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Pretty similar to the previous games with some fun twists. This guide focuses on tips that are distinguishing factors for this game. You may want to check some of the other guides for tips that may help with this game as well.

That annoying "Helper" - tips for dealing with your co-worker

1) Change Flo's clothing so that you can keep better track of the helper.

2) The focus is on making money, not chaining. The helper will try to steal your customers, so you have to be fast.

3) Double click tables - When a customer is ready for their check, click on their table twice right away and that will make sure you get the check and collect the dirty dishes at the same time. That will ensure that the waitress does not make any points from that table.

Other Tips

When the lights go out, go to the podium (when its available). This way you can boost hearts while at the same time looking at the room with the flashlight so you can plan seating accordingly.

The game recommends you seat mothers with babies at four person tables, but you don't have to. You can sit them at two person tables and you don't have to bring a highchair. Just sit them away from other customers that may not like the crying as much. Sit them next to joggers, cell phone addicts, etc. This will not cause the family itself to lose hearts faster.

In Hometown Hero, you don't lose points if a customer stops requesting something once it's in your hands. The item just disappears.

Taking customers to their seats and standing at the podium does not break your chaining actions.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!