Dream Chronicles Walkthrough & Cheats

The Dream Chronicles Walkthrough takes you through all 18 levels of the game revealing the location of all those tough-to-find items. There are Video Guides for all the puzzles as well. And if those gem locations have you stumped, we have a guide for that as well.

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Chapter 1: Bedroom

Pick up the diary off the floor, then pick up the matches off the mantelpiece, click on the matches and use them to light the heath.

Chapter 2: Hallway

Find the items circled here and use them in the mosaic ceiling.

Chapter 3: Lyra's Room

Turn on the light in the room, then turn on the lights in the doll house.

Chapter 4: Bridge

Build a bridge.

Pick up these chalks and use them on the tree house pictures.

Locations of the stones used to spell out "LYRA."

Chapter 5: Tree House

Here are all the items you will need to build the wagon.

Then, just build the wagon and pull it.

Chapter 6: Garden

Chapter 7: Library

Chapter 8: Secret Room

Click on three items, and the switch behind the crystal ball. The bookshelf covers will open.

Locations of all 8 cards. Two of them are only accessible after you've opened the covers. Click on the symbol on the wall.

Insert the "opposite" symbol cards.

Chapter 9: Parlor

Locations of all the photographs.

Chapter 10: Garden

Locations of all the stones needed in the ground mosaic.

Chapter 11: Green House

Talk to the ill manner plant until it agrees to help you, then kowtow until it opens the door. :)

Chapter 12: Statue

Here are all the parts.

Build a statue:

Chapter 13: Puppet Theatre

Locations of the masks to open the theatre box with, as well as rope to tie the curtains back.

Open the theatre box.

Locations of gears and stick.

Chapter 14: In Town

Locations of the weights in the main screen. The "25″ unit is on the scale in Tutti Fruitti.

Here are the items that you can pick up from the town for weighing, and …

… Fruits that can be used for the same purpose in Tutti Fruitti.

Once you click on the gate at the end of town, you'll be presented with numbers. Just weigh your items accordingly. If you run out of room in your inventory (very annoying, btw) you can always leave them on the posts near the gate. I can't exactly give you what items to put on the poles: the weights of the items are randomized.

Chapter 15: Forest

Pick up the 5 pieces of signpost and build it in the middle.

Now build the light.

Once the light is on, click on the left tree trunk and arrange it to look like this:

Then on the right tree trunk and arrange it like so.

Chapter 16: In Front of the Mansion

First, find the four symbols scattered around the map. Then click on the door.

Now click on the raised buttons on the ground and arrange the symbols like so:

Chapter 17: The Mansion

Turn on the lights and fix the stairs.

Locations of the photos to put on the wall.

Chapter 18: Final Puzzle Room

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