Ant War

Our Ant War Walkthrough takes some of the toughness out of being a bug as you expand your colony, forage for food, fight enemies, and manage five different kinds of ants in this entertaining strategy game. Keeping track of that many ants can be a challenge, though, so use our walkthrough as a source of helpful hints and tips as you work to make and manage the finest of ant empires.

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You know those days when you wake up and suddenly find that an army of ants has invaded your kitchen?  Well, your kitchen may be their first stop to world domination!  In Ant War, you have a chance to lead that ant army.  Ant War is a game of strategy.  You will take a small colony of ants and build it into an empire.  You start with one small colony and must use your wits to expand.  Gather one billion ants and you can conquer the world.  But the road to world domination won’t be easy.  You will have to find and save food, battle fierce enemies, build your nest, brave the elements, and, of course, make more and more ants.

Being an Ant
You begin Ant War by choosing which variety of ant will make up your colony.  Each type of ant has a different strength.  Leaf cutters are good at saving food and they find more food bonuses.  Harvester ants find more food.  Weaver ants are good at making more ants and finding gems, but they don’t like to fight.  Carpenter ants are good builders and will expand your nest quickly.  Fire ants are the best fighters.  Your strategy starts with this choice.  As you allocate ants for the daily activities, keep the strengths (and weaknesses) of your ants in mind.

The Daily Grind
Each day you will have to assign your ants to one of four tasks:  searching for food, making more ants, building a bigger nest, or defending the nest from attack.   You must assign 100% of your ants, but you may allocate them any way you wish.  Once you have finalized your decision, start your day and see what happens!

Keep an Eye on the Sky
Ant War provides a weather prediction.  Pay attention to it!  Clear, sunny days are best for finding food.  Severe weather can be disastrous for your colony.   If rain is on the horizon you can avoid it by moving your colony inside.

Watch the seasons as well.  The time of year affects your strategy.  During the fall and winter the school will be busy and will provide a feast for your ants.  But in summer, the school will be empty and your ants may starve.

Location, location, location
As your colony grows, you will be able to move your nest to new locations.  You must meet certain requirements to unlock the locations.  Use the map icon to see which locations are available for your colony.  The beach is a good place for relaxing, you won’t find enemies there.  You are always free to go back to a location.  Use the worm hole to move to any location you have already unlocked.  But moving takes a toll on your colony, so move wisely.

Making Baby Ants
The goal of Ant War is to conquer the world.  To do that you need to make more and more ants.  As you make more ants, you can build a bigger nest.  And when you have a bigger nest you can store more food.   Gathering more food than you can store means the excess will go to waste and no ant wants that!

Ant Battles
As your ants leave the nest to gather food, they will be vulnerable to attack from crickets, bees, scorpions and other nasty pests.  You will have the option to fight, retreat or select auto-battle.  Selecting auto-battle lets the game choose for you.   If you lose a battle, you will lose ants.  But if you win, you will gain a food bonus.  Worms are a good bet for an easy victory.
Ant Shopping
As your ants leave the nest to forage, they will occasionally find gems.  You can use these gems to buy bonus items in the ant store.  Check the store often to see which items become available.

Helpful Ants
Adam Ant is your guide in Ant War.  Click on his bubble for information.  Pay attention to Grampa Ant when he pops up.  Grampa likes to share game play wisdom.


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