9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame

Rely on our 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame Walkthrough to guide you through the dark alleys of Pairs, where gargoyles are roaming the streets, and dark magic is permeating the very stones of the famous cathedral of Notre Dame. Our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions will help you get to the bottom of this arcane mystery.

Welcome to our 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame Walkthrough, the only guide you'll need to face the living gargoyles of Notre Dame responsible for kidnapping a young woman. Filled with extremely detailed, step-by-step instructions, custom screenshots, and solutions to all the puzzles you'll encounter during gameplay, you'll have no trouble solving this magical mystery. Please enjoy our 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame Walkthrough.

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Opening Story:

In 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame, the classic tale by Victor Hugo takes a serious turn to the arcane as the gargoyles of Notre Dame come to life in the middle of the Festival of Fools and kidnap a young woman. The police are baffled and now it's up to you to discover the dark secret behind these occurrences before it's too late!

General Tips for 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame

Difficulty - Three modes: Casual, Advanced, and Hardcore. In Casual mode there are ample hints and guided help; in Advanced mode there are fewer hints, mis-click penalties, and it takes longer for the skip button to load; in Hardcore mode there are no hints or a skip button.

Arrow Cursor - When you cursor turns into an arrow, it means you go move in that direction.

Hand Cursor - When your cursor turns into a hand, it means you can pick up an item and add it to your inventory.

Magnifying Glass- When your cursor turns into a magnifying glass it means you can zoom into an area to get a better look or just inspect something more closely.

Gears - When your cursor turns into gears, it means you can perform some kind of action in that area. 

Eye - When your cursor turns into an eye, it means you can find out additional information about that area by clicking. 

Hidden Object Scenes -  Hidden object scenes will be indicated by sparkles. Items in yellow require an extra step to find. 

Inventory -  Your inventory can be found at the bottom of the screen. Hover your mouse over it to bring it up. Click on the padlock to lock it in place. 

Hints -  The hint button found in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Click here if you're stuck. Just remember, the button takes time to charge before you can use it again.

Map -  The map is located on the lower left corner of your screen.

Menu -  The menu button is located at the bottom left portion of your screen.

Skip -  During mini-games, if you are having trouble or maybe you just don't feel like solving it, you can click on the skip button.

And those are the basics for playing 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame Walkthrough!