Our Demigods Walkthrough will assist you as you tackle this intense and extremely challenging time management game. Rely on our detailed, step-by-step instructions and video tutorials for each and every level as you attempt to help the giants and save the world from certain destruction!

Welcome to the Demigods Walkthrough.  We have provided step-by-step instructions and video gameplay for beating all levels on the expert mode.

Info and Hints

Workers:  After level 3, you will have 3 workers:  Adoris, Protus, and Leada.  The guys do the building and other work.  Leada works with Divine Might, picking it up on the road, boosting altars, and removing magical obstacles.


  • Along the top of the screen you have quantities of resources
  • On the left is a timer bar, if it gets into the green you will only get one star upon completion
  • Below this bar is your golden sheep count for the level; each sheep is worth 1 gold until you meet the goal for the level and then each sheep is worth 3 gold. 
  • When your timer goes into the green zone, you will see a red X of the sheep's face
  • Along the right side are the goals for the level.  Clicking on one will show you where the goal actually is.
  • At the bottom is a timer bar which is the production cycle.  If you are upgrading or boosting production, you will not get the regular production amount from the building.
  • Stars are awarded for Finishing on Time,


  • Items and buildings have either a green circle or red circle.  Green means you are ready to go.  Red means you either can't get to it or don't have the necessary resources.  Clicking on a red circle will show you the resources you are lacking or the first obstacle on the path to get to it.
  • Hovering over an item will show you the cost with a red minus sign and income with a green plus sign
  • Movement can be queued up.  If you click on an item again, it will cancel the action.
  • Costs are removed upon selecting and are added back when unselected.
  • It is possible to use the selecting and unselecting to get you down the road and closer to a different area


Buildings (in each area, the buildings will look substantially different; so check around when you come to a new area)

  • Sawmill produces Construction Materials, which I will call wood
  • Grain Farm produces Vegetarian's Joy, or Grain
  • Sheep Farm produces Juicy Morsels, which I will call meat
  • Quarry produces Beautiful Marble, which I might call stone
  • On a couple levels, there will be either an Olive or Date Farm
  • There is no building that produces Clinking Coin, or gold

Above buildings can be upgrade twice for a total of 3 units produced

Altars produce Divine Might at 1 unit per cycle

You can only have 30 units of an item at a time

Boosting is available for buildings which triples the output quickly.  It does not take away regular production as long as the building isn't being boosted at the end of the cycle

Sawmill costs 1 divine might

Other buildings cost 2 divine might

Altars cost 3 food (varies on type) and 1 gold



There are 3 types of altars.  When altar is activated you get a bonus for 15 seconds.  Along the bottom, you will see a timer bar for each bonus.

Altar of Zeus has a lightning bolt and freezes time for 15 seconds (purple timer bar)

Altar of Aphrodite has a heart and shows 2 hidden golden sheep for 15 seconds (red bar)

Altar of Hermes has wings and boosts speed for 15 seconds (blue bar)


Tunnels are marked with an arrow going in and an arrow going out (of the same color)  When you first unblock a tunnel the sign on the other end will flash.

Gates are not obvious and provide shortcuts.

Traders are available to trade resources for other resources

On levels 25 to 32, you will be able to chop down trees (green ones) for 2 divine might while receiving 5 wood

On certain levels, you will be able to pay a fisherman gold or divine might for fish

Gems off to the side of the road cost divine might but don't go away.  Each gem varies in cost and product (but it's always gold and/or marble)

Oryhalc is available to mine on certain levels; it is a more silver rock.

On levels 25 to 32, there are moose who like magic flowers.  They are off to the side and are single use.


Some levels have barns (granary, oil or meat or fish storage)  They cost 15 wood and then are filled up with 15 units.

Many levels have buildings to repair.  Click on the right sided goal to see where they are in the level.

Some levels have trees to plant.  Sometimes you have to buy the seeds and sometimes just pay gold and divine might.  For all trees, you must return a second time to get them to grow completely. 

Don't use materials or divine might until the sawmill is built; if it is that accessible.


Best technique for most levels:

  • Clear to the sawmill and repair it
  • Immediately boost it two times
  • Wait for the cycle to end, upgrade sawmill and boost again
  • Wait for the cycle to end, upgrade sawmill and usually boost