect
  • Grow your ball
  • Use the Boxing gloves
  • Basketball
  • Rock ball – The exploding rock can hit some of the elves
Shrink Ray – Small elves
  • Grow the elves to normal size and negate the effect
  • Grow your ball
  • Use the Boxing gloves
  • Basketball
  • Rock ball – The exploding rock can hit some of the elves
Shrink Ray – on your ball
  • Grow your ball to return in to normal size and negate the effect
  • Extra speed – Aim down the middle and you’ll blow them away!
Grow Ray – on gutters
  • Always aim down the middle
  • Grow the ball and aim down the middle – Guaranteed strike
  • Shrink the gutters and return the lane to normal
  • Extra speed – as long as you aim down the middle, you’ll get a strike.
  • Boxing gloves
  • Extra Speed – Those elves won’t know what hit ‘em!
  • Grow the ball
  • Use the Basketball
Pogo Stick
  • Grow the ball
  • Basketball
  • Rocket

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!