Amusement World!

Allow our Amusement World! Walkthrough to be your personal navigator as you explore four magical, fun-filled lands in this delightful, family-friendly game. Amusement World! is packed full of puzzles, games, and hidden object scenes that provide a truly sensational trip down memory lane featuring games like skee-ball, darts, and target shooting, as well as tons of hidden object scenes to please even the most hardcore HOG fan. Our comprehensive Amusement World! Walkthrough offers plenty of tips, advice, and solutions to all games, puzzles, and hidden object areas to help you make the most of your gameplay.

Thanks for checking out our Amusement World! Walkthrough, a hidden object/adventure game by HeadRight Games. Amusement World! welcomes players to have the time of their lives with these well-loved hidden-object scenes, puzzles, and games.

With four unique areas to explore, each with its own theme and memorable characters, there is something for everyone to love at Amusement World! This walkthrough will provide you with images, tips, information, and hints on how to make it to the end of the game and have a blast doing it.

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General Tips

Skill Games Difficulty - There are seven carnival-inspired skill-games in Amusement World, each with an option of two difficulty levels.

  • Casual Mode: Objectives are easier; Longer time allotted; Game play is slower.
  • Expert Mode: Objectives are more difficult; Shorter time allotted; Game play is faster.

Hidden Object Scenes - There are a total of 12 Hidden Object Scenes (HOS) within Amusement World! Every scene has at least two lists of possible objects to find, so no play-through is exactly the same. The lists of objects for each scene are comprised of 20 items to locate. Only 12 objects are displayed at a time, so there are 8 additional items that fill in as you find items from the original list of 12. Some items are only partially visible in the HOS, so patience and sharp eyes are essential.

Collectibles - Each of the four lands in Amusement World! has its own distinct collectible item to search for, which are hidden within every scene in that land. A total of 20 collectibles can be found in each land, for a total of 80 items to find.

Quest Items - Various characters in Amusement World! will assign you quests in which important items need to be located and returned to them. These objects are often discovered within other scenes in that land, and not just the scene in which that character is located. Once you have uncovered all of the items in a certain scene, then the picture of that item will be grayed out to let you know they have all been found and then you will continue searching for the remaining items in a different scene.

General Layout 

Treasure Book – Found on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Use this to access quests and collected items.

Hint - Located to the right of the Treasure Book. Use this when you need help locating hidden objects.

Map – Found on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Use this to access the park map, which enables you to travel to any of the lands that have already been unlocked. This makes it easy to go back and replay any of the skill games.

Menu - Found next to the Map button. Use this to pause or quit the game, or to view the options screen.


The main cursor is a Hand, which is used to click on objects in each scene.

The Magnifying Glass enables a closer look at important objects within a scene.

Arrows are used to move around from one scene to the next.

Some characters will have Speech Bubbles to let you know they have something to say to you. Question Marks that appear in the speech bubbles indicate that the character has a task for you to perform. Exclamation Marks indicate that the character is awaiting something from you.

A Puzzle Piece means that a logic puzzle is available to be played, or that the puzzle is awaiting an item from your inventory in order to begin.