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Guide to all lessons: - [Note: These are classified in alphabetical orders]

Add rice/water:
- A fast way is to add a few FULL cups of rice /water, then when it is nearing the green line, add only a little by switching the dispenser/tap on and off quickly.
- Be careful not to pour the contents of the beaker outside the pot, unless you fill the beaker to the wrong level i.e. too much rice/water than is required.

Add the Ingredients:
- Look at the visual clues to add the ingredients in the correct order
- The cap of the seasoning is different; using that makes it easier (salt-blue, black pepper-silver etc.)
- The spoons contents may look the same, eg. the baking soda and baking powder, look at the spirals
- Each food only needs to be added once, so you can save time by adding some ingredients by looking at just the shape or color of it
- Add the last food directly; don't waste your time looking at the picture.

Arrange the food:
- Arrange in any order you like as long as you add at least one of each in the dish! Enjoy decorating!

Bake____(name of food)[Oven]:
- Set the temperature e.g. 425, 450 by clicking on the buttons of the calculator-like pad and press ON.
- Press OFF when it is in the dark green zone. Light green zone only gives 50 points, so try to be as accurate as possible.
- Press RESET if you have set the wrong temperature.

Boil ______(name of food):
- Drag the slider of the temperature left & right to keep the slider in the dark green zone, and adding any ingredients whenever needed.
- The level will end on its own after a while, so make sure you stay in the dark green zone until that happens.

Caramelize the Sugar:
- Drag the kitchen torch across the whole sugar. This is similar to spreading butter/rice.
- Don't let the torch stay in one spot for too long or you will burn the food.
- Each spot should turn golden-brown and NOT black.
- It's very hard to get perfect, and when you think you cannot increase any more of the green bar, press DONE to end the round to minimize the mistakes made.
- It is possible to get A+, I got a score of 91 as my highest and my lowest being 85.

Catch the Food:
- Look at the little diagram on the left, and catch the food in the exact same order that it looks like. (Catch the bottom one 1st)
- Do not catch any unnecessary food or you will get a penalty.
- For Kabobs, you have to let the food touch the tip of the stick for it to slide to the bottom of the stick.

Cook _____ (name of food):
- Wait for the instructions "pad" to reach the green line before you carry out the instructions.
- For the setting of temperature, you can drag it to the correct temperature first then wait that instruction "pad" to reach the green line before releasing the mouse button.
- For adding of food, just click on the food that appears when you need them. You cannot drag it, so wait for it to touch the green line before clicking on the food.
- Although the actions will appear before you are supposed to do it, wait for the correct timing before you carry it out.

Crack the egg:
- Grab the egg and knock it against the bowl.
- Don't do it too quickly or you will crack the egg instantly and there will be a penalty.
- Position the egg above the bowl after it has a crack so that the egg will land in the bowl.

Cut out dough shapes (Circle/Gingerbread man etc.):
- This one is very tough, you have to IMAGINE the shape you are going to cut out, and ESTIMATE the position to click (the center of the shape) so that it will not overlap with other shapes that you have cut nor go out of the dough area.
- Press DONE when you cannot cut anymore shapes.

Deep fry ____(name of food):
- Drop the food into the pot. Wait for it to bob up.
- Don't take the food out immediately; wait for it to turn golden brown before picking it up and putting it on the tray.
- Be careful not to drop the food (by releasing mouse outside the tray) or you will get a penalty.
- 1 or 2 penalties will get you a score of 50/100. Drop 3 or more and you will fail the task and have to retry.

Dice the ______(name of food)/Chop the chicken:
- Click on the knife from right to left repeatedly and quickly to dice the food.
- For garlic etc., click on the knife once to start dicing it.

Double Coat ____(name of food):
- Fairly simple, just drag the food to the bowl to coat it once by following the line in a circular motion.
- Drag it over to the tray, and pull it to and fro three times horizontally to coat it completely.
- Drag the food to the empty tray.
- Repeat it with the remaining food.

Flip the ____(name of food):
- Click on the food beside the stove to add it into the pan.
- Toss the food, and keep a lookout to the left & right of the pan for the shadow.
- When you see the shadow, drag the pan over to the position under the shadow and wait for the food to land into the pan.
- Repeat these steps a few times until the plate arrives to take the food away.
- Repeat the process to complete the task.

Fold Gyoza/Phyllo Triangles/Egg rolls:
- This is an easy one. Just follow the steps in clicking on fillings etc. and tracing the lines.

Grate the ____(name of food):
- This is easy, just drag the food left and right quickly to grind it.
- When an arrow comes out prompting you to clean the grinder, just click on the food build-up below the grinder.
- Repeat the process until the green bar at the bottom is filled.

Grill the _____(name of food):
- Drag 3 food one-by-one from the tray to the griller spots as indicated by the arrows.
- Wait for the green arrows to appear, where you have to trace the lines to flip them over.
- Flip each one again and drag to tray immediately before it burns.

Kneading of _____(name of food)/Stir the ingredients:
- Follow the green lines with your mouse.
- Remember to hold down the mouse button while tracing from the green circle to the arrow.
- For the stirring of ingredients, the dot of the next line is usually near where you end the last pattern (tip of the previous arrow).
- For the kneading of dough, the arrows always start from the top, it will never start from the bottom.
- These can be tricky/frustrating but you'll get the hang of it pretty soon. Patience is the key to this level.

Make Pizza!:
- Match it to the one on the left, adding the ingredients in the correct (or nearest possible) position.
- This is very easy so you shouldn't be getting any penalties for this level.

Mash the ______ (name of food) x 9:
- Basically keep a look-out for the circular shadow that is approaching the "tic-tac-toe board"-ed food (i.e. 9 grids).
- Click on the respective grids that the shadow is hovering over.
- For the last food, click on it instantly to mash it to save time.

Peel the Potato/Carrot:
- Quite a difficult one; you have to move your mouse straight down multiple times while holding down the mouse button to peel the potato/carrot.
- Keep peeling the potato/carrot until the skin is completely removed from each side before continuing with the next side, and ignore the sides of the potato/carrot as the game will automatically rotate it for you to peel the skin off.
- If you find that it is not rotating when you think you have peeled the skin off completely, look again. There must be some place that you haven't peel the skin off of that side.
- Watch out for the time as this can be pretty time-consuming.

Pour the ____(name of food):
- Tilt the pot over slowly.
- When you are nearing the green line, release the mouse button and tilt it over bit by bit.
- Go slow on this.

Roll into balls:
- Drag the food to the palm.
- Click on the food, then hold down the mouse button and move in a clockwise/anti-clockwise motion until the food is done. (You don't have to follow the direction for rolling the food.)
- Repeat the process to complete the level.

Roll the dough:
- Note - Rectangular/Circular dough are similar.
- Roll the dough to the appropriate shape by dragging the rolling pin up and down until the upper and lower sides touch the margin of the square, then left and right until the correct shape is reached.

Roll the sushi:
- Look at the Chef's order (speech bubble at top-left-corner) before adding anything.
- Roll up the sushi after adding the two ingredients, then repeat the process.

Roll the Truffles:
- Trace the arrow from the dot to the arrow head to roll the truffle ball.
- There are two truffle balls on the tray at any one time; roll both simultaneously to save time.

Sauté the food:
- READ THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN PRIOR TO THIS! It will tell you what to add first to the pan and what to add later.
- Do not wait too long before adding the next one. You have to let all the ingredients be cooked to the correct point at around the same time before any of them burns.
- This may require a little trial and error.
- When one of the ingredients is done and the others aren't, keep clicking on that to move it around and extend the time before it gets burnt.

Separate the yolk:
- Drag the egg-shell to the tip of the blue arrow that is shown, leaving about 1 grid space (calculated by looking at the background of the egg shells i.e. the kitchen tiles) away from the other egg-shell.
- Repeat it a few times until the green bar below is filled up.

Slice the _____ (name of food)/Cut the ravioli:
- These are fairly okay; for any food, just follow the green lines from dot to arrow-head. When both tips of the line are arrow-heads, you can start in any direction and just trace the line.
- When needed, click on parts e.g. stalks, egg yolks to remove it.
- When slicing vertically, the arrows normally appear in the order right to left.

Slice the broccoli:
- Just draw many horizontal lines across the stalks of the broccoli.
- You don't have to follow the green lines and make them diagonal.

Slice the Shortcake:
- This is easy; simply drag the knife across the screen. (Follow the blue arrow from dot to arrow-head)

Squeeze the Egg Filling/cheese (8 x 3 trays):
- Squeeze the egg filling to the correct amount.
- This one is rather hard, but just squeeze it according to your instincts.
- It takes a few tries to get it right, but it is POSSIBLE to get a perfect score for this section.

Spread rice/butter/sauce:
- Spread throughout by moving your mouse freely.
- Ignore the instruction of not adding the top part of the sushi with rice as the only area you can spread over WILL be the correct one.

Strain the Food:
- Tilt the pot a little and wait for the food to come out after a while.
- Tilt the pot increasingly over for the food to come out faster.
- Use the flow of water as a guideline for letting the food come out. Let the flow of water be just right i.e. not too much/little.

Tear the Lettuce:
- Pull downwards the leaves of the lettuce SLOWLY, alternating between the left and right leaves.
- Pull too quickly and you'll damage the lettuce & get penalties, so be careful.


- A+, A & A- are all As, and this applies to Bs and Cs.
- Get A+ for everything i.e. lessons and exams to get crystal trophies
- There are Crystal, Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in the game, awarded according to the lowest grade for each category.
- You can get a better trophy for a category by replaying the lesson/exam you did not score well in.
- Graduation comes in 4 different kinds, Graduate (Bronze), Graduate with Honors (Silver), Graduate with High Honors (Gold) and Graduate with Highest Honor (Crystal).
- You can get the lower kinds first, and then aim for a better one later.

For Course:

If your aim is to get an A+ in a course, but you do something wrongly and get a penalty, make ALOT of mistakes in that round and you'll get to retry the round. e.g. in the level "Add the ingredients", when you add a wrong ingredient and want to get a perfect score, add the rest of the ingredients wrongly so that you will fail the round and get to retry it.

For Exams:

- In the exams involving only one round, e.g. cracking an egg, you can make as many mistakes as you want and there will NOT be any penalties. Just be sure to complete your goals and get the minimum to pass.
- For perfectionists, you might want to keep taking exams again to make sure all are As.
- In the exams which you need to prepare one whole dish, DON'T attempt making any mistakes to redo the round as you will NOT be given the chance.
- For perfectionists, you will have to do the WHOLE exam again if you make a mistake. So, if you really want to get an A+, you'll have to be really careful.

~ Bonne Chance!

General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!