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Burger Rush combines a Time Management Game with a “Match ‘em up” game. The objective is to make matches of 3 or more like items (in this case - burger ingredients) both horizontally and vertically to make and serve burgers to your customers. As you progress through the levels, you will graduate to better burger shops until you become a burger goddess of the universe!  (my words, not theirs)

Remember, this is FAST food!

  • As with most all time management games, the faster you go, the more points you score
  • Speed up your service by right-clicking on an order ready to go instead of dragging it to the customer.
  • The goal is to keep those customers happy. Remember - the faster you are, the happier they are and the more money you earn!
  • As soon as you pick up the money on the counter, a new customer can come in. Keep this in mind if you get swamped. You can control the customer flow if you leave the money on the counter.
  • As your levels increase, some of your ingredients will appear frozen in ice. You’ll need to make matches around them to unfreeze them because you can’t click and switch a frozen ingredient.

Here’s a TOKEN of my affection

  • As you make matches, rotating Gold tokens will appear on the board. Try to click on those as soon as possible. You need them and picking them up also help you make instant matches as the ingredients fall.
  • Use the Tokens to buy new Burger recipes and purchase upgrades for additional items like soda machines and French fry makers.
  • Tokens are easy to come by in earlier levels. Try to save some as you go so you’ll have enough to buy the more expensive recipes you’ll need to continue.

Trick or TREAT!

  • Serve treats to your customers to keep their “Happy Meters” high. Unhappy customers will not tip you well and they may leave in a huff!
  • In the beginning of the game, treats are not as important as they will be later so don’t waste your tokens on them.
  • All your treats will automatically regenerate at the beginning of every level.
  • The more expensive your treat, the happier the customer (Example: Lollipops restore 25% happiness, cookies restore 50% happiness, etc.)
  • Since the treats automatically refresh, use any left after closing time on your last customers. That way you can hold their orders longer, make more matches to earn more tokens, and still serve them when the “Happy Meter” is still high to get a bigger tip.

Upgrade, Upgrade, UPGRADE!

  • Try to upgrade your machines evenly. Each machine requires a certain number of matches to be made in order to dispense the item (soda, fries, etc.) If you upgrade evenly, you’ll get more side items on a regular basis.
  • Use the soda and fries to make combo meals and earn more money!

The RECIPE for Success

  • As your levels increase, new ingredients will be added to the matching grid. You NEED to purchase new recipes with your tokens in order to use these ingredients!
  • Don’t let your recipes lag! Each recipe earns more money and if an item appears on the grid that you don’t have a recipe for, it takes longer to create the burgers you can make and your customers get angry!
  • As you progress through the game, you will only serve your three most expensive recipes at all times so the more recipes you get, the more potential money you can earn.

Special Items

  • Special items will appear that can help you. Just be careful how you use them! Special items will only appear a set number of times in each level. If you use them up fast, they won’t be there when you really need them!
  • Milkshake – The milkshake restores 100% happiness. Try to use this only on customers who are about to leave. Customers will start grunting in displeasure right before they leave so keep your ears peeled!
  • Microwave – The microwave will clear one row of ingredients on your grid. Try to use this only when you have a full load of customers to take advantage of as many of the ingredients as possible.
  • The Microwave will also thaw frozen ingredients.
  • Be careful! If you swap a microwave into a row that has another microwave, you’ll lose one of them

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!