Alice Greenfingers

Our Alice Greenfingers Walkthrough provides valuable hints and tips to step you through this exciting sim game where you can build and decorate your very own garden. Brimming with flowers, vegetables, and animals, you will need to follow the market trends and learn your customers if you're going to turn your garden into a profitable business.

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Tip #1 - The shop

The shopkeeper will introduce new items from his store as you play.
The more crops you grow, items you buy and money you make, the faster he will introduce them.

There are 37 items in all.

Tip #2 - Fertilizer

If you buy a piece of fertilizer ($15) from the shop and put it on the piece of soil with low nourishment, the crop will not only grow much faster but also drain less water as well. And best of all, this effect lasts throughout the entire game.

Remember: The faster a crop grow ripe, the faster you can harvest and sell it. So buying fertilizers for important parts of the garden is usually a VERY good investment.


Tip #3 - Multi-Clicking

Did you know that you don't have to wait for Alice to finish a task before you can tell her to do the next? Every time you click with the mouse, the game will record it and put it on queue. When Alice has finished the previous task, she will continue with the next one in queue.

For example, click on a box, then on four plants and finally on the house. Alice will now pick up the box, harvest the crops and leave them in the storage house, all in one row.

You can queue up as many clicks as you want. Each click is represented by a small white arrow. By playing like this, you can greatly speed up your pace and be a more efficient gardener!

Tip #4 - Cow Business

When you have built yourself a garden with a variety of crops and got your business rolling, you might start earning more money than you're currently spending.

Now it's a good time to make an investment:
1) Start with buying a fenced pasture! They will cost between $75 and $400 depending on what size you want.
2) Put a couple of cows inside. Each cow costs $150, and the more you can afford the better.


If we are buying a $75 pasture and four cows, 4 x $150 = $600.

It will take a cow about TWO minutes to produce a bucket of milk.
As each day in the game will last for 15 minutes, our four cows should have produced about 30 buckets of milk by the end of the day.

Rumours travel fast in Alice's town, so the phone will start ringing more often as you store a greater amount of milk.
You will typically be paid $2 - $3 per bucket.

Let's say we sell all our milk at $2.50 per bucket for 10 days straight. That would give 30 buckets * 10 days * $2.50 = $750.
TOTAL EARNINGS: $750 after 10 days.

Remember, the cows will continue to produce milk for even after the 10 days from this example, so the earlier you buy your cows - the more profitable they are.]

Tip #5 - Keyboard Shortcuts

You can play faster if you learn to use the keyboard shortcuts in the game:

Escape: Pause the game at any time. In some situations you can also press Escape to cancel the current action.
Enter: The same as pressing an ok button.
Arrow keys: Pan the garden camera.
M: Open or close the menu.
S: Open or close the shop.
Home, End, Page Up, Page Down: Navigate the shop pages.
Right mouse button or Space: Cancel the current mouse click memory (see the 'multi clicking' topic here in the forum for more info).

Please note that some of these keys don't work in the Mac version.

Knowledge Meter

The knowledge meter is based on several factors.

Try to buy at least one of each item in the storekeepers shop. As you buy more types of crops and animals, Alice will gain more knowledge.

It's generally a better idea to have a wide range of items (even decorations), flowers and vegetables in your garden, than spending all your money on growing large amounts of a few types of crops.

Another important factor is to take all opportunities to buy books. As books usually cost $100 - $300 you have to make sure you have those amounts of money available, or the sales men won't even bother calling you.

To get your knowledge meter to 100%

1) The are no items with the red "NEW" banner in the corner in the shop

2) You have managed to unlock all items, such as the very last ones -- the garden gnome, the water fountain and the angel statue

Some versions may have a glitch that only allows the knowledge meter to get to a certain point. Try re-downloading a newer version.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!