All My Gods

The All My Gods Walkthrough provides all the information you need to figure out this engaging strategy game where you need to please and/or outsmart the Gods to earn your rightful place in their midst. All My Gods is an enjoyable game once you understand the ins and outs of playing the game.

General Information

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The All My Gods Walkthrough provides all the information you need to figure out this engaging strategy game where you need to please and/or outsmart the Gods to earn your rightful place in their midst.  All My Gods is an enjoyable game once you understand the ins and outs of playing the game.



Mana is earned throughout the time cycle in an amount and speed dependent on where you are in the game and how many Shrines and Temples have been built.  Mana is incredibly handy to speed things along

Use the Hand of God.  Click on the hand icon and when you hover over something you will be told what will happen and the cost if you use the Hand of God.
  • Collect resources from the water (10 fish for 10 mana),  trees (10 wood for 10 mana), the gold pile (10 gold for 20 mana), and the stone pile (10 stone for 20 mana).
  • Collect wood from under the clouds and interestingly when the clouds clear the trees seem to still be there!
  • Collect resources from a field.
  • Collect resources directly from a building.  This is especially useful later in the game to quickly get things like cheese and bread which require a multi-step process.  The mana price can be steep but it is worth it.
  • Clear heaps of rubble, fallen trees, and the like.  
  • Speed up building.  Once the building has started, click on the building and if you have enough mana the building will be finished.
  • Speed up individual workers for 15 mana. 
  • Instant firefighting.  By the way, at one point in the game, you will have 1 mana point firefighting.  Hera will take that away from you at some later time in the game.
  • Instant repairing.
Move buildings with the arrow button.  You will be told how much it will cost before you move a building.

Destroy buildings with the lightning bolt.

By selecting any of the three icons you can hover over the building or location and you will be told the cost and resources available to finish.

You can increase your mana production by building shrines and temples.  You can only build in the volcano area.  You may need to use the swamp clearing to clear lava to make room for building.

  • You can only build in spaces that are unobstructed.  Sometimes you can make room by clearing, but especially to the north and east of the Magistrates Hall, there are some permanent obstructions.  You will note that the building will turn green when you can build.
  • In the beginning, space is pretty tight so use the Hand of God to clear trees, use workers to clear heaps and the like, and place buildings as efficiently as possible.  
  • Don't leave space between the buildings except a one block width for a road coming from the magistrates hall to the south for later.  Don't worry if you forget; you can always move the buildings
  • Don't be obsessive-compulsive about it because eventually you will need to add in some ornamentation and those will fit in those small spaces.
  • Later if you want to space things out a little more or rearrange, you will have plenty of room and can use mana to rearrange things.
  • Sometimes when you try to build something, the icon will be grayed out.  It might say that you need to build more taverns.  Or it might have information that you have to build something else first.
  • Sometimes you can click on the build button, but it won't let you build in a certain location. Take a look at the information box in the build menu as it will probably tell you that the building needs to be built in a specific location.  Shrines and temples have to go in the volcano.  Trade Post needs to go in the desert.  All of the gods' special requests need to go across the bridge.
  • Getting gold and accumulating it fast is very helpful.  
  • After you get the market, you can sell your resources.  
  • It is a more efficient use of mana to use the Hand of God to harvest trees (even under the clouds) and sell the wood rather than using the gold pile.  You can also use the Hand of God to collect fish and sell it but it is not quite as good an exchange rate as wood.
  • There are going to be times when you will up to 6,000 gold on hand to make Mars or Hera happy.
  • Look at the rewards for your tasks and be sure you have room for them.  For example, if you reward is mana, go use the Hand of God on some things for that amount so you won't waste it.
  • If you are getting a bunch of resources, sell some before you finish a task to maximize gold.
  • After you build the Trade Post, you will have plenty of opportunities to get plenty of gold.

If you try to build something that will bring your population over its capacity, you will not be able to do so.  Plan ahead and keep those level 3 taverns coming.


To increase your science capacity, you will need to build more level 3 schools as you go along and eventually you will get access to a university.  You can plan ahead by looking at what the next science amounts will be needed in the science menu.

Barn storage

To hold more resources (except gold, science, and mana) you will need to build level 3 multiple barns.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to keep track of your capacity for anything except by reaching it and seeing the red numbers.

Level 3 Upgrades

You will need to study Construction Engineering and it won't be available to way after you want those level 3 buildings.  Wait, it will come.  

Venus, Mars, and Hera
  • Be very, very careful with requests from Venus.  Mars is very jealous and if you do anything for Venus you will pay dearly.  However there are times when you have to be nice to Venus or the game won't move on.
  • Mars will charge you 5,000 gold so as to not damage your structures.  You may think it's easier to just fix the damage, but if you do pay him off a few times he will leave you alone.
  • Hera will eventually take over for Mars if you are lucky it will be only her.  If you ignore Mars' requests eventually you will have both of them after you.  
  • You will not get either of them off your back completely until after you explore the Trojan's Horse.
  • I recommend ignoring Venus' requests until you run out of tasks OR checking the walkthrough to see what the reaction will be and when you should go ahead and make her happy.
  • Before you do Venus' bidding (after the first time when you find out that Mars is jealous), be sure to have 5,000 gold on hand or be prepared to fix buildings.  
  • It's really your choice whether you want to spend the money or fix the damage.  
Striking workers
  • The quickest way to stop a strike is to get enough resources on hand.  In the beginning this might be food, but later it could be flour, lumber, stones, milk.  Use the Hand of God to increase the resources rather than trying to calm them down by blessing them.
  • There are awards for going a certain amount of time without strikes.  They are for 1 hour, 2 hours, and then 3 hours.  Unfortunately the timer resets after each aware so you will end up doing each one individually.
Civilization points
  • These are awarded as you progress through the game.  Sometimes you will get some for completing a task.  You get some for each science you study.  You get more for each achievement and trophy you earn.
  • If you want to get maximum civilization points, you will have to get all the achievements plus some other hidden ones.  As I was waiting on strike-free time, I received additional points for putting out a certain number of fires and got a firefighter aware even though there wasn't an achievement for that.
  • There are achievements for clearing all swamp areas and all lava areas so do that at some point.  It is easier to find these areas before you build too much around them.
  • There is an achievement for chopping down a lot of trees.  Hand of God removal counts and will be necessary to use after the bridge is built as the workers just won't do it fast enough on their own.  
Finding buildings to repair or fires to put out
  • Unfortunately you will have to search for these.  You can use the arrow keys to move your point of view around.
  • At one point in the game, I just could not find anything to repair and ultimately realized that my Magistrates Hall was missing!  Its courtyard was there but no hall.  There was no repair icon above it but when I hovered over the courtyard, it needed repairing.  So if you can't find anything to repair, look there.
Collect versus Collect and Deliver
  • Collect tasks require you to get that many resources but you will not lose them.
  • Collect and deliver tasks mean you will lose the items.
  • Many of these are timed tasks and are up to you if they are timed.  

Builders needed Cost of building Consumes Produces
Builders' camp
Level 1 1 20 wood 1 builder
Level 2 1 20 wood, 20 gold 2 builders
Level 1 1 30 wood Increases maximum number of people by 5
Level 2 1 20 wood, 30 gold Increases maximum number of people by 10
Level 3 1 20 wood, 60 gold Increases maximum number of people by 15
Level 1 1 30 wood 1 food 3 science/ 50 max 1 priest
Level 2 1 30 wood, 60 gold 2 food 8 science/ 70 max 2 priests
Level 3 2 40 boards 300 gold 3 food 15 science/ 90 max 3 priests
Fisherman's cabin
Level 1 1 30 wood 1 food 3 fish
Level 2 30 wood, 30 gold 2 food 12 fish 2 farmers
Level 3 30 wood, 60 gold 3 food 30 fish 3 farmers
Lumberjack's cabin
Level 1 1 30 wood 1 food 5 wood 1 worker
Level 2 1 15 wood, 30 gold 2 food 14 wood 2 workers
Level 3 1 15 wood, 60 gold 3 food 30 wood 3 workers
Level 1 1 20 wood 1 food 3 gold 1 trader
Level 2 2 20 wood, 10 gold 1 food 4 gold 1 trader
Level 1 1 10 wood 1 food 4 cabbage 1 farmer
Level 2 1 10 wood, 10 gold 2 food 10 cabbage 2 farmers
Level 3 1 10 wood, 20 gold 3 food  18 cabbage 3 farmers
Level 1 2 30 wood, 30 gold Increases maximum resources by 20
Level 2 2 30 boards, 150 gold Increases maximum resources by 35
Level 3 2 60 stones, 400 gold Increases maximum resources by 50
Dairy farm
Level 1 2 50 wood, 30 gold 1 food 5 milk 1 farmer
Level 2 2 20 wood, 20 gold 2 food 12 milk 2 farmers
Level 3 2 20 wood, 20 gold 3 food 24 milk 3 farmers
Lumber mill
Level 1 2 40 wood, 40 gold 2 food, 5 wood 5 boards 1 worker
Level 2 2 40 wood, 200 gold 4 food, 10 wood 14 boards 2 workers
Level 3 2 40 wood, 400 gold 6 food, 15 wood 30 boards 3 workers
Wheat field
Level 1 1 10 wood 1 food 3 wheat 1 farmer
Level 2 1 10 wood, 10 gold 2 food 8 wheat 2 farmers
Level 3 1 10 wood, 20 gold 3 food 15 wheat 3 farmers
Level 1 2 20 wood, 50 gold, 30 stone 1 food 4 mana/ 10 max 1 priest
Level 2 2 20 wood, 30 stone, 200 gold 2 food 10 mana/ 20 max 2 priests
Cheese factory
Level 1 2 60 wood, 40 gold 2 food, 2 milk 5 cheese 1 worker
Level 2 2 40 wood, 120 gold 4 food, 4 milk 12 cheese 2 workers
Level 3 2 40 wood, 300 gold 6 food, 9 milk 24 cheese 3 workers
Level 1 2 60 boards, 200 gold 2 food 10 gold 1 trader
Level 2 2 100 boards, 50 stone, 500 gold 4 food 24 gold 2 traders
Level 3 2 100 boards, 150 stone, 1000 gold 6 food 45 gold 3 traders
Stone pit
Level 1 2 50 boards, 100 gold 4 food 10 stones 2 workers
Level 2 2 50 boards, 200 gold 6 food 21 stones 3 workers
Level 3 2 50 boards, 500 gold 8 food 40 stone 4 workers
Level 1 4 100 boards, 300 gold, 150 stone 4 food 16 science/ 300 max 2 priests
Level 2 4 200 boards, 200 stone, 700 gold 6 food 30 science/ 500 max 3 priests
Level 3 4 200 stones, 1200 gold 8 food 52 science/ 700 max 4 priests
Level 1 4 50 boards, 300 gold, 100 stone 4 food 16 mana/ 30 max 2 priests
Level 2 4 50 wood, 100 stone, 500 gold 9 food 30 mana/ 60 max 3 priests
Level 1 2 50 boards, 100 gold, 50 stone 4 food, 10 wheat 10 flour 2 workers
Level 2 2 50 boards, 50 stone, 200 gold 6 food, 15 wheat 21 flour 3 workers
Level 3 2 50 boards, 50 stone, 500 gold 8 food, 20 wheat 40 flour 4 workers
Level 1 3 80 stone, 200 gold 2 food, 5 stone 5 blocks 1 worker
Level 2 3 100 stone, 400 gold 4 food, 12 stone 14 blocks 2 workers
Level 3 3 100 stone, 800 gold 6 food, 21 stone 30 blocks 3 workers
Level 1 3 50 boards 4 food, 6 flour 10 bread 2 workers
Level 2 3 40 boards, 40 stone, 500 gold 6 food, 9 flour 21 bread 3 workers
Level 3 3 40 boards, 40 stone, 900 gold 8 food, 12 flour 36 bread 4 workers


  • The walkthrough has been split into each obelisk goal.  
  • This game is somewhat variable if you happen to complete tasks in a different order.
  • The walkthrough does not tell you when to build every single building.  You need to decide how many of what buildings you want to have.  Listed at then end of the walkthrough will be what I ended up with one time.  The next time I played, I built a little bit less.
  • There are plenty of tasks that are variable in nature or don't propel you to the next goal. These tasks will not be given in the walkthrough and if they are timed you decide if you want to do them or not.  These tasks include ones that occur with a question mark at different buildings.
Ring of Jupiter
  1. Build Magistrates' Hall and receive the Gloves of Jupiter.
  2. Collect 10 stones and receive 50 logs, 100 gold, 20 mana
  3. Build Fisherman's Cabin and receive 10 fish, 20 gold.  Note:  There is room for one more Fisherman's Cabin (and one only).  When you are ready you need to remove the 3 heaps circled in orange.
  4. Clear 4 heaps and receive 10 fish, 40 gold, 10 mana
  5. Build 2nd Builders' Camp and receive 10 fish, 10 gold, 10 mana
  6. Build 2 Lumberjack's Cabins and receive 30 wood 20 civilization.  You can build one right below the bones near the Obelisk and use Hand of God to remove trees to build the second one right next to it (if you'd like)
  7. Build Tavern and receive the Gold Mine of Mercury.  You can use the gold mine with the Hand of God to get gold, but I recommend selling items, such as wood retrieved with the Hand of God, once you have the market.  This is a more efficient use of mana.   
  8. Collect 40 food and receive 30 gold, 20 mana.   Note:  This task doesn't say deliver so you won't lose it.  You can just wait until you accumulate it or use the Hand of God in the river.
  9. Build a School and receive 20 wood, 30 gold, 10 science
  10. Collect 250 gold and receive 50 mana.  Build the School and see if that brings you over 250; otherwise use the Hand of God on the gold pile.
  11. Study Mathematics.
  12. Build a second School and receive 40 science
  13. Build the second Fisherman's Cabin and clear heaps (optional)
  14. Explore a ruin and receive 20 gold, 20 science.  Exploring ruins and the like will get you varying amounts of resources
  15. Study Money.
  16. Build a Market and receive 30 wood, 30 stone, 10 gold
  17. Use Hand of God to harvest wood and sell wood to start increasing your gold, which a limit of 20,000 (so basically no limit!).  Don't waste your mana and let is max out.  
  18. Start clearing heaps and trees so you can build.
  19. Study Architecture and receive 50 wood, 50 stone, 50 gold, 20 mana
  20. You can click on question marks and do the requests as desired.
  21. Upgrade any 4 buildings to level 2 and receive 30 gold.  Upgrade Lumberjack's Cabins first (so you will have wood), Builder's Camps, Fisherman's Cabins, then upgrade everything as you can (meaning beyond the 4 buildings in the task).
  22. Build an extra Tavern to finish upgrading everything.
  23. Study Agriculture and receive 30 food, 10 mana 
  24. Build Cabbage Field and receive 20 cabbages. 
  25. Upgrade Cabbage Field to level 2 and receive 20 cabbages 20 gold  
  26. Collect 300 gold and receive Ring of Jupiter.  You may receive this task earlier as it seems to be linked to upgrading the buildings.


Scepter of God
  1. Activate the Obelisks of the Gods and receive 20 mana.  This is over on the far right.  You need to remove the 4 heaps that are encircled in blue on the screenshot.  There are several heaps blocking the way.


  2. You may have a lot of science by now and if you want you can pre-study Product Preservation and build a Barn to allow more resources to be saved.  You can't upgrade the Barn until you start making boards.
  3. Build a second level 2 Cabbage Field.
  4. You might want to build a 3rd level 2 Builder's Camp also. 
  5. Study Rituals and receive 20 wood 30 stone 50 gold 
  6. Before building a shrine clear the heaps around the Obelisk
  7. Build a Shrine and receive the Scepter of God and this will open another area.  You might need another Tavern so build it and upgrade it once.
  8. You should upgrade the Shrine soon.


Laurel Wreath
  1. Build Barn and receive 30 fish. 30 wood. 30 stone (you will receive this task and then immediately receive the reward if you have built the barn already)
  2. Venus wants you to study Literature; wait a bit on this one.
  3. Study Engineering when you max out on science (you should have 140 capacity)
  4. Find the lost Sandal of Mercury and receive 300 gold 100 mana.  Just remove the felled trees in the lava.  You will only be able to get to the ones on the edge.  The sandal is randomly placed and it will show up after you remove a certain number of trees.  
  5. Study Philosophy
  6. Mercury wants you to study Roads to receive 200 gold.  You will need to build another level 2 school to get enough science.  
  7. While you are waiting for science to build up, build another barn.
  8. Build the road to the Magistrates Hall to the steps in the lava.  You might need to move some buildings to make room for path to the hall.  Use Hand of God to get wood if you wish.  Use the Hand of God in the fog and you will probably discover a lot of wood available.  
  9. Wait until you have your resources filled up.  Now study Literature
  10. Mars is jealous and wants 25,000 gold in 1 minute.  This is impossible in any situation as the game only goes to 20,000
  11. Put out all fires and receive 20 mana.  You can use the Hand of God for the smaller fires.  It seems to work best to just put out one fire at a time.  
  12. Build 3 wells and receive 30 science.  You will need to study wells first.  These can be built spread out, but placement doesn't seem to be too important. 
  13. Build Dairy Farm and receive 20 milk, 20 mana.  You will need to study Cattle Breeding. 
  14. Build Cheese Factory and receive 20 cheese, 20 gold.  You will need to study Cheese Making.
  15. Upgrade the Dairy Farm and Cheese Factory once each.  
  16. Build Lumber Mill and receive a Laurel Wreath.  You will need to study woodworking. 
Magic Pickaxe
  1. Explore Chariot of god (flying saucer) to receive 20 mana.  Clear the fallen trees around the flying saucer to get to it.
  2. Upgrade 4 schools to level 2 to receive 50 wood, 50 stone, 200 gold.  You will probably need to build one more level 2 school to fulfill this.   
  3. Study Banks while waiting and build one to two.
  4. Victorius (from Roads of Rome!) wants you to find  between 3 and 5 soldiers to receive 100 mana.  Some to all will be in the lava area and one  might be along the cliffs to the far north above the starting point.  You may need to drain the swamp to fix the volcanic crust.
  5. Study Swamp Draining to receive 20 wood, 20 stone, 10 boards, 60 gold
  6. Remove all the volcanic crust on the lava so you can build more shrines
  7. Study Landscaping for 20 mana
  8. Build 5 Flowerbeds to receive 200 gold
  9. Mercury now wants you to build a bank for 150 gold; if you have not yet, do so.  
  10. Venus wants you to build 3 fountains but wait a bit
  11. Victorius wants 100 stone, 100 boards and you can receive the 13th Twin Legion flag.
  12. You might want to study Construction Engineering now so you can upgrade your buildings to level 3
  13. You might also want to use your mana to get stone for upgrading.
  14. When you are ready with 2000 gold, build 3 fountains for Venus
  15. Mars wants 2000 gold in 1:00 and receive 20 mana.  If you can't do this, he will keep bugging you until you do. 
  16. Upgrade 6 buildings to level 3 and receive 150 gold, 50 mana.  If you haven't done this already, you need to study Construction Engineering before you can upgrade to level 3
  17. Build Stone Pit (near the Magistrates Hall) to receive the Magic Pickaxe and open more space


Magic Lamp
  1. Explore Tomb of an Ancient God  and receive Flask of Gods allows you to put out fires for 1 mana.  (See red circle)
  2. Drain the Black Swamp to receive the Swamp Tribe town keys.  This is the swamp around the tomb.  You have to clear all of it.  There are a few swampy areas nearby but these won't affect the task.
  3. Repair damaged buildings and receive 100 gold, 30 mana
  4. Upgrade the Stone Pit to level 3 and receive 100 stone
  5. Venus wants you to build 5 benches for 20 mana, but wait until you have close to 2000 gold
  6. Mars wants 2000 gold in 1:00 minute.  You cannot build the obelisks for him until you satisfy this one.
  7. Mars wants you to build an Obelisk(any of them) to receive 200 gold, 40 mana
  8. Study University and receive 100 gold
  9. Build University and receive Magic Lamp


Necklace of Pharaohs
  1. Save the young prince by using lightning to drive off 4 spiders and receive 1000 gold, 200 mana (blue circle)
  2. Explore  Megalithic Structure and receive the Crown of Venus.  It is a present for Venus so don't do it until you have lots of gold.
  3. Build a Mill and receive 50 flour, 300 gold. You need to study the Mill and Wheat since you need wheat to get flour
  4. Hera is now mad at you for her son's sake.  She wants 4000 gold in 1 minute.  You might have enough gold so just do your best and carry on.  
  5. Build a Temple and receive 150 mana.  You need to study Religion 
  6. Study Trade Post and receive the Necklace of Pharaohs--allows you to explore deserts.


Helmet of Hector
  1. Build Trade Post and receive 300 gold
  2. Explore Pyramid and receive 50 mana
  3. Obtain 5 crystals and receive the Shaman's magic power, which increases your mana reserve by 100.  These are the meteors that hit the ground.  
  4. Venus wants you to build 3 statues but wait
  5. You can make lots of money with trades now
  6. Build a stone road for a trade treaty to sell all excess resources.  You need to study Stone Roads.  You may need to build another university.  You can build the stone road over the other road.
  7. Get about 6000 on hand before building statues.  This is easy to do with lots of mana and trades.
  8. Now build statues for Venus.
  9. Hera wants 4000 gold in 1 minute.
  10. Build a Stonemason to receive 100 blocks 100 gold. Study Masonry 
  11. Mars wants you to build 3 Obelisks and receive 50 mana 
  12. Build a Bakery and receive 50 bread.  Study Breadmaking.
  13. Venus wants you to build 3 arbors,
  14. Hera has neutralized the firefighting ability
  15. Mars wants 5000 gold in 1 minute; twice
  16. Hera wants in for 5000 gold
  17. Build 3 aqueducts and receive 200 gold, 50 mana
  18. Venus wants you to build Theater and receive 200 gold; but don't wait.
  19. Mercury wants 10 gold to receive the Helmet of Hector  


Wonder Island
  1. Explore the Trojan Horse and receive Sword of Achilles.  Mars is happy and won't bother you anymore. 
  2. Hera wants 6000 gold in 5 minutes and will finally leave you alone.
  3. Build Bridge to Wonder Island and receive 200 gold, 100 mana 
  4. Flora wants you to build Hanging Gardens for Flora's approval.  You will need to study Town Building before Hanging Garden.  This will have to be built on Wonder Island, so start clearing the wood and selling it.
  5. Build a Port and receive 400 gold.  You can do large trades here but the amounts are kind of difficult to deal with. 
  6. You will need a second University level 2, at least, to get enough  science to study for the last buildings.  None of the last buildings use more than 200 of a resource.
  7. Build a Colossus for Hera's approval
  8. Build Marvelous Temple for Venus' approval
  9. Build Coliseum for Mars' approval
  10. Build Huge Lighthouse for Mercury's approval
  11. Build Republican Senate for Jupiter's approval
  12. To obtain 2000 Civilization Level you will need to finish all achievements.  They are all self-explanatory and can be accessed from the Statistics menu.  

Example Final Buildings:
3 Level 2 Builders' Camps
2 Level 3 Fisherman's Cabins
9 Level 3 Taverns
5 Level 3 Schools
2 Level 3 Universities
2 Level 2 Markets
5 Level 3 Barns
2 Level 3 Stone Pits
3 Level 3 Cabbage Fields
2 Level 3 Wheat Fields
3 Level 3 Lumberjack Cabins
3 Level 3 Lumber Mills
1 Level 3 Dairy Farms
2 Level 3 Cheese Factories
1 Level 3 Mill
2 Level 3 Bakeries
4 Level 3 Banks
1 Level 3 Stonemason
4 Level 2 Shrines
2 Level 2 Temples

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General Information

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