Candy Crush Saga

Our Candy Crush Saga Walkthough will guide you through this addicting Match 3 game that boasts bright and colorful board pieces and extremely challenging gameplay that will excite hardcore match players. Use our insider tips on special candy combinations as well as our practical advice to hone your candy crushing skills.

Welcome to the Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough where you'll find all the tips and advice you'll need to play this addictive and exciting Match 3 game. We've included a general overview of tips as well as special candy combinations to help you get a jump start on playing Candy Crush.

We hope you enjoy this Candy Crush Walkthrough.

General Tips for Play Candy Crush Saga

Watch Your Turn Count
It's easy to get caught up smashing jellies and matching candies, but if you don't keep an eye on your turns, you'll find yourself out of luck at the end of the level.

Try to Match 4 or More
If you want to hit a three-star rating, you'll have to avoid the classic match 3 approach. Try to focus on arranging pieces to give you a 4 or more match so you can rack up the big points. This is especially important in the later levels.

Focus on the Goal
If you're on a Jelly level, remember that you need to remove all the Jelly pieces in order to complete the level. It's easy to get caught up in a matching frenzy and forget about what you're trying to accomplish. Just remember, you have to obtain a certain point level as well as remove the Jellies.

Jelly Blocks Don't Move
These blocks are stationary and you'll have to move the pieces of candy in order to destroy them.

Game Hints Aren't Always the Best Move
When you've been still too long, the game will pulse three pieces of candy that are able to make a match, but beware, this isn't always the right move!

Use Candy Combos Carefully
It may be hard to resist, but when you wait to use your special candies and swap them with each other, the result is a far better effect than if you were to just use it on its own.

Gaining Lives
You start with five lives. Every time you have to repeat a level, you will lose a life. In order to gain more lives you can do a few things. First, you can ask your Facebook friends to give you lives. Second, you can buy a life. And, finally, you can wait 30 minutes to regenerate a life. Some people have suggested setting the time ahead on your phone or iPad, but we would suggest you don't do this as it can mess your game up.