Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure

The Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this fun hidden object game. Detailed images and tips help you find your way through these world travels.

General Information

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Overview: In the sequel to Escape the Museum, we find Susan ready to leave the museum and do some field work. After receiving a mysterious package containing the journal of a great treasure hunter, she sets out to find some treasures for the museum.


  1. Susan's Office - you can view your progress and pick your destinations
  2. Geocache Room - in every scene there is a riddle that will lead you to a geocache item (treasure) which will be displayed in this room
  3. Geochache Items - in the upper right corner (above the map) is a tab that says "geocache", click it to reveal a clue - this clue will lead you to the geocache item in each location (circled in green )
  4. Journal - the journal lists what you need to do in each area
  5. Hidden Objects - you must find the objects on the list (the items that need to be found will vary from game to game)
  6. Blue Hidden Objects - these objects will not be available until an action is performed
  7. Inventory Items - some items will need to be used again in the scene (circled in red )
  8. Map - when in a location you will see a map in the upper right corner, click the dots to go somewhere else on the map
  9. Hints - click on the tools tab and then item finder to get a hint, these are unlimited but the item finder has to charge before you can use it again - scan it over the picture and watch the bars, you want them to go green


  1. Item Finder (see Hints above)Archaeologist
  2. Brush - use this on "dust" to uncover objects
  3. Hammer - use this to break items
  4. Lighter - use this to light up dark areas or light things (fire)


The Great Civil War Treasure
Geocache = 6

National museum

  1. place the red books between the book ends (they must be in order - they will make a noise and sparkle when in the correct spot)
  2. once the books are in order they reveal a bump map
  3. place the paper over the books
  4. rub the charcoal pencil over the paper and receive map


Empire State Building

  1. use allen key on clock and turn it to the time 18:12 (6:12)
  2. take the large iron key from the compartment that opens


Retired Federal Reserve

  1. click on door to open it
  2. click on light to see into next room
  3. you cannot finish this area until you find the key
  4. go to Home of Ulysses S. Grant and return here later
  5. use the key from the grandfather clock (Ulysses S. Grant) on the safe inside the door


Ulysses S. Grant

  1. use the key on the on grandfather clock
  2. place the three cuckoo weight's in the clock
  3. click on the picture above the fireplace and position the weights to match the picture
  4. grab the key from the bird (about the third time out)
  5. return to the Retired Federal Reserve


NYC Docks

  1. use knife to cut the two ropes attached to the boat
  2. use key on boat
  3. click on boat


The Brooklyn Bridge

  1. use crank to get platform down and get density scanner (middle column near bottom - by dust area)
  2. use density scanner on area until you find a bright, sunny spot
  3. once you find the dense spot, use the pickaxe on it (about 10 times)
  4. use the large iron key (Empire State Building) on the door that's revealed



Lost Napoleonic Treasure
Geocache = 6

Former Site of Masonic Temple

  1. use socket wrench on manhole cover


Notre Dame

  1. place red gems into the bottom of each stained glass window


The Pantheon

  1. place one mirror on the wall, and the other two in the statues hands


The National Library

  1. use computer and search for "Paris Map"
  2. find section D, Row 12, Book 5 (from left)
  3. place book on book holder (very front of screen)
  4. flip through the pages to find Paris
  5. use scissors to cut out the map (I'm pretty sure that's illegal but...)


The Grand Paris

  1. use the impact wrench on all of the screws underneath the balcony


The Parisian Catacombs

  1. place p bone and x bone on circle on center of coffin
  2. place the two lanterns on left and right pillars
  3. place prism in middle pillar
  4. use lighter on lanterns
  5. click on coffin


Lost Pharaoh's Treasure
Geocache = 6

Lost City of Petra

  1. place the book on the upper, left podium (indented)
  2. place the horse leg underneath the horse (upper, left)
  3. place the statue head on the bottom, right statue
  4. place the broken sword on the bottom, left statue
  5. place the column piece on the bottom corner of the upper, right column


Fortress of Babylon

  1. you can accomplish everything here by using hammer, lighter and brush


Temple of Ra

  1. place purple gem in center of wings
  2. place necklaces on statues in order, use the gems to the right of them as a clue
  3. answer (in order from left to right): yellow, green, red, blue
  4. when the water recedes and door opens, take the item


The Great Sphinx

  1. place the blocks near base of sphinx in the correct order
  2. go through door that appears in wall on right side



The Hall of Records

  1. place scrolls in the bins on the stone shelf
  2. click on blocks on door to connect them to make a continuous maze



The Lost Tomb

  1. push the blocks on wall in order, if it's the correct block/order they will stay pushed in
  2. take blue gem from small door that opens in wall on right side
  3. place the blue gem in the ceiling (left side) near red beam
  4. make a note of the symbols it lights up and what roman numeral is on it
  5. now place the blue gem in the hexagon on the wheel
  6. rotate the three rings so the correct picture is down the center between the I, II, and III


Mayan Treasure
Geocache = 6

The Mayan museum

  1. use the key on the case with the glass skull
  2. take the skull out
  3. before the light turns red, you must put something inside with the same weight
  4. their are seven artifacts around the museum that can be removed
  5. solution: left slab, round stone


Mayan Dig Site

  1. use the brush on the dig site (roped area) to unearth the treasures
  2. in the bottom, right corner of the roped off area is a bag, use the box knife on it


Souvenir Shop

  1. click on the large gold circle in the bottom, right corner
  2. place the calendar pieces one at a time on it
  3. drag the pieces with your mouse until it matches the pattern beneath
  4. it will snap into place and sparkle
  5. then place the next piece, and so on


Mayan Temple

  1. use the lighter to light the torches on both sides of the room (near ceiling)
  2. use the hammer to crush those beetles (ewww)
  3. use the hammer to break the front of the statue


Temple of Tulum

  1. rearrange the blocks on the column in front of the temple
  2. simply click on a tile and drag to where you want to go
  3. see screenshot (I made it larger) for solution
  4. take the stone tablets out of the statues mouths
  5. place the stones in the the doors
  6. enter the doors



Inside Temple of Talum

  1. use the lighter on the vases in the corners of the room (floor)
  2. place the head on the statue
  3. now rotate it and each time click the appropriate symbol
  4. the symbols on the floor are your clue, N, S, E, W



Blackbeard's Secret Treasure
Geocache = 6

Lost Shipwreck

  1. break the lanterns to get the two keys
  2. use the keys on the front of the "skylight" ( can see two grooves)


Sandy Beach, USVI

  1. use the shovel to dig around the island
  2. you have to click each time you want to dig
  3. the bars are on the left side of the beach


Blackbeard's Home

  1. attach rope to the tree
  2. attach magnet to the end of the rope


Blackbeard's Cove

  1. use the cannon ball stuffer on gum (Blackbeard's hat)
  2. use cannon ball stuffer w/gum on cannon on right side


Oak Island, N.S.

  1. place dynamite around the boulder
  2. attach fuse spool to dynamite
  3. use lighter on fuse


Blackbeard's Cave

  1. use the bridge pieces (boards) and put them on each of the piers
  2. now click one of the posts to advance, you have to click them in the correct order
  3. if you get it wrong you'll have to start over, don't worry the pattern stays the same
  4. once you get to other side put the keys in the treasure chests
  5. solution: left = silver; middle = gold; right =bronze



Blackbeard's Treasure

  1. use the lighter the bowl on the floor of the cave to the left side of the screen



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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!